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29 Apr 2021
Surtr the Giant

An interesting discovery in Iceland - going back the Viking era. See .... archaeologists have discovered a cave where a boat shaped structure was built, made out of rocks. There is evidence of animal sacrifice - or at least animal bones. They could have been meat offerings for a journey to Valhalla. However, they appear to show evidence of being burnt - and it is hypothesized that they were a fiery offering to a god, the giant, associated with fire and death and the End Times.

29 Apr 2021
From Goliath to the Templars

At ... the discovery of one of the biggest Iron Age weapon hoards in Germany - on a small mountain. Do they mean a large hill. As it was crowned by a hill fort, which is where the hoard was buried, one would think so. It is located near Wilzenberg. At a press conference they claimed it was a Celtic hoard rather than a German one, which is odd. How did the Celts of Iron Age Germany become the Celts of Atlantic Europe? Is the term Celtic out of date when considering the first millennium BC.

29 Apr 2021
After the Ice

A new study in Current Biology concerns DNA evidence about the human colonisation of Europe in the post Late Glacial Maximum period. See for example ... is about the discovery of a mandible that has been dated 17,000 years ago. It was found in NE Italy, in the lower hills of the Alps. Genetic results show the individual harked from eastern Europe or western Asia, oir was genetically related to people living in those regions. The date of the mandible was unexpected.

29 Apr 2021
Plasma Accelerator

Tony Haynes would have liked this one. At ... an intense laser pulse in an ionised gas drives a bubble shaped plasma wave consisting of electrons. A bunch of electrons ride the wave like a surfer as it accelerates to high energies over a short distance. Plasma is coming of age as a source of cheap energy, it would seem. Scientists from the University of Hamburg used an accelerator to test a technique that allows energy distribution to be kept to a narrow band, and therefore potentially controllable.

28 Apr 2021
Dinosaur Dance Floor

Robert sent in several links concerning Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil remains. The first one is an article in Science journal, 372 page 284-287 [2021] April 16th. It seems T Rex is short on the number of fossils found by paleontologists, by a considerable degree. Of course, it is assumed fossilisation takes place all the time - in a uniformitarian world that ignores the role of catastrophism. The projection there was around 2.5 billion T Rex that existed is based solely on a uniformitarian time line - but that is not to say there were not that many.

28 Apr 2021
Melting the Crust of the Earth

Melting rocks require a lot of heat, one might think, or seismic reaction to outward forces - but see ... which is a story that unsettles your average uniformitarian rendition of events in the past. Geologists have been probing a mysterious piece of earth's crust that has largely avoided pigeon holing. A great belt of igneous rock strata stretches some 2000 miles from British Columbia in Canada to Sonora in Mexico, by way of Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Arizona.

28 Apr 2021
Understanding Dark Energy

The claim is that scientists made a further step towards understanding dark energy - see ... via the 'Bryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey' - otherwise christened BOSS. It involves the Chinese Academy of Sciences who are said to have detected dark energy.

26 Apr 2021
A Wonder to Behold

At ... it is bad enough that wind turbine blades cannot be recycled, and have to be cut up and placed in landfill but now it seems that an even bigger toxic problem awaits the next generation. All those earnest young activists having their bums bitten big time by the money making machine. It seems that electric vehicle batteries are going to be an even bigger problem than wind turbine blades.

25 Apr 2021
High on Oxygen Deprivation

At ... this is not the first research to suggest European cave paintings are the product of people high on something or other - usually substances of one kind or another. Why are these paintings often found in caves or in difficult to access rock shelters. Perhaps the clue is in the last term - were they sheltering from some kind of event [and what might that have been]. A  new study claims low oxygen levels in poorly ventilated caves might induce hypexia - which may inspire hallucinations.

25 Apr 2021
Pulsars emitting gamma rays

At ... ultra high energy gamma rays originate from pulsar nebulae - as published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters - see ... it seems another consensus idea bites the dust. It has now been established that nebulae surrounding the most powerful pulsars are pumping out ultra high energy gamma rays. Pulsars appear to rapidly rotate, are highly magnetised, and are considered to be collapsed stars surrounded by nebulae powered by winds inside the pulsars.