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24 Aug 2020
Tower Hill Volcanic Complex

At ... in Australia the arrival and dispersal of early humans is complicted by a lack of ceramics and permanent structures. Aborigines were mobile, yet returned again and again to certain sites regarded as important in their world view. There is a scarcity of dateable archaeological sites, we are told, those that are older than the Holocene. It  may be that geological changes are responsible, to a degree. Certainly, a considerable amount of continental shelf all around has been submerged.

24 Aug 2020
The Ruggles Block

At ... Euan MacKie, a founder member of SIS, on Stonehenge. He usually confines himself to the archaeology of Scotland but on this occasion he is writing on behalf of the deceased Alexnder Thom, a fellow Scot, and his ideas on alignments - and what better monument to argue around. Clive Ruggles, mainstream establishment favourite, concluded that the evidence of accurate alignments at Stonehenge is minimal.

25 Aug 2020
Errant Jupiter and Venus

Robert sent in this link and added, it seems that when Velikosky suggested Venus and Mars may have had errant orbits that was inadmissable but here we have a mainstream article that actually claims Jupiter was situated in the inner solar  system for a good while and during its transition to its present orbit it caused Venus problems. At .... which concerns the proverbial mystery - why is Venus so different to the earth?

28 Aug 2020
Night Glow

At (26th August 2020) ... earth has entered a stream of high speed solar wind, not from a sun spot as the face of the sun is blank at the moment, but from a hole in the sun's atmosphere. Minor geomgnetic storm was expected - and this duly occurred.

NASAs MAVEN spacecraft has discovered a fascinating aspect of Mars. There is a huge spiral of ultraviolet light enveloping the south polar region ...

29 Aug 2020
Archaeology catching up with genetics

At ... genetic studies, as outlined by Paul Reich, show that Siberia had an extensive population during the Late Glacial Maximum. The comments at the end of this article are extraordinarily ignorant of this fact. No, northern Eurasia in the LGM does not equal Russia. That is a modern political development. It was occupied by  hunter gatherers which is exactly what the piece says.

29 Aug 2020
Giant Halo

At ... NASA sientists, using the Hubble Space Telescope, have mapped out an immense envelope of gas, called a halo, surrounding the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way. It is a nearly invisible halo of diffuse plasma that extends halfway towards our own galaxy, the Milky Way. This actually implies Andromeda's halo is actually banging up against the halo of our galaxy.

29 Aug 2020
Mincing with Birds

At ... for years wind turbine operators denied their contraptions kill any birds. They even employ people to go round each day and pick up the corpses in order to hoodwink the general public. The Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds hid their heads under the table cloth for years and have only recently mentioned the subject, as the evidence on the internet had become too great to shout down.

29 Aug 2020
Gary's Input

Gary sent in 3 smashing links - all from the Daily Mail. The stories have done the rounds in the media, including at PhysOrg and the like. However, the Daily Mail usually provides images as well as extra information, in boxes and sidebars, for those not up to scratch on some of the underlying science and assumptions. At ... water was not brought to earth by comets, or asteroids, according to a new study on what is basically a meteorite.

30 Aug 2020
Fossil Tree Take

At ... published in Science Advances  - see ... or ... researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute found a large fossil tree buried in an grassy plain, in what looks like a fossil stream bed. It was high in the Andes of southern Peru. They also collected many smaples of fossil wood, leazves, and pollen grains which show these plants lived during a humid phase of climate.

31 Aug 2020
Dinosaurs and Fossils

At ... a fossil titanosuar embryo with a modified 'egg tooth' or horn (an appendage of some kind that was apparently used to break open the egg during the hatching process). Robert provides a link to ... which explains what this feature of anatomy is. Around 25 years ago researchers discovered a massive fossil nesting ground of titanosaurian dinosaurs in Patagonia (southern Argentina).