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24 Jul 2021
Strange anomaly in the core

William sent in the link to ... the temperature in the core of the earth is thought to be almost as hot as the surface of the Sun we are told. As the heat radiates outward it is absorbed by the liquid outer core, which churns around to create the earth's geomagnetic field. However, scientists have noticed the core is not fully responding to the theory. Seismic waves travelling through the planet's interior don't seem to conform to the model.

24 Jul 2021
A Knotty Problem

At ... unravelling a knotty problem of activity on the sun by untwisting and twisting magnetic field lines.

22 Jul 2021
Sun's Electric Field

At ... University of Iowa physicists, using the Parker Solar Probe data, have calculated the distribution of electrons within the Sun's electric field. Electrons are trying to escape but protons are pulling them back, we are told. Some escape. Others don't. However, there are other processes at work, as far as the production of the solar wind is concerned.

22 Jul 2021

At .... long period oscillations of the sun have been discovered. They have been predicted for a long time but modern telescope studies of the sun, such as the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager have brought theory to life. The oscillations are affected by the sun's differential rotation.

20 Jul 2021
The leg in a salt mine

Another link sent in by Robert - .... pristine DNA from a sheep leg found in a salt mine in Iran, carbon dated to the 5th or 6th centuries AD. The DNA was good enough for a genetic investigation. It seems it was discarded by miners - leftover from a meal. However, that has not stopped the extraction of DNA as the salt seems to have mummified the leg. It dates back 1600 years, or nearly so, and it is described as an 'immaculate' preservation. All down to the salt.

20 Jul 2021
Chicxulub Tsunami

At ... it seems a megatsunami wave did occur as a result of the Chicxulub asteroid strike at the K/Pg boundary [formerly K/T]. Two geophysicists, and other co-workers, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have found what they think is strong evidence for a tsunami, gouging out the sea floor in a massive ripple formation. The wave would have made its way across the Gulf of Mexico to the southern States - a wave that is estimated as being a mile high, as it struck land.

19 Jul 2021
Supernatural Water Ritual

At ... a mysterious wooden structure built in Italy 3000 years ago may have been a bronze age 'infinity pool' that reflected the sky during a religious ritual. It may have given onlookers the impression they were looking into another realm, we are told. However, it may also show that people were looking upstairs, reflections or otherwise. Something might have been going on 3000 years ago.

19 Jul 2021
One Billion Years

One Billion Years in 40 seconds -see the video at .. to be precise, one billion years of tectonic plate movement as perceived by earth scientists. A staggering helter skelter view of plates converging and then moving away. Not just post Pangaea but a series of hypothetical movements of the plates prior to that break up. The link was sent in by Robert. Is it proof - or imaginary? As nobody can prove otherwise it is a matter of opinion, even if you sit on the fence.

19 Jul 2021
Activity on Comet C/2014 UN271

At ... the recently discovered  new visitor to the outer edge of the visible solar system is one of the biggest comets ever recorded, three times the size of Hale Bopp. It is now said to be active - and it also appears the size of the object has shrunk. It may not be the behemoth we were promised. Comet 2014 UN271 was found by reprocessing four years of data from the Dark Energy Survey, a sort of bonus to the purpose of the telescope array. At the time, activity was not expected.

13 Jul 2021
Aurora on Jupiter

The media made a meal once again from a new piece of research from University College, London. The claim is that scientists have solved a 40 year mystery of Jupiter's X-ray auroral phenomena. The research is published in Science Advances - see ... see also ....the nuts and bolts for it come direct from NASAs Juno Mission and NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory. Jupiter, it seems, produces a spectacular burst of X-rays every four minutes.