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24 Oct 2021
Thermosphere and GOLD

At ... the thermosphere is the highest and the hottest atmospheric layer above the earth's surface. The sun heats up this layer according to an article published in Geophysical Research Letters [July 2021] using data from NASAs Global Observations of the Limb and Disk [otherwise the GOLD  mission]. Satellit data that looks down from the top of the atmosphere, in a geosynchronous orbit - hovering over the western hemisphere as earth turns. It seems the temperatures are catalogued every 30 minutes.

19 Oct 2021

Sent in by Garys - ... it was always something of a mystery, the abandonment of Petra and the end of the Nabateans. Seems like a flash flood may have played a role.

19 Oct 2021
Comets and Venus

At ... on October 14th Comet 29P blew its top - again. Back in September, it did the same thing - on four occasions. Obviously, the comet is still around, and has been for many a long year, trapped in a circular orbit between Jupiter and Saturn. So, to explain it we are told that it is a volcanic comet. It is a volcano on the comet that is going off, over and over again. This might be a good case to look at from the perspective of an electric or plasma comet point of view.

16 Oct 2021
Fast Radio Bursts

At ... cosmic explosions. known as fast radio bursts, were detected by use of the Five Hundred Metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope - a total of 1652 individual bursts in 47 days. Fast Radio Bursts were first detected as recently as 2007. A one second burst is said to produce as much energy as one year's worth of the Sun's total output, yet their origins are unknown. See ... while at ...

13 Oct 2021

William sent in the link - ... an energy crisis is gripping the world with potentially grave consequences - according to the Washington Post. The energy market is critically insecure at the moment but presumably will iron itself out when world economies get back on steam [pun intended]. The covid shutdown has led to a far from smooth transition back to what it was prior to the health scare. Not a lot to say at the moment although over here in the UK the government does have a distinct problem on the brew.

13 Oct 2021
George on Ferrin and Orofino

Cosmic Tusk has a post on the new study by Ferrin and Orofina [see yesterday] and their take on the Taurid complex. George also provides a link to the full article in question - see ... ... ... ... ...

11 Oct 2021
Lumps in Taurids

At ... we were told over a year ago, problem two of three years ago, that NASA was actively looking for big lumps of debris in Taurid streams. Nothing much came of that. Silence. However, a pair of space scientists, Italian or Spanish, have written a paper for Planetary and Space Science on just this topic. It seems they conducted their own mission to look for large lumps of space debris. They claim to have found a swarm of them.

11 Oct 2021
Ghada Chehade

Writer, social critic, and performance poet are amongst her accomplishments. Ghada has been a political analyst, specialising in geopolitics and socio-political changes in the modern world. She has written articles for a variety of news outlets such as the Asia Times, the Political Anthropologist, and the Global Analyst - but also for and Thunderbolts [as one of her likes is the Electric Universe]. At ...

11 Oct 2021
How to test the dating system

Revisionists have issues with C14 as it contradicts their ideas on revising downwards, ancient history. In the November issue of Current Archaeology 380, we have a one page piece under the title of Science Notes [a regular feature on a variety of subjects but usually from a science angle]. The idea this time is combining C14 dating with aDNA data. It promises to yield some interesting results if it ever becomes operational. Will the radiocarbon people allow the genetic types to interfere with their carefully constructed calibration curve?

10 Oct 2021
Mass Extinction Africa

Gary sent in this link - ... a mass extinction in Africa and Arabia - 30 million years ago. According to the Daily Mail, it was due to climate change. Swampy conditions became icy. Yes, as in ice. A bit of journalistic imagination here it would seem as the earth became cooler, we are told, ice sheets expanded and sea levels dropped, etc. Seems like something big happened and affected the climate - shutting out the lovely sunshine and causing the globe to cool.