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13 May 2021
Expanding Earth Model

Although some scientists still think in terms of an expanding earth model in opposition to the Plate Tectonics theory they are in no way united in how such a model might work. Robert sent in some links on the subject - including ... which is useful for anyone who wants to read up on the subject. There is also a page on dinosaurs and gravity, which others might be interested in. The dinosaur and gravity theory is all about how these great big  lumbering giants were able to move their bodies around as modern animals do not reach such a size.

13 May 2021
Plasma Hum

Robert also sent in a link to this story at Https:// ... Voyager One, launched 44 years ago, now the most distant human made object in space, is still sending back information to NASA. It has passed through the heliosphere, the border between our solar system and further space, and is trawling through the interstellar medium. It has detected a constant drone of plasma waves, a persistent hum. Voyager is the mission that keeps on giving, even outside the influence of our sun.

13 May 2021
Bronze Age Money

AQt ... prior to the invention of coins people still had a cash orientated economy it would seem. The bronze age witnessed the use of scap metal as a medium of exchange. Scrap bronze was in effect a form of money. However, to make it work weights were used to weigh the scrap and give it a value. The system was in use over a wide area of Europe, it is thought.

10 May 2021
Climate Clues

At ... a 50,000 year history of changes in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation [AMOC] has been achieved via sediment cores taken off the coast of western France. The record is said to show the current moved fster during warmer periods and languished during colder phases of the Late Pleistocene. However, it was already well known that climate fluctuated as a result of cooling Heinrich events and warming Dansgaard Oeschger events, which seem to follow a regular cycle.

10 May 2021
Volcanoes on Mars

Sent in by Gary - another interesting piece of geology. This time on Mars - see ... Mars could be geologically active - evidence of recent volcanic activity has been found. In geological terminology the word recent covers quite a long time - and doesn't refer to yesterday. What has excited scientists is that life on Mars may still survive - under the ground. Microbes and bacteria spring to mind.

9 May 2021
Petrified Candles

Sent in by Robert. At ,,, petrification is a process by which organic material is gradually turned into stone. It is mostly associated with wood. Tree branches and trunks for example found in ancient sedimentary layers - be it sand based, silt, gravel mixes etc. It is mostly associated with ancient geological layers - such as the Jurassic. However, it seems petrification can also occur fairly quickly - and how do we know how long it took ancient wood, for example, to be petrified.

7 May 2021
Parker and Venus

Robert sent in the link to ... in July of 2020 the Parker solar probe swooped low around Venus and discovered something odd. At 517 miles above the Venusian surface it recorded a low frequency radio signal. This suggest the probe had skimmed through the top of the ionosphere.

3 May 2021
A piece of petrified wood with big implications

William sent in the link to this story at ... and see also ... a rock found in central Mississippi has intrigued geologists. It is actually a piece of petrified wood - wood turned into stone. It was found deep in the ground, in sediments, including gravels, that are thought to be 100 feet deep. Naturally, the wood was dated to the time when the sediment was laid down, during the Pleistocene.

1 May 2021
Space Dust

Gary sent in the link to ... space is filled with interplanetary dust and the Earth constantly collects it as it orbits around the sun. These dust particles are leading scientists to revise their thinking on the concepts of asteroids and comets. Enough to reconstruct the earlier history of the solar system. Whilst meteorites that fall to earth amount to 5 or 6 tones a year, when it comes to the dust penetrating the atmosphere, the number leaps to 40,000 tons annually.

1 May 2021
Laramide Orogeny

International Geology Review volume 46 [2004] page 833-838 - the Laramide Orogeny  occurred during Late Cretaceous to Paleocene [80 to 55 million years ago]. You may not that it  encompasses the Cretaceous/Tertiary [or Paleogene] boundar event. One might wonder if the asteroid that was responsible for killing the dinosaurs was also responsible for the Laramide Orogeny, a mountain building episode in North America. It includes the Rocky Mountain fold and thrust belt in Canada and the US. It post dates the Jurassic era - that much is certain.