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31 Oct 2021
Electro magnetic effects in the atmosphere

I never know whether to take Thunderbolts seriously as they present their electric universe theory as if it is fact rather than a theory. The electric universe is presented as if they have no doubts at all but there has to be something they say that is wrong, as human nature demands that to be so. Also, they have a habit of disparaging the scientific community which can hardly make friends. They also have a predilection to quote old dogmas and ignore modern papers on the subject.

28 Oct 2021
Antarctica in Flames

Gary sent in the link ... wildfire and volcanic eruptions ravaged much of what is now Antarctica, in the Late Cretaceous. The location for the study was James Ross Island, once the home of lush vegetation and dinosaurs. The disaster is dated at 75 million year ago - 9 million years prior to the asteroid strike that killed off the dinosaurs. The caveat here is that the sedimentary layers either side of the asteroid strike are assumed to have been laid down slowly, over millions of years.

28 Oct 2021
The Drought and the Atmospheric River

William sent in the link ... a massive storm strikes northern California, which it was claimed, was suffering from a drought induced by climate change. It seems somebody upstairs didn't think too kindly of the porkies being told by the alarmists and duly went and drenched California, land of the green wash. See for example ... which has a picture of 'mammoth mountain' ski resort covered in snow.

26 Oct 2021
Dinosaur Nest

William sent in the link ... paleontologists found 100 eggs and 80 skeletons from a dinosaur nesting site in Patagonia - or that is how it has been hyped. The fossilised remains were grouped into clusters of juveniles and adults. It is suggested this is a feature of herds. The site dates back 193 million years ago on the geochronology column. The eggs themselves were found in clusters of 8 to 30, suggesting they were in nests as part of a common breeding ground.

26 Oct 2021
Ohio Hopewell Airburst

At ... these things are coming thick and fast of late. In AD335  a cosmic airburst occurred in North America, during the Hopewell culture phase. We may also not AD335 is fairly late in the Roman period and comes in at a time when the Romans were doing quite well and there is little evidence of climatic downturn. At least, not in Britannia or Gaul. However, looking at the post further, there were 29 C14 dates for the event - b etween AD252 and AD383. AD335 is simply an average date. Why the disparity in dating methodology?

26 Oct 2021
Erupting Comet Again

That troublesome comet has been at it again. Comet 29P has erupted again [reported by the British Astronomical Association] in another strong outburst. It suddenly brightened tenfold on October 23rd - see for October 25th 2021. Comet 29P is described as a strange object, trapped in an orbit between Jupiter and Saturn, and appears to be festooned with volcanoes [it is conjectured]. Is this the first positive evidence of an electric comet? Is it even possible that the solar wind can affect a comet that far out? This is taking stuff to the borderline.

26 Oct 2021
Ten Mysteries Venus

At ... but what might those ten mysteries be? It depends on who asks the question I suppose but in this instance, it is from a mainstream and uniformitarian angle. We are assured the surface of Venus is inhospitable to life. It is barren and dry according to a recent study and the heavy atmosphere is 90 times the pressure of earth's atmosphere. It is roasting hot. Twice as hot as your average oven.

24 Oct 2021
Yahoo on Sodom

William sent in this link ... around 3600 years ago, a meteor exploded in the air and destroyed the city on the tell of Tall el-Hammam. The reporter seems to be interviewing Malcolm Le Compte, one of the 20 authors of the recent paper on the subject. Le Compte says he visited Hammam on 3 occasions in order to take samples back to his university laboratory. Vapourised iron and sand spherules were found, and wood and plants were converted into diamonoids, microscopic in size, etc.

24 Oct 2021
Mammoth Disappearance

At ... humans have long been one of the mainstream's explanations for the disappearance of the mammoths, and the various other large fauna species around the world. Humans hunting. How people armed solely with spears and bows and arrows were able to kill off large herds of oversized herbivores, together with major carnivores for afters, has long been a mystery.

24 Oct 2021
World's oldest art

William also sent in this link. Art is often in the mind of the individual and it seems Chinese perceptions of art clash with the cave art enthusiasts of Europe. At ... where we have some unusual footprints arranged in a mosaic pattern, quite unlike the footprints of people going about their purpose. In other words, the pattern was a deliberate creation by the owners of the footprints - and according to the Chinese scientist, that means it is art. Of a kind.