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Return of the Tippe-Top, by Peter Warlow (1987)

Prologue: Contrary to numerous comments in Kronos, my tippe-top model of Earth reversals provides a perfect framework within which to set Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision scenario. It is wholly implied by that scenario; there is no need for any alternative model and, in fact, any search for an alternative would be in vain because, quite simply, there isn’t one. Criticism of the tippe-top model by Kronos contributors appears to hinge upon two key points. These are:- a) the relationship of the tippe-top model to the situation apparently depicted in the Senmut ceiling decoration, and b) the apparent impossibility of explaining the achievement of such a reversal in dynamic terms. I shall concentrate upon these two aspects of the problem. In Part One of this paper I shall dispose of the Senmut ceiling objection. The dynamics of the problem will be dealt with in Part Two.

This article is from Chronology & Catastrophism Review Vol. IX, 1987.

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