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SIS Tenth Anniversary Tour

28 August 1984

From the "Preface", Special Tenth Anniversary Tour Issue,
By Brian Moore, S.I.S Review Vol. VIII, 1986

The Tour was the inspiration of David Rohl who, together with Peter James, drew up the itinerary with the aim of making it particularly relevant to the interests of the Society. Though this deviated from the standard Nile Tour in many respects, the changes in no way detracted from the enjoyment of the non-SIS members of the party who were delighted with the visits to such little-known sites as el-Hiba, which - as an isolated and virtually unexcavated site - provided a fascinating example of the way much of the country must have looked for a thousand years or more.

Ages in chaos? How valid are Velikovsky's views on Ancient History?

7 April 1978 - 9 April 1978

In 1973, the Director of this Conference, Dr Euan MacKie, outlined the controversy in a New Scientist article which concluded: "In summary, Velikovsky has achieved a remarkable success in forecasting otherwise unexpected scientific discoveries. For this reason alone it is difficult to see how there can be any further justification for refusing to consider and actively to test his ideas - no matter how unpalatable they may seem." These Proceedings represent the beginning of an attempt "actively to test" some of Velikovsky's ideas and to cut through the prejudice surrounding them.

Over recent years, specialist research into Velikovsky's theories has been increasing steadily and a substantial number of authoritative papers have been published. The problem lies in the fact that the climate of opinion ensures that this research is excluded from the established journals and thus denied the influence which it should have on the larger debate. Perhaps these Proceedings will also help to build a bridge between "mainstream" scholars and that minority of their colleagues - described in the Times Literary Supplement of 26 June 1976 as "a powerful force in the undergrowth of academe" - who have had to pursue their investigation of Velikovsky's work outside the established journals and institutions.


  • Introduction (Brian Moore)
  • Speakers
  • Dr Immanuel Velikovsky: Some Additional Evidence from the Period from the Exodus to the End of the Eighteenth Dynasty. (Unfortunately, due to illness, Dr Velikovsky's paper had to be read in absentia)
  • Geoffrey J. Gammon: The Nature of the Historical Record
  • Dr John J. Bimson: Can There be a Revised Chronology Without a Revised Stratigraphy?
  • Postscript
  • Michael Jones: Some Detailed Evidence from Egypt Against Velikovsky's Revised Chronology
  • Michael Jones and "Peoples of the Sea": some clarifying comments (G. Gammon)
  • Peter J. James: Chronological Problems in the Archaeology of the Hittites
  • Postscript
  • Discussion Session
  • Prof. A. E. Roy: The Astronomical Basis of Egyptian Chronology
  • Dr Euan MacKie: Radiocarbon Dating and Egyptian Chronology
  • Factors Affecting Radiocarbon Dates
  • The Nature of Radiocarbon Dates
  • The Tree-ring Calibration
  • Discussion Session
  • "Blind Dating" - letter to the Editor (Michael Start)
  • Prof A. E. Roy: The Stability of the Solar System
  • Dr Robert W. Bass: The Celestial Dynamics of "Worlds in Collision"
  • Letter to the Editor (Ralph Juergens)
  • Discussion Session
  • Dr I. Velikovsky: The Tomb of Ahiram (summary - read in absentia by G. Gammon)
  • Closing Discussion
  • Envoi (Euan MacKie)
  • Postscript (Harold Tresman)


Cosmic Catastrophes - Asteroids, Comets and Planets

30 August 2007

Possibilities and Probabilities in the Light of Today's Findings and the Testimony of Ancient Man

  • J.Bernard Delair: 'The Geological Evidence for Cosmic Catastrophes and Possible Causes'
  • Professor Laurence Dixon: 'The Celestial Mechanics of Worlds in Collision Revistied with an overview of subsequent new findings from space'
  • Rens van der Sluijs: 'Ancient Traditions: What Can They Tell Us About the History of the Earth'
  • David Talbott: 'Past History of the Planets: The Saturn Configuration'
  • Wallace Thornhill: 'Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?'
  • Frank Wallace: 'Introduction and Overview of the various cosmic scenarious for catastrophes affecting Earth'
  • Peter Warlow: 'Inversions of the Earth - Cause and Effect'
  • Professor Irving Wolfe: 'The Effects and Outcome of Cosmic Catastrophes on Human Societies'

Ages Still in Chaos

13 September 2002 - 15 September 2002

'An investigation into progress made in the revision of ancient history since 1952, and possible ways forward'

  • Introduction, Prof. Trevor Palmer
  • Scientific Dating Problems, David Salkeld
  • Evidence for Shortening Egyptian History, Bob Porter
  • The Historical Evidence in the el-Amarna Letters, J Eric Aitchison
  • A Testing Time, David Rohl
  • The Lion Gate at Mycenae, plus Ramesses II and Archaic Greek Sculpture, Prof. Lewis M Greenberg
  • Scientific Foundations of Ancient Near Eastern Chronologies, Charles Ginenthal
  • Finding The Limits of Chronological Revision, Dr John J Bimson
  • Stratigraphy and Radically Shortened Chronologies, Prof. Gunnar Heinsohn
  • Velikovsky, Glasgow and Heinsohn Combined, Emmet Sweeney
  • AD Ages in Chaos: A Russian Point of View, Dr Eugen Gabowitsch
  • Implications for Chronology if Certain 'Historical' Characters are Mythological, Ev Cochrane 

SIS Silver Jubilee Event

16 September 1999

Incorporating a Conference on Chronology & Catastrophism

  • Harold Tresman: Introduction: The Impact Velikovsky had
  • John Crowe: Ancient History Revisions: The Last 25 years - A Perspective
  • John Bimson: A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology
  • Len Saunders: Evidence from the Moon, Newgrange and Stonehenge Indicates Lunar Disturbance
  • Dr Bernard Newgrosh: The Importance of Outsiders in Science
  • Mr Charles Raspil: Archetypes Showing The Presence of Anomalous Electromagnetic Activity
  • Prof Lynn E Rose: Sirius and Saturn
  • Mr Dwardu Cardona: The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration Theory
  • Mr Wal Thornhill: The Electric Universe
  • Mr Ev Cochrane: The Saturn Theory
  • Mr Peter James: The Saturn Problem
  • Prof Trevor Palmer: Catastrophes: the Diluvial Evidence

Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations

11 July 1997 - 13 July 1997

11th-13th July 1997. The 2nd SIS Cambridge Conference, Fitzwilliam College. (Organised by The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies)

Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations: Archaeological, Geological and Astronomical Perspectives

  • Welcome Address: Prof Trevor Palmer (Nottingham Trent University and SIS Chairman)
  • Keynote Address: Robert Matthews, FRAS (Science Correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph)
  • Saturday, 12th July
  • Morning Session: ASTRONOMY
    • Chair: Dr Jasper Wall (Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge)
    • Prof Mark Bailey (Armagh Observatory): Sources and Populations of Near-Earth Objects: Recent Findings and Historical Implications
    • Dr Bill Napier (Armagh Observatory): Cometary Catastrophes, Cosmic Dust and Ecological Disasters in Historical Times
    • Dr Duncan Steel (Spaceguard Australia): Before the Stones: Stonehenge I as a Cometary Catastrophe Predictor?
    • Prof Gerrit Verschuur (Memphis University): Our Place in Space: The Implications of Impact Catastrophes on Human Thought and Behaviour  
    • Dr Marie-Agnes Courty (Institut Natinal Agronomique Paris-Grignon): Causes And Effects Of The 2350 BC Middle East Anomaly Evidenced By Micro-debris Fallout, Surface Combustion And Soil Explosion
    • Prof Mike Baillie (Queen's University Belfast): Tree-Ring Evidence for Environmental Disasters during the Bronze Age: Causes and Effects
    • Dr Benny J Peiser (Liverpool John Moores University): Comparative Stratigraphy of Bronze Age Destruction Layers around the World: Archaeological Evidence and Methodological Problems
    • Dr Bruce Masse (University of Hawaii): Earth, Air, Fire and Water: The Archaeology of Bronze Age Cosmic Catastrophes
    • Dr Bas van Geel (University of Amsterdam): The Impact of Abrupt Climate Change around 2650 BP in NW-Europe: Evidence for Climatic Teleconnections and a tentative Explanation
  • Sunday, 13th July
  • Morning Session HISTORY & CULTURE
    • Dr Victor Clube (Oxford University): Predestination and the Problem of Historical Catastrophism
    • Prof Bill Mullen (Bard College): The Agenda of the Milesian School: The Post-Catastrophic Paradigm Shift in Ancient Greece
    • Prof David Pankenier (Lehigh University): Heaven-sent: Understanding Disaster in Chinese Mythology and Tradition
    • Prof Gunnar Heinsohn (University of Bremen): The Catastrophic Emergence of Civilisation: The Coming of the Bronze Age Cultures
  • Afternoon Session ARCHAEOLOGY & HISTORY
    • Prof Amos Nur (Stanford University): The Collapse of Ancient Societies by Great Earthquakes
    • Dr Euan MacKie (Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University): The End of the Upper Palaeolithic in the Dordogne and the 'Vitrified Forts' in Scotland
    • Prof Irving Wolfe (University of Montreal): The 'Kultursturz' at the Bronze Age - Iron Age Boundary
    • Benny J Peiser: Closing Address

Cosmic Catastrophism: Velikovsky's 100th Birthday Memorial Weekend

30 September 1995 - 1 October 1995

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, the Society invited its members to a special weekend meeting on the legacy left by Velikovsky and the growing popularity of scientific catastrophism.

  • David Salkeld (UK) - The Velikovsky Centenary Conference in New York.
  • Dr John Dayton (UK/Tenerife) - What do the Antarctic Ice Cores reveal about mankind's past?
  • J B Delair (UK) - When the Earth Nearly Died. Evidence of World Cataclysm in 9,500 BC.
  • Graham Hancock (UK) - Fingerprints of the Gods. Do ancient relics point to an advanced civilisation 15,000 years ago?
  • Dr Heribert Illig (Munich, Germany) - Cosmic Catastrophes and the Origins of Megalithic Cultures.
  • Dr Mark Bailey (UK) - Results of the 1995 'Tunguska Conference' in Russia.
  • Prof Gunnar Heinsohn (Bremen/Germany) - Imaginary and Expected Catastrophes. Apocalyptic Desire and Scientific Prognosis.
  • Dr Benny J Peiser (UK) - Great Balls of Fire. The catastrophic origins of the Mesoamerican Ballgames (slide show).
  • J Eric Aitchison (Australia) - Evidence for a neat year of 365 days in prehistory.


Evidence that the Earth has suffered Catastrophes of Cosmic Origin in Historical Times

15 July 1993
  • Harold Tresman: The SIS, Its History and Achievments: A Personal Perspective
  • Steven Robinson: On the Disproportion Between Geological and Historical Time
    • Part One: The Human Perspective. Part Two: Earth, Fire and Water
  • Dr John Bimson: The Nature of an Exodus Catastrophe Re-assessed.
  • Prof. Irving Wolfe: A Catastrophic Reading of Religious Systems
  • Irvine Wolfe: A Catastrophic Interpretation of Western Cosmologies
  • Dr Victor Clube: Revalation and Catastrophe during the Christian Era: a Basis for Historical Interpolation and Future Extrapolation
  • Wal Thornhill: Evidence for the Extreme Youth of Venus
  • David Slade: Could an Explosive Volcanic Eruption be Induced by the Nearby Passage of a Cosmic Body?
  • Bernard Newgrosh: Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna
  • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus I
  • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus II
  • Benny Peiser: Catastrophism and Anthropology