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18 Dec 2020
Rival to Dark Matter

The majority of cosmologists appear to have opted for dark matter as a way of explaining the odd behaviour of distant galaxies. However, there has been another option on the table for the last nearly 40 years. It has now been revived and given a dusting down. Stacey McGaugh and team [an international group of scientists] have come up with modified gravity - see ... where the rival idea is said to explain why distant galaxies so not appear to conform with Newtonian gravity.

16 Dec 2020
Genghis didn't do it apparently

Gary sent in the link ... climate change was responsible for the collapse of farming cultures in central Asia in the 12th and 13th centuries AD, rather than the real culprit, Genghis Khan. This is the new science it would seem. The Medieval Warm Period toppled long established agricultural communities around the Aral Sea basin and the delta of the Amu Darya etc. This is a projection back into history if the headlines in the Daily Mail are to be believed.

16 Dec 2020
Earth's Magnetic Field History

At ... this is one of those stories about a break through that may reveal more than what was intended. It seems the fiery demise of Near Eastern towns preserved on tells, mainly consisting of mud bricks sorched and burnt by excessive heat, might become, inadvertently, a new area of research. Destruction events are actually a source of knowledge we are told, when it comes to the magnetic field. Ancient upheavals preserve information and can be used to pin down the timeline of history, especially in the Iron Age.

13 Dec 2020
Playing Games

At ... 12 Indian meteorologists demonstrate how warming can be discovered in temperature records. Another sign that Western science is taking a back seat and the future belongs to the Chinese and the Indians. A temperature record for all of India shows no increase in net warming since 1951 or 1705 but when scientists select a cold year and draw in a red hot short term upward trend for that cold year warming miraculously appears.

13 Dec 2020
Canterbury Swarm

An interesting piece at ... which is a resurrection of an older story, the idea that monks at Canterbury witnessed an impact on the moon. The more tenuous part of this theory is that it was responsible for a huge crater. That is guesswork. The monks obviously saw something and that could have been a meteor striking the moon - but did it create the crater that has never been checked out. The post mostly consists of a video from a variety of scientists and personalities.

13 Dec 2020
Toumai Man

Robert has sent in the links below, one of which as already appeared on the News. However, his sources are not mainstream and are a little different, if you like. He has a propensity for looking at Creationist web sites which are otherwise ignored by most commentators. However, many of the posts at these sites are written up by scientists - with a Creationist slant. Sometimes that slant is so far over they are virtually toppling to one side. The purpose of such sites is to counter mainstream uniformitarian ideas and provide religious people with a divergent view of the evidence.

13 Dec 2020
Greenland Melt

Remaining on the theme of unforeseen facts cropping up at a later date we have a story at ... Japanese researchers have mapped a plume of molten rock, otherwise known as lava, risin beneath the Greenland ice cap. To do this they analysed the speed of seismic waves travelling beneath the earth. The molten rock caused geothermal activity in the North Atlantic. All over the North Atlantic it would seem. Not just in Greenland but on the island of Jan Mayen and Iceland. These two have active volcanoes with their own mantle plumes.

10 Dec 2020
Peruvian Fossil Tree

In Down to Earth geological magazine of November 2020  we have a story about a fossil tree found on Peru's altiplano [the central Andean plateau]. The tree was buried in what is now a cold grassy plain, a high altitude site in southern Peru. The find is said to contradict current mainstream thinking about past climate in the region - between ten and five million years ago. See also ... and the research was published in Science Advances.

9 Dec 2020
Last Days of Ugarit

This came from ... one of the many cities and towns destroyed at the end of the LB age was Ugarit. For a time, the excavator, Claude Schaeffer, went along with mainstream at the time and thought the city was probably captured and burnt by marauding sea peoples. Clay tablets from a baking kiln in Ugarit even seem to reveal marauding elements were active in Syria at the time. However, Schaeffer abandoned this idea and opted for a natural disaster. It included earthquake.

3 Dec 2020
Life on Earth

Finnish researchers have discovered phosphorous and flourine in solid dust particles collected from a comet. This measurement implies all the most important elements for creating life on earth may have been delivered by comets - see ... An instrument onboard the ESA Rosetta spacecraft collected the dust particles - an ion mass analysis known as OSIMA. Mass spectrometry was used in the research. See also ... Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society