Catastrophism news

Han Kloosterman

At ... Han Kloosterman contracted throat cancer quite some years ago and when he spoke at an SIS meeting at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, it was difficult to make out all that he said. He compensated for this with a massive barrage of images to back up what he was saying. It was quite an impressive performance. He is still active, in his 80s, but is now forced to use walking sticks for his geological field trips - quite amazing.

The Plight of Holocene Impact Theories - and the Role of Sodom in the Bible

At's_hypothetical_bolide ... Tollmann and Tollmann (man and wife) in 1994 proposed the idea that an asteroid or comet struck Earth at 7640BC and again in 3150BC there was something similar, but the idea has never been accepted by other scientists. Emilio Spedicato of Bergamo University in Italy included an article by the Tollmanns in a conference proceedings in the 1990s but the idea has never been accepted by scientists at large.

Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age civilisation

Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age civilisations, edited by Benny Peiser, Trevor Palmer and Mark Bailey, is available to download in pdf version directly from the Archaeopress web site at a cost of £18. This is half the price of the original - back in 1997. To buy a hard copy in print will set you back a lot of money nowadays but the pdf can be downloaded fairly easily - but be warned it is some 257 pages in length. Remember to have an adequate printer ink in place before you start.

Indonesian tsunamis

the province of Aceh in the west of Sumatra is indelibly stamped by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, a one hundred foot wave that raced across the Indian Ocean to devastate the coastal regions of Thailand, Burma, and the Indian subcontinent - as well as Aceh itself. Some 230,000 people perished - half of them in Indonesia.

Franzen and Larsson

Lars G Franzen and Thomas B Larsson wrote a paper 'Landscape analysis and stratigraphical and geochemical investigations of playa and alluvial fan sediments in Tunisia and raised bog deposits in Sweden' and they also had a poster presentation at the 1997 SIS Cambridge Conference. I thought I would try and see if the paper could be accessed on the Internet as after all it was published 16 years ago. So, putting their names into a search engine came up trumps - only it didn't. The first three links were all back to the SIS web site and the page on the conference etc.

Halley's Comet and the 6th century AD

At ... we hear that a piece of Halley's comet might have impacted with Earth in AD536, blasting dust into the atmosphere and cooling the planet. No, this does not involve Mike Baillie - but it does resurrect some of his work. It is a new study led by Dallas Abbott of Columbia University and the news report is because Dallas was a speaker at the recent AGU meeting in California.

The Dodwell Curve

The Dodwell hypothesis that greatly intrigued SIS some years ago, on two occasions, is given a mauling at ... involves calculating the last time there was an axial shift, and this he thought occurred in late third millennium BC. He used a variety of sources, including the alignment of the Karnak temple, and various other ancient references (assuming all these things were reliably dated).

Without Form and Void

There is a second edition of 'Without Form and Void; a study of the meaning of Genesis 1:2' edited by EM White and RG Chiang, Ancaster, Ontario: Doorway Publications. It is available in a Kindle edition, as a pdf, or as hard copy ( In the preface of the second edition (2012) it is recognised not many readers will have a basic understanding of Hebrew. As such, Hebrew characters have been replaced with transliteration into English to facilitate reading and understanding. Various appendixes tangent to the main theme are also missing.

Blast from the Past

Gary Gilligan has sent in an article by Velikovsky published by the New York Times on July 21st of 1969 - which appeared in Pensee as 'Are the Moon's scars only 3000 years old?' in which the newspaper took the liberty of deleting a few  lines of text here and there (and names of people). Velikovsky claimed that less than 3000 years ago (in reference to his Mars catastrophe sequence) the Moon's surface was repeatedly molten and bubbled.


A new book, details forwarded by secretary Jill Abery, written by SIS member David M Barker - 'Science and Religion: reconciling the conflicts' and published by Tate Publishing of Mustang in Oklahoma (2013) has arrived through the letter box. There are chapters on carbon dating, scientific ages, on comets asteroids and meteorites, on continental drift or shift, on the flood, geochronology, history or myth, evolution or creationism, astronomy and cosmological curiosities etc. It is a book I will return to at a later date - but might make somebody a nice christmas present.