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10 Oct 2021
Lakes on Mars

Gary also sent in this link - ... Mars Jezero crater was a lake - estimated 3.7 billion years ago. Until a flash flood deposited large boulders on to the delta - according to evidence from NASAs Perseverance Rover. The rover vehicle has been trundling along the bottom of the crater, taking samples, since February. It has also taken a lot of images that have subsequently been beamed back to earth. Something, deep in the past, caused boulders from miles away to be dumped inside the crater.

10 Oct 2021
Earth's magnetosphere

At ... the earth is constantly buffeted by a stream of charged particles, the solar wind. However, the earth does have a mechanism to protect its inhabitants from the worst of the effects. The magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism, we are told. As the solar wind blows, scientists thought the magnetosphere would ripple, like energy waves, in the plasma, and along the direction, the solar wind is blowing. However, recently they were surprised to find some of the waves actually stand still.

8 Oct 2021
Mangroves on the Yucatan

At ... this story is all about the vagaries of computer modeling and how conclusions can be reached by not factoring in all the evidence. They may be right - and they may be wrong. I don't know. Deep in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, there is an ancient mangrove forest 124 miles from the nearest ocean. Mangroves are salt tolerant trees and shrubs that usually flourish along tropical and sub tropical coastlines.

8 Oct 2021
Feathered Dinosaaurs

At ... dinosaur fossils have been popping up galore in parts of China in recent years. The Jehol Biota, in particular, in NE China, has proved to be a hot spot of feather dinosaurs - together with a wide array of Cretaceous flora and fauna. Paleontologists don't think feathers, which evolved during the Jurassic, were originally used to fly. That came later. Early examples are too small and stubby to support flight. Instead, like feathers on modern birds dinosaur feathers served other purposes.

3 Oct 2021
Roman Tiles Carlisle

Sent in by William via a Smithsonian link that would not print out. The story can be found at the local level - see ... on what is described as community news. It must have hit the headlines somewhere as Smithsonian got hold of the story. One reason may be that it was an excavation that involved a lot of amateur diggers from the local archaeology society [and other interested parties]. It was directed by professionals. It was also financed by a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant.

3 Oct 2021
Tipping on Mars

Gary sent in the link ... Mars surface was carved by fast and furious floods from overflowing craters - with enough water released in a matter of weeks to completely fill Lake Superior. See also ... on earth river erosion is usually seen as a long and very slow process - although there are exceptions [such as the scablands]. On Mars, massive floods from overflowing crater lakes played a role in shaping the surface of the red planet, we are told.

3 Oct 2021
Sunlight and Clouds

At ... sunlight filtering through the Venus thick atmosphere could support earth like photosynthesis in the cloud layers. Chemical conditions are potentially amenable to the growth of microorganisms. In a fascinating twist, the team found that photosynthesis could possibly continue through the night as well as the day.

3 Oct 2021
Isle of Wight of Monsters

At ... the Isle of Wight has been a good hunting ground for dinosaur fossil bones over the years. The Wight is derived from the chalk which caps the island - although it is also famous for its cliff of coloured sands. Paleontologists from nearby Southampton University assign the newly discovered dinosaur pair to a new species of spinosaurid, predatory theropods. Their unusual crocodile like skulls allowed them to hunt prey both on land and in water [it is thought].

3 Oct 2021

At ... Gorham's Cave complex on Gibraltar. A new cave has been found, branching off from Vanguard cave - but at a higher level. Digging through a thick layer of sediment in a corner of Vanguard they came across the new cave entrance. It was 13m in length and it looked as if the sediment plug had been in place for tens of thousands of years. On the floor of the new cave they found the remains of a Griffin vulture, a hyena, and a lynx - and various other items including the shell of a whelk.

28 Sep 2021
Gigantic Plasma Jet

At   [25th September 2021] we have a short video clip by a photographer in Puerto Rica using a Sony A7 camera. He shows the growth of a gigantic let of plasma in the sky shooting up above the Virgin Islands - just ahead of a tropical storm. The jets connect the surface with the ionosphere.