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30 Jun 2020
Bronze Age Globalism

Not strictly globalism, as in the modern world, which is corporatist, but something like that - according to ... was there a viking age in Scandinavia 2000 years prior to the vikings? This is a great link and an interesting hypothesis. As many as 90 per cent of all Bronze Age petroglyphs in Norway feature boats, both small and large.

1 Jul 2020

William sent in a link to ...but see also ...

1 Jul 2020

William sent in a link to ...but see also ... this concerns the conflict of interest between geologists over the K/T event. Was it the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs or was it volcanism. This new study favours the asteroid.

2 Jul 2020
Amazing Grace

Aamzing grace saves a wretch. I have seen the light and changed my mind. See for example ... which is about someone changing their mind. Not just somebody but an environmentalist, Jim Steele. He has been a sceptic for a while. Recently, he had a heart attack and this is his response.

2 Jul 2020
Sunken Tools

At ... two underwater sites containing Aboriginal artefacts such as stone tools have been discovered on the bottom of the Australian continental shelf system, in what is now the Torres Straits. Australia was 30 per cent larger to what it is now back in the Late Pleistocene. It was still much larger right up to 8000 years ago when sea levels in the region shot up. The two sites have yielded hundreds of stone tools as well as a freshwater spring - now submerged.

2 Jul 2020
Black Hole Glut

A bounty of new papers on black holes has struck this month for some reason. At ... to find a black hole start with Jupiter - and gravity. Or to put it in another context - to find a black hole seek out gravitational waves (the new kid on the block). Black holes, we are told, are regions of pure gravity formed from warped space time. Gravitational waves are ripples in space time. When black holes orbit each other in pairs they radiate gravitational waves that deform space time, stretching and squeezing etc.

2 Jul 2020
Solar Radiation Patterns

A more interesting idea is at ... data from serveral NASA mission spacecraft show that wind created by high speed particles, the solar wind, with an origin on the sun, can cause the tail of the earth's protective bubble to flap like a wind sock in a stiff breeze. This movement can pull the tail out of line and expose the moon to charged particles from the solar wind. This is important as far as future moon landings and missions are concerned.

7 Jul 2020
Moon's Riches

Sent in by Gary - see ... it seems the moon's crust is richer in metals than the crust of the earth. That is an enigma as the moon is thought to have formed after a large cosmic body impacted with the earth and in the process, lots of crustal material, was ejected. What do the new findings mean? It seems it casts doubt on the current consensus theory on the origin of the moon, one would have thought. Then again, perhaps not ...

8 Jul 2020
Are they waking up

Seems like mainstream might be waking up to electro-magnetism in space. Gary sent in a link to ... which concerns magnetic fields in space. Magnetism permeates entire galaxy clusters it would seem, including the space between galaxies. Invisible field lines sweep through inter galactic space like the grooves of fingerprints on your hands. Last year astronomers had a close look at a region of space that had sparse sign of stars or other cosmic bodies.

10 Jul 2020
Big Snowball

Comet Neo wise, it h as been found, is some 5 km across. No wonder it is naked eye visible. It has also survived its journey around the Sun and is sporting two tails. Rather, one tail and one coma. Go to (9th and 10th July 2020) ...