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12 Nov 2020
Viking burials

William sent in a Yahoo link to this story but you can see it at ... which comes with images. A previously unknown burial and ritual site at Gjeelestad in Norway has come to light, complete with what is said to be a feasting hall, a cult house of the dead, and a ship burial. The archaeologists used ground penetrating radar to make their discoveries, rather than using a trowel on their hands and knees. It seems to have begun life as an Iron Age cemetary but in the Viking era was expanded into a more elaborate affair.

13 Nov 2020

Another day. Another comet. At ... 11th and 12th November 2020 ... an image of the Orion Nebula with Comet Atlas in the foreground. It will be at its closest position to the earth on the 14th yet will still be 50,000 miles away. Another harmless visit from the back of beyond. The comet is a round green blob, which is actually its atmosphere. The green colour is due to diatomic carbon, or C2, a compound that glows bright green out in  space.

13 Nov 2020
Dust on the Sea Floor

Of interest to catastrophists one might assume. Ancient dust on the sea floor. However, once again the focus is on climate. rather than meteors or comets. Go to ... during the Late Glacial Maximum, around 20,000 years ago, and more, iron containing dust accumulated on the sea floor. Iron is said to fertilise marine phytoplankton. In this case in the South Pacific. It is an odd story if your read it through.

15 Nov 2020
Apophis Asteroid

At ... David Tholen, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii, has been having another look at the asteroid Apophis, and at the path of its orbit. The asteroid is 360m wide and was only discovered in 2004. He presented his new findings at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It has been woked out that it would come close to the earth in 2029, 2036, and 2068. These findings were more or less one of the motif's of Nicholas Costa's book, 'Adam to Apophis'.

20 Nov 2020
Another day, another meteorite

At ... the impact audit system in Hawaii spotted a close pass by of an asteroid on the 14th November [2020]. It was just 16 to 32 feet in diameter, about the size of a house. Not a mansion mind you. It came at the earth from our sunward blind spot and was not actually seen until 15 hours after approach, heading back out of earth's vicinity. It passed withing 1864 miles away, which could be regarded as a near miss, or nearly a near miss. It followed the edge of earth's shadow on its outbound journey.

27 Nov 2020
Strange and STEVE

Rober sent in the two links ... and .. and comments, nobody knows what actually causes STEVE but they all do not think it is aurorae. Aurora occur when charged particles crackle along earth's magnetic field lines. STEVE, it seems, is a river of hot turbulent gas that can be seen independently of solar weather. Hot turbulent gas = plasma and a river is a plasma filament, Robert adds.

27 Nov 2020
Earth and Venus

At ... and see also ... Venus has a thick toxic atmosphere is the premise with which it begins. Now, it seems, early earth likewise once had a thick toxic atmosphere too. Apparently, it disappeared  when earth cooled down - but this didn't happen on Venus. This may sound a lot like Velikovsky and a young Venus but it is not. It is the product of mucking about with computer simulation it would seem, factoring in other planets - including Venus.

28 Nov 2020
Saturn and Jupiter and Comets

At ... this is more on the idea of comets transitioning from Centaurs beyond Jupiter and moving through a gateway to become one of the Jupiter Familay of comets, or JFCs. Comet 2019LD2[ATLAS] is a centaur but is actively in the process of bursting through the gateway. It is thought. The transition is expected to take place within the next 40 years, in the life time of most young people alive today. They will get to see if Clube and Napier were right, or wrong.

28 Nov 2020
Missing Dark Matter

One hard to make up your mind about. Well, that depends of course. A faraway galaxy, we are told, is noted for its absence of dark matter. This seems to have disturbed cosmologists. Why? In the study the existence of dark matter is explained, an otherwise invisible substance or energy. It involves the theory of galaxy formation. New evidence is presented to show 'the galaxy is not really an anomaly - but a victim of theft'. Take your time digestiing that. Instead of being consistent with the consensus theory the authors have had to opt to keep it propped up.

28 Nov 2020
Archaeology and Global Warming

At ... this story is part of widespread exploration of retreating mountain glaciers around the world. In this instance it is Norway. The  melting glaciers, or what are patches of ice that once belonged to a glacier, on what was a former route way once thought to have been used in the Viking era, across the mountains to what is now Sweden. The melting ice patch has revealed artifacts left behind by travellers and hunters.