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6 Mar 2010
Origin of the Alphabet

Biblical Archaeological Review ( ) March/April issue, 2010 ... has an article on the invention of the alphabet by Orly Goldwasser. He begins by outlining the close association of Asiatics from Syria-Palestine with Egypt - from the Old Kingdom through to the Hyksos era. Most of the time it was peaceful and during the Middle Kingdom large numbers of Asiatics were domiciled in Egypt, and many became Egyptianised.

4 Mar 2010
Matriarchal Societies

The Independent January 15th - go to ... and you will find an archive of article. This one is on page 2 of the (current) archive. Many of The Independent's archaeology stories appear to be old hat. For example, there is one on the Ice Age Channel River that is several years out of date, and likewise this one, 'Why  did the collapse of Old Europe bring a shift from female to male power?'.

4 Mar 2010
Megaliths in the Syrian Desert

The Independent March 1st (same website but the article is nearer the top of archive - click science and click archaeology) ... in the Syrian desert a Canadian archaeologist went for a walk and stumbled upon an ancient megalithic landscape - dating from somewhere between 8500 and 4300BC. This is far older than anything seen in Europe so it is especially teasing.

4 Mar 2010
Ostrich Eggs and Symbolic Writing

Science News March 2nd ( id 56807) ... a cache of ostrich shells have been found in South Africa with geometric designs engraved on them. They go back 60,000 years, it is said, and some experts are saying they represent evidence that humans at this time were capable of creating symbolic signs = a rudimentary language. This is surprising as we are talking about hunter-gatherers, probably related to the San people.

28 Feb 2010


28 Feb 2010
The Admiral Zheng AR20100226018 February 26th (Associated Press) ... according to sources in Beijing, China and Kenya are to corroborate in looking for Chinese ship wrecks from the Ming dynasty fleet of the Admiral Zheng. He is known to have reached Malindi in 1418 and Zheng made seven voyages between 1405 and 1433 in order to promote trade. They consisted of huge armadas of junks carrying highly prized Ming pottery as an example, and thousands of sailors - quite a few of which never returned home to China.

28 Feb 2010
A new route for migration into the Americas

The Vancouver Sun, February 26th ( id2615220 ... two US scientists have published a new theory about when and how humans may have entered the Americas. They argue, considering a long period of time was required to penetrate as far as South America, they arrived somewhat earlier than current consensus theory has allowed, and they came via the Arctic Ocean coastal region.

28 Feb 2010
The Beaker Culture

For an in-depth look at the Beaker Culture and it's geographical spread go to (ffor some reason the links doesn't take you there directly. On the absolute astronomy web page which it does link to key in Beaker culture in the search the site option at the top of the page and it will take you to the right location) ...

28 Feb 2010
Creation Myths February 12th ... a contribution by Rens Van der Sluijs has a heading with a depiction of an aurora seen in January 1570 in Bohemia, central Europe. The way the picture is composed lends him to wonder if creation myths may have originated out of plasma formations, such as auroral phenomena, in the sky, and this is what is meant by the 'dwellings of the gods'.

27 Feb 2010
Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex

Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex, WM Napier, Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, Cardiff University, available in PDF format for download to the general public but pending publication (which is agreed). George Howard was wondering, a few days ago, if the WISE space mission would find evidence of the Clube and Napier 'remnants' of a comet that broke up in the solar system during the Holocene period and gave rise to various meteor streams such as the Taurid complex.