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21 Aug 2020
Little and Large

At ... Little and Large were a UK comedy duo. Very often corny, but amusing as far as family audiences are concerned. In this link we have a story from The Conversation about big beasts and smaller animals. The idea that every creature in the Late Pleistocene was bigger than modern examples is a popular perception. In reality a lot of small animals co-existed with the big ones. The same might be said of the dinosaurs. They weren't all lumbering great beasts. Some of them were quit diminutive.

21 Aug 2020
Microbes in the Air

This is an interesting story at ... researchers have found bacteria living on air in Antarctica. They think it probably occurs globally and set out to find out. The idea is important as such life may exist on other, colder, planets. Once again, Australian researchers, aided and abetted by the Chinese and a few other international scientists. They have found them above the Tibetan Plateau and it is thought they also exist above the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, among other places.

21 Aug 2020
Mystery Gas

At ... a mystery gas has been detected seeping out of the centre of the Milky Way, a dense cold gas apparently. Exactly how the gas has been ejected is yet to be established - hence the use of the word mystery. It is said to be a star forming gas and expelling it is a bad option for the Milkiness of the Milky Way, we are told. At the same time they are excited as the phenomenon has never been seen before.

22 Aug 2020
Pothole in Space

Sent in by William. At ... there is an evolving dent in earth's magnetic field over South America and the South Atlantic. NASA is said to be worried as it  presents problems for satellites. The South Atlantic Anomaly is a weak spot in the earth's magnetic field, it is thought. It seems to be growing. Splitting into two lobes ...

22 Aug 2020
Chinese Sacrifice

Gary sent in a link to ... mysterious carvings and evidence of human sacrifice uncovered at an ancient chinese city. Apart from the click bait headline this is an interesting story. Crumbling walls have been known for some time along the northern loop of the Yellow River. It is loess country (where the river gets its name). Occasional pieces of jade turned up which attracted enterprising night hawks to have a search around.

22 Aug 2020
Dinosaur Bones

At ... weighing upt to 8000lb the Hadrosaur, or duck billed dinosaurs, were among the largest dinosaurs to roam the earth. How did theri skeletons support  and allow these plant eating animals with long necks to walk and feed, or just hold up the immense weight of their bodies. In velikovskian circles the argument has always been that gravity must have been different back in the dinosaur era.

23 Aug 2020
Plasma Jets

At ... here we have an admission that the black hole in the heart of galaxies has an electro-magnetic connection. The downside is that it is presented as a way to keep the black hole mainstream hypothesis alive and kicking. A sort of kick back if you like. The discovery of a jet of plasma shooting out of the centre of galaxies has caused a certain  amount of angst, it would seem. We are told that a black hole powers a jet by magnetic flux.

23 Aug 2020
Close Call

At ... on August 16th a robotic survey camera at Palomar Observatory near San Diego spotted an asteroid, or lump of rock, that had passed earth at only 1830 miles distance. This is above the surface. It is said to be the closest known asteroid fly by in recent years, although the story appears to give another example of an even closer pass by. It was small - just 20 feet across. If it had entered the atmosphere it would probably have burnt up, it is thought.

23 Aug 2020
California on Fire

At ... during late August hudreds of fires have ignited as a result of hundreds of lightning strikes over western USA. Major fires were burning in California ...


24 Aug 2020

At ... discoveries on Iona show the sacred isle was not abandoned following Viking raids in the early 9th century AD. Monastic life continued. There is also evidence of metalwork being undertaken. A number of copper alloy pins of Hiberno-Norse origin, made by mixed Scandinavian/Irish people, have been retrieved, for example. The pins date to the 10th and 11th centuries. On the same beach as the pins were found the bodies of 68 monks - killed during the 806AD raid.