A planetoid plows onto the primordial Earth. Credit: Don Davis/NASA.

Stonehenge: An astronomical calendar? Image credit

The Pyramids at Giza. But how old are they? Image credit

The Ant Nebula. Illustrative of the Plasma Universe. Image credit

Lightning over the Eruption of Galungung Volcano. Image credit.


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Recent activities


Electric Universe UK

Summer 2019

EUUK 2019

Latest News!

Andy Hall is coming over from the USA especially, to present some fascinating proposals on how catastrophic electrical forces have shaped our planet.


There will be an update from SAFIRE (“Stellar Atmospheric Function in Regulation Experiment”).


Electric Universe – United Kingdom
International Conference & Symposium
7th – 11th July 2018, Somerset, UK


Videos of the Conference talks are at this site: https://www.electricuniverseuk.eu/videos/


Dr. Michael Clarage talks about his work with SAFIRE from a more philosophical perspective – what an empiricist might ponder outside the lab. He offers some intriguing if not startling observations about the astronomical and the biological, the dead and the living universe.

First video footage released.

Professor Don Scott answers questions at Quantocks mini conference.

Spring  Meeting 2018

27 April 2019 at Watford

Quaker Meeting House, 150 Church Road, Watford, WD17 4QB, UK.



Adrian Gilbert,

Alchemy: The Secret Science

Were alchemists really on a pointless quest or did they know something that has since been forgotten? Adrian will take us to the origins of alchemy, from before the current scientific paradigm closed the doors of our minds on a forgotten art.
Adrian Gilbert


Assistant Prof Nick Thom,

Making sense of the Dark Ages


From his second book "History Rewritten" Nick presents revisions which he believes match the evidence from various different sources in the ancient Middle East significantly better than previous valiant attempts.

Nick Thom


















Bronze Age controversy!

New paper by Mike Baillie and Johnny McAneney regarding the dating of the Bronze Age eruption of Thera


Santorini map

With acknowledgment to Cambridge Core journals






Autumn Members Meeting is booked for Saturday 12th October 2019