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Websites of Special Interest

  • Ancient Destructions Website of Peter Mungo Jupp dealing with ancient cosmogenic destructions around the world (Baalbeck, Antarctica, Australia and more).
  • Plasma Universe – Associated with the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society.
  • Holoscience – Wal Thornhill’s investigation and research into the ‘Electric Universe’.
  • Thunderbolts – discussion into the ‘Electric Universe’, with reference to mythical events.
  • Aeon – A Journal of Myth and Science – explores the evidence for global catastrophes and interplanetary upheaval in the recent past, specializing in archaeoastronomy, ancient history and comparative mythology.
  • Plasma Cosmology – providing an introduction to the emerging Plasma Universe paradigm
  • Mythopedia – plasma cosmology and the recent history of the Earth, as documented in the history of astronomy, cultural astronomy, archaeoastronomy and certain classes of mythology and ancient ritual.
  • Maverick Science – Ev Cochrane’s website. Saturn theory, Venus and Mars, myth, archaeoastronomy, evolution and history.
  • Catastrophism Online – thousands of articles from the leading catastrophism journals over the past 30 years
  • The Velikovskian – A Journal of Myth, History and Science
  • The Velikovsky Archive – unofficial archive of Velikovsky’s unpublished material.
  • The Velikovsky Encyclopedia The verifiable guide to the man and his works, to the critics, the controversy, and the affair
  • Quantavolution and Catastrophism Series – Alfred de Grazia’s series of books.
  • ISIS Archive – ‘the advancement of research into the chronology, archaeology and history of the ancient world’. Promotes the ‘New Chronology’. Publishers of Vols I – X of JACF – Journal of The Ancient Chronology Forum.
  • Centuries of Darkness – Peter James, et al‘s site on revised chronology
  • The ‘Fractal Universe’ Colin Hill
  • plasma-universe.com – An extensive resource on the importance of plasma throughout the universe
  • The Electric Universe theory – An extensive resource on the importance of electricity throughout the universe

Velikovsky and catastrophism

  • Ted Holden’s Catastrophism Web site – “An attempt to provide a flavor and sampling of the new branch of science which has evolved from the works of scholars who have been following thelogical trail of historical reconstruction discovered by Immanuel Velikovsky in the 1940’s and 1950’s.”
  • On The Possibility Of Very Rapid Shifts Of The Poles, by F. Barbiero. Evidence exists that the poles have changed position during the past ages. This possibility, however, so far has been disregarded on the basis that such a phenomenon is thought to be physically impossible.
  • The Velikovsky Archive– unofficial archive of Velikovsky’s unpublished material.
  • An Antidote to Velikovskian Delusions. A critical look at Velikovsky and the Saturnists, by Leroy Ellenberger
  • talk.originsFAQ (Frequently asked questions), a critical look at:

Ancient History (revised and orthodox)

  • Velikovsky Revisited (vol. I) and Velikovsky Revised (vol. II) is an e-book by J. Eric Aitchison available from Mikamar Publishing (http://mikamar.biz/thunderbolts-product.htm) for downloading on your computer. This 2-vol. e-book (at US$12.00 each volume) is ‘a long and in-depth study’ and the author’s way of reconciling ‘the conventional model of ancient history with the Ages in Chaos series of Velikovsky.’ Although several of Immanuel Velikovsky’s synchronisms are refuted by the author, at the same time he appears to remain on board ‘the Velikovsky experience’. He also acknowledges the work of several other revisionists that have contributed to his own work.
  • ‘A Revised History of the Era of King Hezekiah of Judah and its Background’, by Damien Mackey. This is Mackey’s University thesis, deposited by the University of Sydney. PDF version.
  • CAIS (the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies) Many articles, including ‘Cyaxares: Media’s Great King in Egypt, Assyria and Iran’ by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • Empires Lost and Found – Stratigraphy and the Search for the Great Powers of the Pastarticle by Gunnar Heinsohn on CAIS website
  • Centuries of Darkness, Peter James’ website on revised chronology.
  • Ages ln Alignment series. A 4-volume book by Emmet Sweeney. Vol. 1: ‘The Genesis of Israel and Egypt’, Vol. 2: ”The Pyramid Age’; Vol. 3: ‘Empire of Thebes’, and Vol. 4: ‘The Ramessides, Medes and Persians’ (an earlier version of the latter was published as a special edition of The Velikovskian, Vol. V, no. 2). Also available from Amazon.
  • Lisa (Aaronson) Liel’sAncient History Pages (revision). Essays and papers on ancient biblical history – and a link to the CHRONO e-mail list.
  • ISIS ArchiveJournal of the Ancient Chronology Forum (JACF). Revised chronology (of David Rohl et al).
  • The Revision of Ancient History – A Perspective, an introduction by John Crowe.
  • Chronology at the Crossroads The Late Bronze Age in Western Asia. Book by Dr. Bernard Newgrosh. An answer to the orthodox view that Assyrian history is fixed and cannot be downdated. Supports the ‘New Chronology’ model in most details.
  • A Test of Time – by David Rohl. One of several books containing comprehensive and far-ranging evidence for redating Egyptian and biblical history (the ‘New Chronology’). See the New Chronology discussion group (membership required) for details of this and Rohl’s other books: The Lost Testament; Pharaohs and Kings; From Eden to Exile; and Lords of Avaris.

Assyrian/Babylonian and Persian Texts and Astronomy

Mythology and Ancient History

  • Mythopedia – Rens van der Sluijs’ grand synthesis and a new science of myth.
  • The Mythology of the World Axis: Exploring the Role of Plasma in World Mythology, book by Rens van der Sluijs
  • Myth’s and Legends, dozens of links by Christopher B. Siren. (via archive.org)
  • Duke Papyrus Archive, electronic access to texts about and images of 1,373 papyri from ancient Egypt.
  • Chicago Oriental Institute WWW Home Page
  • Noncanonical Homepage, Full texts of: 1.Old Testament Apocrypha. 2. Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. 3.Apocryphal Acts 4.Apocryphal Apocalypse. 5.Apocryphal Gospels. 6.Apostolic Fathers. 7. Apostolic Fathers. 8. Other writings.
  • Egyptology Home Page A Starting points for material of interest to Egyptologists, material and resources mainly located here includes: Coffin Texts online word index, Prosopographia Aegypti, Egyptology in Germany, Special collections in the Heidelberg University Library, The University of Chicago Oriental Institute home page, Archaeology home page, Papyrology home page, Oxford Classics page, Coptic home page
  • Perseus Project Home Page An Evolving Digital Library on Ancient Greece including: How to see Greek with Microsoft Windows, Greek texts with morphological links to Liddell-Scott Lexicon! (Example: Aeschylus’ Agammemnon). Art and Archaeology: Greek vases, coins, sculpture, and sites in the Perseus database. Includes links to word search of database, indices, images and examples. Primary Texts: Greek texts and translations, English word searches of the texts, and resources for textual studies.
  • ISIS archive– ‘for the advancement of research into the chronology, archaeology and history of the ancient world’. Former publishers of JACF (the Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum).
  • The Egyptologist’s Electronic Forum
  • Nebuchadnezzar & The Egyptian Exile, a revision of Egyptian dynastic history by Jim Reilly
  • Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion– one of several books on mythology and planetary identities by Ev Cochrane.
  • ‘Mars Blue Crown’ – http://www.gks.uk.com/egyptian-crowns-chaos/Gary Gilligan’s identification, on this page, of an ancient Egyptian crown with the planet Mars. See also his web site http://gks.uk.comfor his take on mythology in general.

Cosmic Imagery and Planetary configurations


  • Science Frontiers (The Sourcebook Project)- William R. Corliss’ bi-monthly collection of digests of scientific anomalies in the current literature. Hundred of short abstracts in many areas, including: archaeology, biology, geology, geophysics, psychology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, esoterica, bizarre biophysics, anomalous astronomy.

Archaeoastronomy and archaeology

  • Center for Archaeoastronomy – University of Maryland. A study of the astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, religions and world-views of all ancient cultures.
  • ISAAC – the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
  • Sacred Sites – specialising in the study of sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions around the world.
  • Earth Matrix: Science in Ancient Artwork.
  • Forbidden Archaeology – Michael A. Cremo
  • Stonehenge Solved, a new theory based on overlooked archaeological facts. The late Leonard Saunders’ website. (via archive.org)

Evolution/Origin of Life


  • Environment of Violence series of booksEnvironment of Violence: Readings of Cataclysms in Stone; Expanding Geospheres: Energy and Mass Transfers from Earth’s Interior; Hydridic Earth: The New Geology of our Primordially Hydrogen-Rich Planet; The Tectonics of Geoid Changes: and Major Deformation and Failure of the Earth’s Crust: An Alternative to Plate Tectonics
  • Shock Dynamics:A new paradigm for the geology of the Earth. John Michael Fischer.
  • When the Earth Nearly Died: Compelling Evidence of A Catastrophic World Change 9,500 BC. A book by Derek S. Allan and J. Bernard Delair. (via archive.org)

Axial Shifts/Tilts of the Earth

  • The Reversing Earth – the book by Peter Warlow which is now a collectible and which members can obtain from the SIS Book Service . With photographs clearly showing how the tippe-top motion can accomplish an inversion of the Earth’s rotational field in such a way as not to cause the ultimate disruption claimed by Velikovsky’s detractors.

Neo-catastropism and Mass Extinction

The Dangers of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), and Spacewatching

Various Other Scenarios of our Catastrophic Past

  • The Mars-Earth Wars, book by Donald Wesley Patten and Samuel R. Windsor
  • When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis– book by Rose and Rand Flem-Ath
  • Meta Research on the origin and nature of celestial bodies. (via archive.org)
  • Ignatius Donnelly– website about Donnelly and his work, by Dick Meehan.
  • Comets, Culture & Catastrophism – Bob Kobres’ web page
  • Man as old as Coal– Ed Conran’s battle to show that human bones have been found in coal.
  • The Quantavolution and Catastrophism Series – Alfred de Grazia’s series of books: The Burning of Troy * Chaos and Creation * The Divine Succession * God’s Fire: Moses and the Management of the Exodus * Solaria Binaria * Homo Schizo I * Homo Schizo II * The Lately Tortured Earth * The Velikovsky Affair * The Disastrous Love Affair of Moon and Mars * Ka (Hugh Crosthwaite) * A Fire Not Blown (Hugh Crosthwaite) * Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky & Cultural Amnesia (Earl Milton).

Electricity in Astronomy

Various articles by C. E. R. Bruce:

Papers by Ralph Juergens:

Papers by Eric Crew:

Papers by V. A. Bailey:

Tunguska 1908, Brazil 1930, Chicago 1871

Journals and magazines

  • Aeon– A Journal of Myth and Science.
  • Chronology & Catastrophism Review – Interdisciplinary. 1975 to present. Journal of The Society for Interdisciplinay Studies (SIS). c. 60 +pp.
  • Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop ” ” SIS Members’ twice-yearly magazine (c. 40 + pp).
  • KronosThe Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis. The 1970’s series, republished and available on CD-Rom.
  • Pensee: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered (IVR)- The 1970’s series, republished and available on CD-Rom.
  • The Velikovskian– editor Charles Ginenthal
  • Zeitensprünge Heribert Ilig’s German magazine online. Covers interdisciplinary themes such as catastrophism, prehistoric and ancient history revision.
  • Configurations – The official publication of the Society for Literature and Science. The only journal devoted to the study of discourse pertaining to the theories and practices of science, technology and medicine. The journal explores the relationship of literature and the arts to technology and the sciences.

History of Catastrophism

Various other books and papers on Catastrophism and Neo-catastrophism

  • Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets, by Duncan Steel (John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1995).
  • Craters, Cosmos and Chronicles, by Herbert R. Shaw (Stanford University Press, 1995) .
  • Rain of Iron and Ice, by John S. Lewis (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, 1996).
  • Mining The Sky, by John S. Lewis (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading 1996).
  • Fire on Earth, by John and Mary Gribbin (St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1996).
  • Impact! The Threat of Comets and Asteroids, by Gerrit Veschuur (Oxford University Press, 1996).
  • Doomsday Asteroid, by Donald W. Cox and James H. Chestek (Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York, 1996).
  • New Insights to Antiquity, book by Richard Petersen.
  • Dance of the Planets, book by Angiras. Knowledge, mythology and modern science, revealing a 3,000 year sequence of chaotic interactions between Venus, Mars and Earth within proto-historical times.

Publishers, Societies and organisations

  • The Sourcebook Project– P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057, USA. William R. Corliss. Pulbishers of Science Frontiers
  • The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (est. 1974) – publishers of Chronology & Catastrophism Review and Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop. In association with Nottingham Trent University, also publishers of Catastrophism, Neocatastrophism and Evolution, by Trevor Palmer.
  • Pacific Meridian Publishing, 13540 39th Ave. N. E., Seattle, WA 98125, USA. Tel/fax: +1 206 365 1640. Books on planetary catastrophism, including: The Biblical Flood and The Ice Epoch; The Long Day of Joshua; Catastrophism and the Old Testament; The Recent Organization of the Solar System; Noah’s Ark: Its Geometry; A Debate: The Site of Noah’s Ark; The Mars-Earth Wars; Noah’s Vessel: 24,000 Deadweight Tons; Symposium on Creation VI; Science & Christianity, a Partnership; Escape from Einstein; plus two videos: ‘Cataclysm from Space 2800 BC’ (Filmstrip) and ‘The Discovery of Noah’s Ark’ (DVD).
  • Govardhan Hill Publishing – publishers of Foribidden Archaeology, The Hidden History of the Human Race, the book by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson.
  • Polar Publishing– Four books in the ‘Environment of Violence’ series: Environment of Violence (C Warrent Hunt), Expanding Geospheres: Energy and Mass Transfers from Earth’s Interior (C. Warren Hunt); Hydridic Earth: The New Geology of our Primordially Hydrogen-Rich Planet (Vladimir N. Larin); and The Tectonics of Geoid Change: Major Deformation and Fracture of the Earth’s Crust: An Alternative to Plate Tectonics (P. James). (via archive.org)
  • The Millennium Group – organised to create an unbiased outlet for scientific research and critical thinking. Covers cosmology and planetary, cometary, solar, and galactic theories. Also contains the article ‘The Day the Sun Stood Still’, by Eric Larabee (editor of Harper’s Magazine in January 1950) which was released as a prelude to the publication of Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision. (via archive.org)
  • Kronos Press– catastrophism, ancient history, cosmology, myth and symbolism.
  • The Velikovskian
  • Aeon

General and miscellaneous

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