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Objections Overruled - A Reappraisal of Earth Inversion Dynamics, by David Salkeld (1989)

Abstract: In the second of the two articles on the tippe-top debate, David Salkeld criticises Slabinski's critiques of Warlow. Whilst finding faults in Warlow's original paper, he finds major errors in Slabinski's dynamics and concludes that Slabinski has not demonstrated the impossibility of a tippe-top Earth inversion under the gravitational influence of a passing cosmic body

An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC - Part III, The Geological Evidence, by Moe M. Mandelkehr (1988)

Abstract: In the third of his series of articles examining the evidence for a major disruption at or around 2300 BC, Moe Mandelkehr has amassed a wealth of geological data in support of his thesis. His impressive catalogue of data constitutes a challenge both to uniformitarians (who have to explain the disruptions) and to catastrophists (who have to indicate their source.)

Formation of Chondritic Meteorites and the Solar System, by Wal Thornhill (1988)

Abstract: Chondritic meteorites are an enigma to scientists - they have so many apparently inexplicable features. Adopting Eric Crew's core expulsion theory, Wal Thornhill is able to account for all their peculiar properties and to explain their formation. This revolutionary thesis has far-reaching implications for the study of the history of the solar system. (His talk to the AGM of the Society in Spring 1988 was based on this paper).

Why Change a Calendar? - Which year did Bede think he lived in?, by Laurence Dixon (2010)

Abstract: One of the reasons that chronology is difficult and interesting, is that our forefathers frequently changed the dating system which they used to record their past and present activities. In this paper I will consider briefly those changes made in the last 1,400 years, when the changes were made, and provide the possible reason for each. I will work backwards to end with a consideration of the time of Bede.

When the Sea Flooded Britain, by Steve Mitchell (2005)

Full title: 'When the Sea Flooded Britain - A Catastrophic Late Holocene Isostatic Interlude along the Eastern Seaboard of England and Scotland'

Abstract: This article is a preliminary assessment of the nature and extent of the evidence for relative sea-level changes in the period from around AD 400 until AD 1700. It will seek to show that much of the eastern and southern coast of Britain was under the sea by up to 30 metres or more in the late Roman/early medieval period. This resulted in a landscape that was dramatically different from that today, which has profound implications for our understanding of British early medieval history.

Return of the Tippe-Top, by Peter Warlow (1987)

Prologue: Contrary to numerous comments in Kronos, my tippe-top model of Earth reversals provides a perfect framework within which to set Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision scenario. It is wholly implied by that scenario; there is no need for any alternative model and, in fact, any search for an alternative would be in vain because, quite simply, there isn't one. Criticism of the tippe-top model by Kronos contributors appears to hinge upon two key points. These are:- a) the relationship of the tippe-top model to the situation apparently depicted in the Senmut ceiling decoration, and b) the apparent impossibility of explaining the achievement of such a reversal in dynamic terms. I shall concentrate upon these two aspects of the problem. In Part One of this paper I shall dispose of the Senmut ceiling objection. The dynamics of the problem will be dealt with in Part Two.

Newsletter 1, April 1975


Newsletter 1. April 1975

  1. First Report
  2. Recent Developments
  3. The McMaster University Symposium - June 1974
  4. Velikovsky: The Score of Success
  5. Velikovsky: The Open Minded Approach
  6. A Short Biography of Immanuel Velikvosky
  7. Book Section

Newsletter 2, Sept 1975


Newsletter 2: September 1975


  • Focus 1
  • MacKie: A Challenge to the Integrity of Science? 4
  • Ransom: Scientists Support Velikovsky 7
  • Objections to the Revised Chronology 9
  • Kugler - Almost a Catastrophist 12
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The SIS, its history and achievements: a personal perspective

The SIS, its history and achievements: a personal perspective

The Revision of Ancient History - A Perspective

By P John Crowe

An edited and extended version of a paper presented to the SIS Jubilee Conference, Easthampstead Park, Sept. 17-19th 1999. Revision No.2 August 2007 [1]