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16 Jan 2021
Imhotep's Tomb

Links sent in by Gary who has some interesting ideas on Egyptian iconography and history. As far as I can tell this story is only at the Express which is not the most reliable of sources if their scare stories on weather is anything to go by. However, Gary drags in Baldrick, or rather Tony Robinson who has began a new series on Egyptian tombs on Channel 5. Details on this are available at ... which partly compliments Gary's link to the programme at ...

17 Jan 2021
Medieval Drought part 2

This is bracketed under catastrophism as the 14th century famines and plagues were catastrophic. It is also assigned to catastrophism as a lot of this information is not deemed as valid by mainstream who look the other way. Whatever was going on in the so called drought of AD1302 and 1307 [see part 1, Jan  12th] it was not necessarily a drought in a textbook sense as it did not involve hot weather in the way that recent droughts in California and Australia were. It came during a period in which the average global temperatures had fallen. Alpine glaciers had been growing.

23 Jan 2021
Cosmic Massacre

At ... the author, Mungo Jupp, ask's - is there a connection between Australia's lunettes and Carolina's oval bays? The lunettes are scattered around Lake Victoria in the Murray basin, a dune like formation, sometimes with cliff like sides. Buried in them are an estimated 15,000 Aboriginal bodies of an uncertain age. Archaeologists, in the past, have claimed it was an Aborigine burial ground, with internments over around 4000 years.

23 Jan 2021
Black Hole SLABs

At ... whilst small to medium size black holes continue to remain invisible cosmologists are now putting forward the idea there are stupendously large black holes lurking out there in space, now known as SLABs in shorthand. These are envisaged to grow much larger than run of the mill 'supermassive' black holes which appear to link in virtually all galaxies. These are thought to reside in the heart of galaxies, in the galactic nuclei - the bulls eye.

23 Jan 2021
European Scots

Lateral thinking at the Scotsman media outlet - or is that vertical thinking [see ]. This is a new look at the onset of the Neolithic in Scotland as a result of some Scottish genetic research. Farmers arrived in Scotland, roughly around 4000BC [but it could have been a bit earlier]. They appear to have replaced or absorbed the former inhabitants, a hunter gatherer society - as is known to have occurred elsewhere across Britain and Ireland.

23 Jan 2021
Nitrogen on Earth

Another study seeking to explain an anomaly. Did the nitrogen on earth have an origin in the rocks that make up the crust. See ... it is thought by astrophysicists, and constrained by cosmologists, that proto planetary volatile elements were separated into two reservoirs. The inner solar system material is thought to have had a lower nitrogen content than the outer solar system, mainly because it is thought the rocky planets and the environment they grew up in was just too hot for volatile elements to survive.

23 Jan 2021
Cursus on Arran

The Scotsman also has news of the unexpected discovery of a cursus monument, a kilometer in length, found on the Isle of Arran - see ... the cursus monument is better known from southern Britain, and from lowland locations rather than upland ones. The cursus at Stonehenge springs to mind. More and more of these are being found by the use of LiDAR, and this one is no exception.

23 Jan 2021
Woolly Mammoths Lived On

Gary also sent in this link to the discovery that mammoths and horses may have carried on living in North America much later than the end of the Pleistocene. See for example ... one of the most popular reason for the extinction of the woolly mammoths and other large herbivores, and the so called megafauna such as giant cave bears and giant ground sloths, has perhaps been overplayed by the climate lobby, and their scientist supporters.

23 Jan 2021
Big Dinosaurs

William sent in a link via Yahoo to this story but we can also read it at ... Agentinosaurus was found in 2012 but another huge specimen is currently been excavated that may be even bigger. It is now being claimed this is the biggest creature ever to 'walk' the earth, even larger than the blue whale. In the marine environment, and unable to walk, the blue whales can grow up to 33m in length. We are told Argentinosaurus was 36.5m in length, from its nose to the tip of its tail.

28 Jan 2021
Expanding Atlantic

Gary  sent in a link to this story at ... but you can also read it at ... but the Daily Mail has more pictures. Apparently, we are told, an upsurge of 'matter' from deep within the earth's crust may be pulling the continents of North and South America further apart from Europe and Africa, according to a new research study at ...