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The Origins of Modern Geological Theory

The Origins of Modern Geological Theory by George Grinnell A detailed account of the origins of Uniformitarianism in modern sciences. In particular to role of

Why Change a Calendar? - Which year did Bede think he lived in?, by Laurence Dixon (2010)

Abstract: One of the reasons that chronology is difficult and interesting, is that our forefathers frequently changed the dating system which they used to record

The Revision of Ancient History - A Perspective

By P John Crowe An edited and extended version of a paper presented to the SIS Jubilee Conference, Easthampstead Park, Sept. 17-19th 1999. Revision No.2

When the Sea Flooded Britain, by Steve Mitchell (2005)

Full title: 'When the Sea Flooded Britain - A Catastrophic Late Holocene Isostatic Interlude along the Eastern Seaboard of England and Scotland' Abstract: This article

Introduction: The Impact Velikovsky had

Harold Tresman Delivered at the SIS Silver Jubilee Conference, Friday 17th - Sunday 19th September 1999 We are actually a little premature in celebrating this

The SIS, its history and achievements: a personal perspective

By Harold Tresman This article first appeared in: SIS Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1993 Special Issue: 'Evidence that the Earth has Suffered Catastrophes of Cosmic

Objections Overruled - A Reappraisal of Earth Inversion Dynamics, by David Salkeld (1989)

Abstract: In the second of the two articles on the tippe-top debate, David Salkeld criticises Slabinski's critiques of Warlow. Whilst finding faults in Warlow's original

An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC - Part III, The Geological Evidence, by Moe M. Mandelkehr (1988)

Abstract: In the third of his series of articles examining the evidence for a major disruption at or around 2300 BC, Moe Mandelkehr has amassed

Formation of Chondritic Meteorites and the Solar System, by Wal Thornhill (1988)

Abstract: Chondritic meteorites are an enigma to scientists - they have so many apparently inexplicable features. Adopting Eric Crew's core expulsion theory, Wal Thornhill is

Return of the Tippe-Top, by Peter Warlow (1987)

Prologue: Contrary to numerous comments in Kronos, my tippe-top model of Earth reversals provides a perfect framework within which to set Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision

Newsletter 2 (Sept 1975)

Contents Focus 1 MacKie: A Challenge to the Integrity of Science? 4 Ransom: Scientists Support Velikovsky 7 Objections to the Revised Chronology 9 Kugler -

Newsletter 1 (April 1975)

Contents First Report Recent Developments The McMaster University Symposium - June 1974 Velikovsky: The Score of Success Velikovsky: The Open Minded Approach A Short Biography
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