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Chronology & Catastrophism Review (C&CR)

C&CR, now published three times a year, is the major and currently the sole journal of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. It is part of a Member’s yearly subscription entitlement. From 1976 to 1985, it was known as SIS Review (SISR) and, after 2014, it has incorporated C&C Workshop (see below). Cover images and issue contents can be found on the SIS Review page.

C&CR provides an opportunity for the presentation of new information and ideas about topics relating to revisions of chronology and/or the influence of large-scale natural catastrophes on the course of life on Earth, particularly, but not only, in historical times. These could include, for example, aspects of archaeology, ancient history, biblical studies, mythology, scientific dating methods, geology, palaeontology, evolution, physics, astronomy, data from space probes, cosmology and the role of electromagnetism in the Universe. C&CR also published independent critical assessments of theories concerning chronological revisions and/or catastrophism. In addition, it provides a forum for new and continuing debates about these topics. Reviews of relevant books are also published.

Another, more informal, function of C&CR is to keep members informed about past and forthcoming activities, as well as other matters of interest, within the Society and beyond. Most importantly, all individual members are encouraged to communicate their views to others via the “letters” column.
For back issues of C&CR and SISR, plus photocopies of out-of-print issues, see below. See also: C&CR Contents.

Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop (C&CW)

C&CW, known as SIS Workshop (SISW) from 1978 to 1985, was launched to provide for the publication of partially-formed ideas which would be of interest to members and would also allow feedback to be provided, to help authors develop preliminary thoughts into fully-formed theories. C&CW was incorporated into C&CR in 1996, re-launched in 2003 and then once again incorporated into C&CR in 2015. Cover images and issue contents can be found on the SIS Workshop page.

For back issues of C&CW and SISW, plus photocopies of out-of-print issues, see below. See also: C&CW Contents.

SIS Internet Digest (1996-2002)

SIS Internet Digest, introduced in 1996, was a twice-yearly publication for relaying snippets of relevant information from the Internet to Society members. It ceased publication as a separate journal in 2002, but material from the Internet was then incorporated within a section in C&CW until 2013. Cover images and issue contents can be found on the SIS Internet Digest page.

Back issues and article photocopies

Back issues of Review and Workshop (plus photocopies of out-of-print issues) are available to both members and non-members (at higher cost to non-members). The contents of each issue can be found by using the links provided above. Prices can be found at: Back Issues. All SIS Internet Digest back issues, and a list of contents of these, are available at: Catastrophism online. The Catastrophism CD-Rom contains back issues of Review, Workshop and Internet Digest (besides those of books and many other journals).

Submitting material for publication

Material (articles, reviews, letters) to be considered for publication in C&C Review is welcome from members and non-members alike and should be sent to the editorial address – see Notes for authors for address and full details of format, etc.

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