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7 Feb 2021
A Jurassic Rift

At ... actually, the  first sign of the rift began in the Triassic but it was accelerated in the mid Jurassic. At this time a  thermal dome rose up leading to upheaval as far west as the Hebrides, although the focus of the article is really about the geology of the North Sea basin. The dome was followed, in time, by an upwelling of lava, the Rattray Volcanic region. It was located at the point of a triple junction - between Norway and Scotland, to the east of the Shetlands.

7 Feb 2021
Neanderthals in the North Sea

At ... this site archive is proving to be something of a treasure trove and well worth exploring with a beady eye. This time it is about the discovery of a fragment of a Neanderthal skull, caught 15 km off the coast of the Netherlands. It was buried in sediments from an extraction zone located on the Zeeland Ridge. It was found among animal remains from the Pleistocene, with some flint flakes and small hand axes typical of Neanderthal craftmanship.

5 Feb 2021
Doggie Archaeologists

According to the Indpendent dogs are now contributing to archaeology - and they have a picture of a dog to prove it, using its big nose to sniff around ancient ruins. See .. and at ... another story, this one from western China, and a sort of buffer state between China and Tibet, back in the day. Nanzhou. The ancient ruins of a Buddhist monastery in Yunnan Province are under investigation.

3 Feb 2021
Rep G3 COVID peptide therapeutic

Rep G3 inhibits the SARS2 coronavirus induced IL-6 IL-1b TNFa & IL-9 cytokines which cause COVID-19 disease. This is a nwly developed safe and effective Covid therapy based on a synthetic peptide solution inhaled spray.

3 Feb 2021
Dust and Monsoons

William sent in a link to this story. It is about scientists trying to understand why it was greener in the Sahara during the early to mid Holocene - quite unlike the desert conditions of today. The study, in Science Advances, can be seen at ... They first tried to model it into orbital changes of the earth as it circles the sun, in order to see why the monsoon track may have shifted, or progressively became less abundant.

3 Feb 2021
Loess Build Up

At ... another story about dustg. This time, during the frozen landscapes of the last Ice Age. Huge dust storms swirled across the frozen wastes of northern Europe during the coldest periods of the last Ice Age - particularly during the Late Glacial Maximum. This is bound cup again with mainstream theory. This is that loess has on origin in winds sweeping over the tundra and lifting dust up into the air and dropping it down again, elsewhere. It is a theory.

29 Jan 2021
Sulfur on Venus

At ... in September, and posted on the News, a team in the UK claimed they had detected the chemical phosphine in the thick clouds of Venus. It was discovered via radio telescopes and surprised so called Venus experts, we are told. This is a press release, it would seem, but it does coagulate the opposite point of view. What exactly are Venus experts? Presumably, the discovery did not fit in to the idea of a runaway global warming view of Venus.

29 Jan 2021
Holocene Hockey Stick

Coinciding with the election win by you know who we suddenly have a study that purports to show Holocene temperatures were the equivalent of the original hockey stick back in 1998, largely flat and uninteresting, apart from an  uptick at the beginning, coming out of the Younger Dryas cool period, leading up to a massive uptick in the modern world, purportedly a rise in temperature of 2.5 degrees on the early Holocene. Are the plebs being rubbered up ready for the renewables revolution? See ...

28 Jan 2021
Expanding Atlantic

Gary  sent in a link to this story at ... but you can also read it at ... but the Daily Mail has more pictures. Apparently, we are told, an upsurge of 'matter' from deep within the earth's crust may be pulling the continents of North and South America further apart from Europe and Africa, according to a new research study at ...

23 Jan 2021
Cosmic Massacre

At ... the author, Mungo Jupp, ask's - is there a connection between Australia's lunettes and Carolina's oval bays? The lunettes are scattered around Lake Victoria in the Murray basin, a dune like formation, sometimes with cliff like sides. Buried in them are an estimated 15,000 Aboriginal bodies of an uncertain age. Archaeologists, in the past, have claimed it was an Aborigine burial ground, with internments over around 4000 years.