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C&C Workshop was published separately from C&C Review from 1978-1995 and 2003-2014. It is now incorporated into C&C Review, which forms part of a member’s yearly subscription entitlement.

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Back Issues of C&C Workshop


C&C Workshop 2014:2 (November 2014)

  • Society News: Message from the Editorial Coordinator; History of the SIS; Report of Autumn Meeting; Report of Study Group meeting
  • Letters: Alasdair Beal; Barry Curnock; Bob Porter
  • Articles:
    • The Architecture of the Serapaeum, by Barry Curnock
    • Have they found the Ejected Planet?, by Laurence Dixon
    • Evidence of Shifts in Earth’s Rotational Axis at Tall el-Hammam, by Phillip J. Silvia
    • Tacitus’ Germania Revisited, by Dick Gagel
  • Forum: Dark Earth, Catastrophic Destructions and Chronology: Different Perspectives from Gunnar Heinsohn and Steve Mitchell
  • Book Reviews:
    • The Origin of Mountains, reviewed by Phillip Clapham
    • Earth – The Planet Extraordinary, reviewed by Barry Curnock
  • Reflections on the News, by Phillip Clapham


C&C Workshop 2014:1 (March 2014)

  • Society News: SIS AGM and Afternoon Speaker Meeting with Henry Zemel and Barry Curnock
  • In Memoriam: Halton C. Arp; Robert W. Bass
  • Letters: Clark Whelton; Laurence Dixon; Daphne Chappell; J. Eric Aitchison; Dick Gagel; Peter Fairlie-Clarke; Brian Sherwood Jones
  • Articles:
    • What Happened in AD 775 and AD 1258?, by Steve Mitchell
    • The Writings of the Ancients and their Relevance to Chronology up to 332 BC, Part II, by Trevor
    • Newton’s Electric Clockwork Solar System, by Wal Thornhill
  • Bookshelf: Adam to Apophis: Asteroids, Millenarianism and Climate Change; The Humans who Went Extinct; Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophism in the 17th Century; The Seed of Woman; Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1: 2; Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflict
  • Book Reviews: The Lost Star of Myth and Time, reviewed by Laurence Dixon; Discovering the City of Sodom, reviewed by Phillip Clapham
  • Focus: The Geography and History of Tall el-Hammam, by Phil Silvia


C&C Workshop 2013:2 (November 2013)

  • Society News: Message to Members; SIS AGM and Afternoon Speaker Meeting with Mike Baillie and Barry Curnock
  • In Memoriam: Lynn E. Rose
  • Letters: Emmet Sweeney; Jill Abery; Barry Curnock; Val Pearce; Dick Gagel; Bob Porter; Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Articles:
    • New Moon?, by Slade Barker
    • American Ice-Sheet, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
    • Archaeoastronomical Simulations Assuming Crustal Rotation, by John Plaxton
  • Focus: Black Earth Discovered below the Floor of the Undercroft at York Minster, by Steve Mitchell
  • Proceedings of the David Salkeld Memorial Meeting
    • David Salkeld: Colleague, Leader and Friend, by Trevor Palmer
    • The Mysterious Shamir, by David Roth
    • The Proto-Saturnian System’s Linear Alignment, by Dwardu Cardona
    • Peter Warlow’s ‘Tippe-Top’ Theory, by Barry Curnock
    • Scythians and Sumerians, by Emmet Sweeney
    • David and the Polar Configuration (Proto-Saturn), by Wal Thornhill


C&C Workshop 2013:1 (March 2013)

  • Society News: SIS AGM and afternoon Speaker Meeting with Prof. Mike Baillie and Barry Curnock; Update on the David Salkeld Memorial Meeting; Reports on the Study Group Meetings of 1st November 2012 and 7th February 2013
  • Letters: Peter Fairlie-Clarke  * John Plaxton  * Slade Barker  *  Daphne Chappell  *  Anthony Rees  *  Bob Porter  *  Emmet Sweeney
  • Articles: 'Experiments in Chronology, Part I: The Hittite Homeland', by B. S. Curnock and P. J. Crowe   *   'Can "Zerah the Ethiopian" be Amenhotep II?', by Eric Aitchison and Daphne Chappell   *   'Further Support for a Velikovskian-like Scenario?', by Sjef van Asten
  • Comment: 'Ignoring Data', by Charles Ginenthal
  • Monitor: Inside Science * Astronomy * Electromagnetism  *  Geology  *  Climate Change  *  Catastrophism  *  Evolution  *  Dating  *  Anthropology  *  Archaeology  *  Myth and Ritual
  • Bookshelf: Women in the Ancient World  *  The Half-life of Facts: Why Everything We Know has an Expiration date  *  Science Set Free
  • Book Reviews: Homo Britannicus - reviewed by Laurence Dixon  *  The Bluestone Enigma - reviewed by Phillip Clapham
  • From the Internet: 'Mercury's Anomalous Composition'  *  'The Sun Man'  *  'Plasma Storms'  *  'Xaturn'  *  'Hot Comets'  *  'Made You Blink'  *  'Old Theories about Young Stars'

C&C Workshop 2012:2 (November 2012)

  • Society News: Membership Subscriptions to 2013 * Report of the Autumn Meeting of 15th September on `Velikovsky's Legacy' * Report on Study Group Meeting of 29th March
  • Letters: Elspeth Cunningham * Daphne Chappell * John Plaxton * David Barker * Peter Fairlie-Clarke * Carl Olof Jonsson (2) * Val Pearce * Phillip Clapham * Slade Barker (2) * Emmet Sweeney (2)
  • A Response to Ev Cochrane - from Emmet Sweeney
  • Medieval Europe - Dating and Recent Develpments. Bede's Chronicae: Part 2 - A confused chronology?, by Steve Mitchell
  • Monitor: Inside Science * Astronomy * Electromagnetism * Geology Climate Change * Catastrophism * Evolution * Dating * Anthropology * Archaeology * Mythology
  • Bookshelf: The Megalithic Empire * Before the Delusion * The Pseudoscience Wars * The Spark of Life * Waking the Giant: How a changing climate triggers earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes * Prize Fight: The race and the rivalry to be the first in science * Lone Survivors: How we came to be the only humans on Earth * The Gods of Battle Hatshepsut, Queen of Sheba
  • Book Reviews: The Sun Kings - reviewed by Laurence Dixon * The Troy Deception (Vol. I) - reviewed by Barry Cumock; Quantavolution: Challenges to Conventional Science - reviewed by Jill Abery
  • From the Internet: 'Caught in the Crossfire' * 'Serious Issues with Plate Tectonics' * `Makhtesh Ramon' * 'Mercury's Catastrophic Birth' * 'Electricity Hiding Behind "Dark Matter"?' * 'The Very Stones Cry Out'

C&C Workshop 2012:1 (February 2012)

  • Society News: AGM and Members' afternoon Spring Meeting  * Reports on Study Group Meetings of the 4th August and 17th November 2011
  • In Memoriam: Peter Warlow 
  • Letters: J. Barlow  * Laurence Dixon  *  Emmet Sweeney  *  Ravindra Godbole
  • Articles:
    • 'Venus: Problem Solving', by Peter Warlow 
    • 'The Neo Hittites - a case of deja-vu? Empire Hittites v Neo-Hittites - Nine Points of Comparison', by P. J. Crowe & B. S. Curnock
  • Focus: On George Syncellus - Laurence Dixon
  • Monitor: (categories as give in previous issues)
  • Bookshelf: Iron Age Myth and Materiality: an archaeology of Scandanavia AD 400-1000   *   The Death of Archaeological Theory?   *   Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: the history of a controversy 
  • DVD Review: 'ANTARCTICA - Once a Tropical Paradise'
  • From The Internet: 'The Sands of Mars: a Speculation'   *   'Where Do Asteroids Come From?'   *   'As Below, So Above'    *    'Novus Ratio'   *   'That One Story Again'   *   'Which Came First?'   *   'Peer-review of Plasma Cosmology'   *   'Introducing the Essential Guide to the Electric Universe'  

C&C Workshop 2011:2 (November 2011)

  • Society NewsMembership to 2012  *  Reports on the Study Group Meetings of 10th of February and 2nd of June; Spring Meeting of 16th April and Autumn Lecture Meeting of the 3rd of September.
  • In Memoriam: Moe M. Mandelkehr
  • Letters: Emmet Sweeney  *  Alistair McFarlane  *  Dick Gagel  *  Laurence Dixon
  • Reflections: Personal recollections of David Salkeld. Letters from Tim & Lee Hooker, Dwardu Cardona, Lynn E. Rose and Wal Thornhill.
  • Article: 'Punt: Homeland of the Egyptians', by Emmet Sweeney
  • Focus:  An Assessment of Lynn E. Rose's Sun, Moon and Sothis: A Study of Calendars and Calendar Reforms in Ancient Egypt -Barry Curnock
  • Monitor (categories as given in previous issues)
  • Bookshelf: 'Quantavolution', Challenges to Conventional Science  Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty; understanding the lost technology of the ancient megalith-builders  Statues that Walked: Unravelling the Mystery of Easter Island  The Light of Vedas  *  Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE: The History, Technology and Philosophy of Generation X Legendary Islands of the Atlantic
  • From the Internet:  'Peer Review or Poor Review? - You Decide'  *  'Sacrifice, Delusion and Climate'  *  'Daughter of Zeus'  *  'Seeing Things - In the Sky Part One'  *  'Seeing Things - In the Sky Part Two'

C&C Workshop 2011:1 (February 2011)

  • Society news: 2011 AGM and Members' Afternoon Spring Meeting - April * Addendum to report on Brian Moore Meeting in 2010 * Report on Open Meeting with Wal Thornhill in July 2010 * Report on SIS Study Group Meeting in November 2010.
  • Letters: Andreas Otte * Dick Gagel
  • Article: 'World Ages', by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Medieval Europe - Dating and Recent Developments: Bede's Chronicae - A Confused Chronology? PART I
  • Focus: Carbon-dating the Destruction of Nineveh - Robert M. Porter
  • Monitor: (categores as given in previous issues)
  • Bookshelf: Celtic from the West: Alternative Perspectives from Archaeology, Genetics, Lanaguage and Literature * The Primeval Code * Atlantis: The Evidence of Science
  • From the Internet: 'Does it Matter' * 'Helios Awakens' *' Electric Biology' * 'Barring the Sculptor Galaxy'

 C&C Workshop 2010:2 (November 2010)

  • Society News: Membership 2011    *   Reports on this year's AGM and Afternoon Spring Lecture Meeting (speakers Brian Moore and Emmet Sweeney. [Sweeney on - ''Hatshepsut: "Queen of the South" ' and Moore on - 'In Defence of Heretics: The Origin of the SIS']   *   Report on the Study Group Meeting in August
  • Letters: Lynn E. Rose  *  Laurence Dixon and Eric Aitchison   *   J. Barlow   *   David Roth   *   Peter Fairlie-Clarke (2)   *   Dwardu Cardona   *   Jill Abery   *   Rob Mason
  • Article: The Years of Babylonian Darkness, by Nick Thom 
  • Focus:  Akhenaten's Big Toe - Daphne Chappell 
  • Monitor: (categores as given in previous issues)
  • Bookshelf: Journey to the Mythological Inferno   *   On Fossil Gods and Forgotten Worlds   *   Biblical Peoples and Ethnicity: An Archaeological Study of Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, and Early Israel 1300-1100 B.C.E   *   The Virtue opf Heresy   *   Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs   *   Controversies in Archaeology   * The Tunguska Mystery   *   Asian Origins of African Cultures: Asian Migrations through Africa to the Americas
  • Book Reviews: Primordial Star   * History Rewritten   *   Gods, Heroes and Tyrants   *   The Great Flood   *   The New Creationism   *   The Iron Age of Mars
  • From the Internet:  'Elementary Knowledge'   *   'Our Misunderstood Sun'      *    'The Electrical Origin of Kimberlite Pipes'   *   'The Sahara Desert'   *   'Earth Cyces'   *   'Whimsical Science'

C&C Workshop 2010:1 (February 2010)

  • Society News: 2010 Morning AGM and Members' Afternoon Spring Lecture Meeting, with speakers Brian Moore and Emmet Sweeney  *  July Lecture Meeting with Wallace Thornhill
  • Letters:  Lynn Rose  *  Emmet Sweeney  *  Phillip Clapham  *  Peter Fairlie-Clarke  *  Laurence Dixon
  • Articles:
    • The el-Amarna Period: 800 or 750 BC?, by Sjef van Asten
    • Sargon and Sennacherib, by Damien Mackey
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments: Defining the Augustinian Chronology of Bede's history. Part 2: Wilfred and his connections with the Merovingians 
  • Monitor (see previous issues for categories)
  • Bookshelf: Ice, Mud and Blood lessons from climates past    *    Uncorking the Past: The quest for wine, beer and other alchoholic beverages      Bones, Rocks and Stones: The science of when things happened       Comet Venus
  • Book Reviews: APOCALYPSE: Earthquakes, Archaeology and the Wrath of God    *    The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes - Flood, Fire and Famine in the History of Civilisation. 
  • Extra: 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' and Scientific Support - David Talbott
  • From the Internet:  'Science in Turmoil - Are we Funding Fraud?'   *   'Suddenly'   *   'Do Chinese Whispers Affect Myth?'   *   'Are Sunspots Disappearing?'   *   'Stars in Collision Part I'   *   'Stars in Collision Part II'   *   'Closing Gaps - In our Knowledgre'   *   'Venus: Flame Broiled Presszure Cooker'    *   'Imagine Another Wet, Rocky Planet'   *   'The Unwavering Truth about the Zodiacal Light'

C&C Workshop 2009:3 (November 2009)

  • Society News: 2010 Membership and publications; David Rohl Autumn Lecture Meeting; Study Group Meeting of 13th August. 
  • Letters: Jill Abery, Jackie Barlow, Charles Ginenthal, Dwardu Cardona, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Emmet Sweeney, Steve Mitchell.
  • Article:
    • Phantom Periods and Retrocalculation, by Gunnar Heinsohn.
  • A Response to Clapham - from Charles Ginenthal.
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Defining the Augustinian Chronology of Bede's History, Part I: St. Wilfrid to Alcuin and the Court of Charlemagne - Steve Mitchell.
  • Monitor:  Categories as given in previous issues.
  • Bookshelf: Science: A four thousand year historyHeaven and Earth: Global Warming - the Missing SciencePrimordial StarPlanets, Ages and EmpiresStonehenge Solved - Its Three Observatories, Who built them, How and WhyGods, Heroes and Tyrants (Greek Chronology in Chaos);  The Egypt Code;  The Sphinx Mystery: The Forgotten Origin of the Sanctuary of AnubisThe End is Nigh: A history of natural disastersThe Origin of TonguesHistory RewrittenThe Great Flood.
  • From the Internet: 'Joining the Dots Part One: Fireworks on New Year's Day';  'Joining the Dots Part Two: The Dating in the Sky';  'Frankenstein's Comet: Sparks of Life?';  'How Long Ago?' (part one);  'How Long Ago? Part Two';  'Ring of Ice, Ring of Fire'.

  C&C Workshop 2009:2 (May 2009)

  • Society News: Notice of Spring Lecture Meeting of 21st February with speakers Professor Mark Bailey and Peter Warlow; Reports on the Study Group Meeting of 21st Febryuary and the AGM
  • Letters: Emmet Sweeney, Wal Thornhill, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, J. Bernard Delair, Howerd Brooksbank and Laurence Dixon
  • Article: Preserving Velikovsky's Identification of Thutmose III With Shishak, by John Horrocks
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Archbishop Theodore's 'Tile' - Steve Mitchell
  • Monitor (same categories as given in previous issues)
  • Book Review: Of Ev Cochrane's Starf*cker: The Catastrophic Conjunction of Mars and Venus
  • Extra: A review by Laurence Dixon of Lynn E. Rose's appendix to Charles Ginenthal's book, Pillars of the Past, part II - 'The Astronomical Evidence for a Shortened Chronology in First Millenium Mesopotamia' 
  • From the Internet: 'Velikovskian Wheat and Chaff';  'From Ptolemy to Dark Matter - Part I';  'STEREO Hunts for Remains of an Ancient Planet near Earth';  'Jebel Arkenu' 

  C&C Workshop 2009:1 (Feb. 2009)

  • Society News: Notice of the forthcoming SIS AGM on 25th Apr 2009, and a report of the 22th November 2008 Study Group Meeting
  • Eulogy to Hugh Crosthwaite from Prof. Alfred de Grazia
  • Letters: Val Pearce, Mel Acheson, Dwardu Cardona, Emmet Sweeney, Steve Mitchell, Paul Standring
  • Musings: On The comet of 44 BC and Caesar's Funeral Games, and, The Worship of Augustus Caesar
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Report: By Prof. Mike Baillie, on the conference at University College, Dublin, 7th - 9th March 2008 -- 1200 BC War, Climate Change and Cultural Catastrophe
  • Book Review: An Ancient World in Chaos
  • Monitor: Inside Science, Astronomy, Electromagnetism, Geology, Climate Change, Catastrophism,  Evolution, Anthropology, Dating, Archaeology, Mythology
  • Bookshelf: The Bluestone Enigma: Stonehenge, Preseli and the Ice Age; The Subterranean Kingdom; Jacob's Legacy: A Genetic View of Jewish History; The Secret of the Great Pyramid: How One Man's Obsession Led to the Solution of Ancient Egypt's Greatest Mystery.
  • From the Internet: Astronomy has Little Celebrate in 2009. The Pioneer Anomaly. Plasma Politics. Gods in the Flesh, Part Two. Extraordinary Creative & Psychic Powers of Animals. A Potted View of Ancient Geometric Imagery. Earliest Known Hebrew Text in Proto-Canaanite Script Discovered in Area where "David Slew Goliath"

   C&C Workshop 2008:3 (Nov. 2008)

  • Society News: Reports on 5th July Study Group Meeting plus 20th September Autumn Lecture Meeting (Barry Curnock, Steve Mitchell and Patrick McCafferty)
  • Letters:  Phillip Clapham, Laurence Dixon, Emmet Sweeney
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Focus: On new website regarding Stonehenge
  • Boxed Items: 'The Overrated "Masters" of the Universe' (Jeremy Dunning-Davies) and 'The Waters Under the Earth' (Laurence Dixon)
  • Book ReviewsThe Electric Universe  The Pyramid Age
  • Monitor: Inside Science, Astronomy, Electromagnetism, Geology, Climate Change, Catastrophism,  Evolution, Anthropology, Dating, Archaeology, Mythology
  • Bookshelf
  • From The Internet  

C&C Workshop 2008:2 (Aug 2008)

  • Society News: New SIS email contact address; AGM report (in brief); Report on talks given on 26th April, Redhill (Dr. Bernard Newgrosh and Barry Curnock)
  • Letters: Steve Mitchell, Robert Porter, Emmet Sweeney
  • Article:
    •  Ynsek Syllan, by Phillip Clapham
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Recent Developments in Near-Eastern Archaeology - Robert M. Porter
  • Climate Change - Past and Present: 'Theories, Facts and Controversies', 'Tropical Poles or Poles at the Tropics?'; 'Greenhouse Gases'
  • Book Review: The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology - reviewed by Phillip Clapham
  • Monitor: Inside Science, Astronomy, Electromagnetism, Geology, Evolution, Catastrophism, Anthropology, Dating, Archaeology, Mythology
  • Bookshelf
  • From the Internet 

C&C Workshop 2008 :1 (Feb 2008)

  • Society News: 2008 AGM and Spring Lecture Meeting 
  • Letters:  J. Barlow, Laurence Dixon, David Wilson
  • Article:
    •  Setting the Record Straight: Misrepresentation of Velikovsky's Ideas on the Ice Age, Axis Shift and Venus Catastrophe, by Charles Ginenthal
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Climate Change - Past and Present: Sea Levels - Phillip Clapham
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Astronomy; Electromagnetism; Geology; Catastrophe; Evolution; Anthropology; Dating; Archaeology; Mythology
  • Bookshelf
  • From the Internet   

C&C Workshop 2007: 3 (November 2007)

  • Society News: Post-Coference 2007;  Conference Proceedings;  New Books in stock;  Membership 2008 
  • Letters: J. Bernard Delair, Sjef van Asten, Trevor Palmer, Mel Acheson, Emmet Sweeney
  • Articles:
    • The Extinction of the Mammoths: Is Science Still Gettting it Wrong?, by J. Bernard Delair
    • Suppiluliumas I and Tutankhamun - A Bridge too Far?, by Barry Curnock
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Climate Change - Past and Present -  Phillip Clapham
  • Focus: Occam's Razor Applied to History - Emmet Sweeney
  • Book Review: Lords of Avaris, by David M Rohl (reviewed by David Roth)
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Astronomy; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Myth
  • Bookshelf
  • Internet News 

C&C Workshop 2007:2 (May 2007)

  • Society News: Reports on AGM & Afternoon Speaker Meeting (with Professor Mike Baillie and Barry Curnock;  Conference 2007
  • Letters: Wal Thornhill, David Wilson, Phillip Clapham, Len Saunders, Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Articles:
    • Birth of the Moon, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
    • On the Argonauts and Beyond, in a Velikovskian Scenario, by Sjef van Asten
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Astronomy; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Myth
  • Bookshelf

C&C Workshop 2007:1 (February 2007)

  • Society News: Date of 2007 AGM/Speaker Meeting and report on the 2006 Autumn Meeting
  • In Memoriam: Michael G. Reade
  • Letters:  Steve Mitchell, Dick Gagel, Phillip Clapham, Laurence Dixon
  • Articles:
    • On the Rotation of the Moon's Orbital Plane, by Laurence Dixon
    • Old Testament Tales, Part XI - 'Dysphasia in Genesis', by David Salkeld
  • Book review: God Star by Dwardu Cardona, reviewed by Jill Abery
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Astronomy; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Myth
  • Bookshelf
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2006:3 (November 2006)

  • Society News
  • Letters: Phillip Clapham, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Steve Mitchell, Dick Gagel, J. Eric Aitchison, France Wallace
  • Article:
    •  The Entrapment of Venus, by Michael G. Reade
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Advertisement: God Star - book by Dwardu Cardona
  • Extra: Concluding Points of View (the current Palmer/Sweeney Debate brought to conclusion) - Trevor Palmer & Emmet Sweeney)
  • Advertisements: Aeon VII, No. 1, October 2006;  The Velikovskian, Vol. VII:1, 2006
  • Focus: Talbott and Thornhill's 'The Electric Comet' -  Jill Abery
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Astronomy; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Myth 
  • Bookshelf
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2006:2 (May 2006)

  • Society News: Speakers for Conference 2007;  AGM and Afternoon Speaker Meeting reports (talks by Steve Mitchell and Robert M. Porter) 
  • Letters: Lynn E. Rose, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, J Eric Aitchison, Phillip Clapham, Laurence Dixon, J. H. John Peet, Sjef van Asten
  • Article:
    •  A Stonehenge Contemporary: The Six Development Phases of Silbury Hill, its Function and Wider Significance, by Leonard Saunders
  • Reports: David Roth on talk by J. Eric Aitchison at the SIS Study Group Meeting of 15th May 2005;  Phillip Clapham on talk by Frank Wallace at the SIS Autumn Meeting on 22nd October 2005
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Astronomy; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating;
  • Bookshelf
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2006:1 (January 2006)

  • Society News
  • Letters: Phillip Clapham, Trevor Palmer, Michael Reade, David Wilson, Emmet Sweeney, Eric Aitchison, Jill Abery
  • Article:
    • Another Late Pleistocene Signature: The Silverpit Crater, by J. B. Delair
  • Reports: On talks by Wal Thornhill and Anthony L. Perаtt at the SIS Spring Lecture Meeting, 21st May 2005;  On conference held in Toronto, Canada, 28th-30th June 2005: 'Anomalous Eras - Best Evidence: Best Theory' 
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Advertisement: Aeon VI:6, October 2005
  • Monitor:  Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Myth; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Astronomy
  • Bookshelf
  • News From the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

 C&C Workshop 2005:3 (October 2005)

  • Society News: 2005 AGM/Afternoon Autumn Lecture Meeting
  • Letters: Han Kloosterman, Emmet Sweeney, David Fairbairn, Michael Reade, Laurence Dixon, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Damien Mackey, Steve Mitchell, Eric Aitchison, Sjef van Asten
  • Article:
    •  Is Illig Right and AD Chronology Wrong? by Emmet Sweeney
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • In Passing: Ice Age Anomalies - Phillip Clapham
  • Monitor:  Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Myth; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Astronomy
  • Bookshelf
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2005:2 (May 2005)

  • Society News: 2005 AGM/Afternoon Lecture Meeting. Autumn Meeting 2005
  • Letters: Laurence Dixon, Michael Reade, Michael Minton, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Emmet Sweeney
  • Articles:
    • Old Testament Tales, Part VIII - Samuel and Saul, by David Salkeld
    • Old Testament Tales, Part IX - Jonathan, by David Salkeld
    • Babylonians and Persians: The Business Archives, by Laurence Dixon
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments -Steve Mitchell
  • Tribute: To Nancy Kelly Owen
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Myth; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Biology; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Astronomy
  • Bookshelf
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2005:1 (February 2005) 

  • Society News
  • Letters: Trevor Palmer, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Phillip Clapham, Jill Abery
  • Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments - Steve Mitchell
  • Articles:
    • Old Testament Tales, Part VI - Samuel, by David Salkeld
    • Old Testament Tales, Part VII - Samuel and Saul, by David Salkeld
    • Rectification of the Assyrian and Babylonian King Lists - A Velikovskian Approach, by Michael G. Reade
    • Crustal Distortion in the Holocene, by Phillip Clapham
    • Additional Data for the Combined Velikovsky, Glasgow and Heinsohn Scenario?, by Sjef van Asten
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Archaeology; Anthropology; Catastrophe; Electromagnetism; Geology; Evolution; Dating; Myth; Astronomy
  • Bookshelf 
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2004:4 (November 2004)  - This issue is incorporated into C&C Review 2004:3

  • Letters: Eric Aitchison, Emmet Sweeney; Phillip Clapham, Jill Abery, Emmet Sweeney; Walter PetersMichael Reade; Peter Fairlie-Clarke Michael Minton, Hyam Maccoby
  • Articles
    • Old Testament Tales - Part IV, Moses as Magus 'A', by David Salkeld 
    • Old Testament Tales - Part V, Moses as Magus 'B', by David Salkeld
    • The Israel Stele and Yanoam, by J. Eric Aitchison
    • The After Effects of Newton's Comet of AD 1680, by Laurence Dixon
  • Monitor  Inside Science; Astronomy; Electromagnetism; Geology; Catastrophe; Evolution; Anthropology; Dating; Myth; Archaeology 
  • Bookshelf
  • News From the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2004:3 (August 2004) - This issue is incorporated into C&C Review 2004:2

  • Letters: Clark Whelton; Damien Mackey; Paul Standring; Phillip Clapham; Gordon Williams; Margaret Grant
  • Articles:
    • Old Testament Tales, Part II - Moses and History 'A', by David Salkeld
    • Old Testament Tales, Part III - Moses and History 'B', by David Salkeld
    • Horeb: The Mountain of God, by Emmet Sweeney
    • How Good A Navigator was Columbus?, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
    • The Tang-I Var Inscription, by J. Eric Aitchison
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Astronomy; Electromagnetism; Geology; Catastrophe; Evolution; Anthropology; Dating; Myth; Archaeology 
  • Bookshelf    
  • News From the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2004:2 (May 2004) - This issue is incorporated into C&C Review 2004:1

  • Letters: Michael G. Reade; Emmet Sweeney, Leonard Saunders; Jill Abery; S. Howlett; J. Eric Aitchison; Margaret Grant; Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Articles:
    • Old Testament Tales (OTT) - Introduction, by David Salkeld
    • Old Testament Tales - Part I, 'Joseph', by David Salkeld
    • Confusion Breeds on Assumptions, by G. P. Williams
    • Fire From Heaven, by Phillip Clapham
  • Monitor: Inside Science; Astronomy; Electromagnetism; Geology; Catastrophe; Evolution; Anthropology; Dating; Myth; Archaeology (c. 55 items under the various categories)
  • News From The Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2004:1 (January 2004)

  • Society News
  • Letters: 'Ishtar, Baal and Aten';  'Venus and Mars as the cause of ancient catastrophes'
  • Article:
    •  Hatshepsut, The Queen of Sheba and Velikovsky, by Emmet J .Sweeney (Part II - response to John Bimsons's article in C&C Review vol. VIII, 1986)
  • Monitor:  700 Years Go Missing; Saturn's Association with Hydrocarbons; Cosmic Climate Influence; The Impact of a Roman Legend
  • Publications Received
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2003:3 (October 2003)

  • Society News                 
  • Letter: Nieves Mathews
  • Article:
    • Hatshepsut, The Queen of Sheba and Velikovsky, by Emmet J. Sweeney (Part I - response to David Lorton's internet paper 'Hatshepsut, the Queen of Sheba and Velikovsky) 
  • Bookshelf
  • News From the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman) 

C&C Workshop 2003:2 (June 2003)

  • Society News
  • Letters:  Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Jill Abery, Michael Reade, David Salkeld, Ev Cochrane  
  • Article:
    •  Ishtar, Isis, Baal and the Aten, by Michael G. Reade
  • Monitor: Apries, Amasis and the Great Pyramid at Giza;  Planet X;  Electrical Connections;  Tears for Tectonics;  Impacts Trigger Volcanism; Cooking Heats Up Evolution;  Older and Older;  Twisted Evidence 
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

C&C Workshop 2003:1 (March 2003)

  • Society News
  • Letters: Margaret Grant, Jill Abery, Birgit Liesching
  • Article:
    •  The Celestial Tower, by Emmet J. Sweeney
  • Monitor: Venus Revisited; Disappearing Comets; Armageddon - Tsunami or Super Volcano?; Magnetic Field affects Gravity; British Ice Age Catastrophe; Cretaceous Catastrophe gets Worse; Catastrophic Evolution; Evolution in Leaps and Bounds; Back to the Future; Early Chess Moves; Old Cotton; Astronomical Purple; Ancient Writing; The Great Wall of China
  • Bookshelf 
  • Obituary: Marcello Truzzi
  • News from the Internet (compiled by Ian Tresman)

(C&C Workshop ceased publication from 1996 to 2002 - its material being included within C&C Review)

C&C Workshop 1995:2  (June 1995)

  • Society News
  • Articles and other papers 
    • Baal-Manzer The Tyrian: A Reappraisal, by Brad Aaronson
    • David, Solomon & Archaeology: Revised Chronologies Compared - Jeremy Goldberg
    • The MacCecht and Cuchulainn - Phillip Clapham
    • Egyptian Chronology - The Multiple Name Factor, by Jesse E. Lasken
    • Bel and Dragons - Phillip Clapham
  • Forum:  Tony Rees and Jesse Lasken
  • Monitor 
  • Internet Watch
  • Book Reviews: When the Earth Nearly Died (Allen and Delair); The Orion Mystery (Bauval and Gilbert);  The Recent Organization of the Solar System (Patten & Windsor); The Big Bang Never Happened (Eric Lerner)
  • Bookshelf 
  • Letters: Bernard Newgrosh;  Jill Abery;  Peter McIlmoyle;  David Slade;  Phillip Clapham; Tony Rees;  Bob Porter
  • Prize Crossword by J. N. Green 

C&C Workshop 1995:1 (June 1995)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • A new Theory of Celtic Festivals, by J. M. Williams
    • Jupiter in Collision: in search of Velikovsky's comet, by Milton B. Zysman
    • Comments on Greta Hort's 'The Plagues of Egypt, by David Salkeld
    • Patchwork Pentateuch, by Dick Atkinson
  • Forum: Pul and Tiglath-pileser III (Brad Aaronson and Carl Olof Johnsson)
  • Feature: Ian Tresman: Catastrophism and the Internet
  • Monitor
  • ReviewEarth in Chaos 
  • Letters: Margaret Grant, M. G. L. Baillie, Jess Lasken, Eric Cooley, Jeremy Goldberg, Peter McIlmoyle, Tony Rees, Phillip Clapham
  • Prize Crossword by J. N. Green

C&C Workshop 1994:2 (December 1994)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • The Dust-up Over Ice Cores, by David A. Slade
    • Ice Cores and Cosmically Induced Volcanic Eruptions, by David Salkeld
    • Egyptian Language Anomalies, by Jesse E. Lasken
  • Monitor Special: Death of a Comet: Shoemaker-Levy 9 Hits Jupiter
  • Forum: Still Looking for David/Farewll Abi-Melech (Goldberg/Newgrosh)
  • Monitor
  • Reviews: Forbidden Science; Early History of the Israelite People; The Sons of Re: Cartouches of the Egyptian Kings; The Myth of the Goddess, evolution of an image
  • Bookshelf
  • Letters: Brad Aaronson, Dick Atkinson, Bob Porter, Bernard Newgrosh, Anthony Chavasse, Michael G. Reade, Tony Rees
  • Prize Crossword by J. N. Green 

C&C Workshop 1994:1 (January 1994)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Exploring the Saturn Myth, by Allan Beggs
    • Our Tilted Earth, by G. P. Williams
    • The 'Cosmic Winter', Gildas... and St Patrick, by Phillip Clapham
    • Pyramid Builders and Hyksos, by Michael G. Reade
  • Forum: Assyrian and Babylonian Chronologies for 8th-6th Centuries BC (C. L. Prasher and Carl Olof Jonsson)
  • Monitor
  • Bookshelf
  • Reviews: The Flood from Heaven: Deciphering the Atlantis Legend; A God by any other name: The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception; 'The Older Testament: a study of Christian theology' (from a broadcast on Australian radio)
  • Letters: John D. Weir, Tony Rees, Michael G. Reade, Alasdair Beal, H. Eggleton, David Salkeld, Anthony Chavasse, Jil Abery, Margaret Grant
  • Prize Crossword by J. N. Green

C&C Workshop 1993:2 (January 1994)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • The Great 250,000 Year Ice-Core, by Alasdair N. Beal 
    • Did the Achaemenids Ape the Assyrians?, by Prof Gunnar Heinsohn 
    • Assyrian and Babylonian Chronology, by Anthony Chavasse
  • Forum: Egyptian Dynasties 20-21 (Rees, Porter); The 'New Chronology' and the Amarna Period: Where's David? (Goldberg, Newgrosh)
  • Monitor
  • Bookshelf 
  • Reviews: The Consrvative Approach to Planetary Catastrophism; 'Our Tilted Earth'; Thomas Young: Forgotten Genius; The Discovery of Noah's Ark (video)
  • Letters: R. M. Porter, K. A. Le Flem, J. E. Lasken, E. W. Crew

C&C Workshop 1993:1 (August 1993)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Chronological Implications of a Proper Identificiation of the Labyrinth: Part II , by Jesse E. Lasken
    • Geological Genesis (revised version), by Harold Tresman
    • Compelling Insights: Concluded in Sorrow, by Dwardu Cardona
  • Monitor
  • Reviews: The Facts of Life; Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
  • Letters: R. Atkinson, P. Clapham, A. H. Andrew, E. Crew, J. Lasken, D. Roth

C&C Workshop 1992:2 (January 1993)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Geological Genesis, by Harold Tresman
    • Chronological Implications of a Proper Identification of the Labyrinth, by Jesse E. Lasken
    • A Chronology for Mesopotamia (contra Heinsohn), by A. H. Rees
    • Shamash and Sin, by Dwardu Cardona
    • Darkness Over Sinai (Where was Moses when the light went out?), by David A. Slade
  • Forum: New Chronology Issues (Lasken, Porter, Newgrosh)
  • Monitor
  • Reviews: 'The Lost History of Ireland: an enquiry into the pre-Christian History of the Gaels'; 'Human Sacrifice: Then and Now'; The Sign and the Seal
  • Letters: C. Morgan, R. M. Porter, A. H. Rees, P. Clapham C. Leroy Ellenberger, A. Beal

C&C Workshop 1992:1 (August 1992)

  • Derek Shelley-Pearce: An Appreciation
  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse, by Bob Kobres
    • How Old is Greenland's Ice Cap?, by Alasdair Beal
    • The Thirteenth Theory of the Hyksos, by Prof. Gunnar Heinsohn
    • The Stratigraphy of Israel, by Bob Porter
    • Menelaos in Egypt, by Emmet Sweeney
  • Forum: New Chronology Issues (Rees Porter, Newgrosh, Rohl); Egyptian Monumental Evidence (Lasken, Rees); Egyptian Monumental Evidence, Addendum 1 (A. H. Rees)
  • Monitor
  • Reviews: Environment of Violence; 'Apollo Objects, Atantis & The Deluge';  'The Pyramid Age';  Radiocarbon Dating: an Archaeological Perspective;  The Scars of Evolution;  Getting It Together
  • Letters: R. M. Porter; M. A. Cook, W. J. Douglas, H. Mongolg, D. Salkeld, B. Liesching, D. Rohl, B. Newgrosh

C&C Workshop 1991:2 (January 1992)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • In Defence of the Gods, by Derek Shelley-Pearce 
    • Egyptian Monumental Evidence, by Tony Rees 
    • Some References to the Use of Iron Before the Iron Age, by Bob Porter
    • The Goddess of the Stones and the Charged Cosmic Body, by Eric Crew
  • Forum: New Chronology Issues, continued from Workshop 1991:1
  • Horizons: Ian Johnson's Address to the Haliburton Seminar
  • Monitor: c. 70 items
  • Book Reviews: The Pyramids: an enigma solved; Moses Pharaoh of Egypt - the mystery of Akhenaten resolved; The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee 
  • Letters: A. R. Andrew: M. Rowland, G. Heinsohn, P. Clapham, E. Cooley, D. Shelley-Pearce, H. Wiencke-Lotz, M. Brooksbank, M. Grant, J. E. Lasken
  • Tailpiece: Report on the Potomac Excavation (Duane Vorhees)

C&C Workshop 1991:1 (July 1991)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • An Answer to the Critics of Ramses II and His Time, by Emmet Sweeney 
    • The Past Comes Down, by Dr. Heribert Illig 
    • Stories of Radioactivity and Mutations, by George Harvey 
    • Site Stratification - is it a Sound Methodology?, by Jesse Lasken
  • Forum: Some questins on the New Chronology, from Emmet Sweeney - with responses from Steven Robinson, Bernard Newgrosh and Bob Porter
  • Reviews: Easter Island - The Mystery Solved;  The Rebirth of Nature;  Wonderful Life
  • Monitor: Science in Action; Organised Catastrophe; X-rayed Moon; Dust Exonerates Roman Astronomers; Spotty Planets; Frankly Speaking; Unexpected Oil; High Speed Solar Storms; Stromatolites Indicate Slowing Earth; The Tenth Planet; Greenhouse for Triton; Theoretical Physicists Flout the Scientific Methods; Variable Sun; Meteorites and the Solar System; Asteroids, Comets and Near Misses; The Surface of Venus; Volcanic Ash is a Long Tie Falling; Bog Oaks Indicate Climate Change; Antarctic Ice Gets Younger; African Deserts and Natural Cycles; Cool Coal; Ozone Cycles; Global Warming and Seal Levels; Cretaceous-Tertiary: Impact or Volcanism; Triassic Comet; Gradualism Holed by the Great Barrier Reef; Recolonisation of Mount St. Helens - a Challenge to Convention; Origins of Modern Man; Environment Affect Genes; New Slant on Domestication; Ancient Seafaring; Akhenaen = Assuruballit?; Canaanite Origin for Israelites; Ramesses II and Kush; Bronze Age Tin Mine - 1000 Years Too Early?; Tradititions Verified by Archaeology; Expert Influence; Electromagnetic Earthquake Warning; Sunspot Cycle and Human Behaviour
  • Letters: J. Abery, C. L. Ellenberger, P. Clapham, D. W. Patten, J. D. Weir, D, Shelley-Pearce, B. Liesching, B. Newgrosh, H.Mongold, C. W. Hunt, D. Cardona, B. Porter 

C&C Workshop 1990:2 (December 1990)

  • Editorial
  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Thera and the Exodus - the Cause and the Effect, by David Slade 
    • The Etruscans and their Language, by Hugh Crosthwaite 
    • The Exo-Synchronous Molecular Evolutionary Clock, by George Harvey 
    • The Origins of the Spartan State in the New Chronology, by David Rohl 
    • Lies, Damned Lies and ...  - Alasdair Beal
  • Forum: On Ecological Niches in Evolution (Abery/Palmer); Three Views on Orbital Circularisation; (Forshufvud/Crew/Beal); The Reign Lenghts of Saul and Labayu (Rees/Newgrosh)
  • Horizons: Evolution Symposium at Southeastern Universty; 'Reconsidering Velikovsky' (1990 Toronto Conference); 1990 ISIS Fellowship Lecture Meting
  • Monitor: Incredible Star Turn; Planet is Comet; Missing Neutrinos; Big Bangs, Little Whimpers; Chaotic Pluto; Water From Space?; Planet X/Nemesis? The Outer Planets; Red Shift Renegades; Surface of Venus; Life from Space; C-T Impact Site?; Smallest Dinosaurs; Problem of Frozen Mammoths; African Eve; As Fresh as 20 Myrs ago!; Surprisingly Speedy Speciation; Pitfalls of Fossil Evidence; Sedimentary Problems; U-Th Dating Tool; Lost Mummy Found; Mexican Record of Supernova; Dendrochronology Difficulty Resolved; Dating Thera; Jericho Debate; Israel in Egyptian Relief?; Oldest Statues
  • Book Reviews: The Knossos Labyrinth - a new view of the 'Palace of Minos' at KnossosCatastrophism 2000
  • Tribute: 'The Oracles and their Cessation - an article under the heading 'Men and Ideas' in tribute to Julian Jaynes. (From the April 1989 issue of Encounter)
  • Letters: E. Cooley; R. M. Porter; B. Aaronson; D. Salkeld; C. L. Ellenberger, E. W. Crew, H. Friedrich, D. Shelley-Pearce, B. Liesching, J. Abery, B. Newgrosh, G. Heinsohn, J. D. Weir, M. G. Reade

C&C Workshop 1990:1 (December 1990)

  • Articles:
    • Solomon, The Exodus and Abraham Related to Egyptian Chronology, by Bob Porter 
    • Celestial Mechanics of the Half-century Venus Interval, by Robert B. Driscoll 
    • On Dating the Trojan War, by Steven Robinson
  • Forum:On Ecological Niches in Evolution (Salkeld/Palmer); Three Views of Heinsohn's Chronology (Heinsohn/Aaronson/Sweeney) 
  • Horizons: 'History, proto-History and the Search for Synchronisms' (Prof. Roger W. Wescott)
  • Monitor: C-T impact site?; Neptune's surprises; The variable Sun; Demise of Big Bang? Earthquake cyces? Stable Solar Systme?; Variations in G?; No Greenhouse Effect? Tertiary Climate Change; Earthquake Electrics; Solar Activity and Ice Ages; Geomagnetic Field; 'mazon Mystery; Mastodon Extinction Theory; Modern Mass Dyings; Wonderful Life; Prehistoric Environmental Degradation; Climatic Catastrophes; Flood Catastrophe?; Fire as Geological Process; Meteor Events; Solomon-Ramesside Link?; Earliest Statue; Nimrud's Treasures; Story of Jericho Confirmed; Chronology Speculations; Support for TIP Revision; Watch the Birdie; Indo-European origins?; The Art of Deception; Comet Fertiliser; Glacier Transport; Mithraic Mysteries; Eureka for Morphic Resonance
  • Book Reviews: Cataclysms and Earth History; Catastrophic Episodes in Earth History; Circular Evidence - a detailed investigation of the flattened swirled crops phenomenon;  The Circles Effect and Its Mysteries;  I Samuel and the Habiru Problem;  The Domestication of the Human Species
  • Letters: B. Aaronson, H. Friedrich, R. M. Langdon, M. G. Reade, J. Hare, G. Heinsohn, B, Newgrosh, J. Abery, J. D. Weir, M. Rowland, D. Roth and C. Leroy Ellenberger

C&C Workshop 1989:2 (February 1990)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Venus Tablet Anomalies, by John D. Weir 
    • Directed Mutation in Bacteria, by Jill Abery 
    • Good Medicine?, by David Salkeld
    • Forum:On Ecological Niches in Evolution (Salkeld/Palmer); Three Views of Heinsohn's Chronology (Heinsohn/Aaronson/Sweeney) 
  • Forum: The Core Ejection Hypothesis; Some New Chronology Issues; Dating the Amarna Letters;  On SIS and Insularism
  • Horizons: Basinger's Lecture on the Eocene Forests of the Canadian High Arctic;  The 1989 ISIS/SIS Nile Cruise;  The Egypt Expoloration Society Hears [David Rohl's] 'New Chronology
  • Monitor:  Impact Site in Indian Ocean; Impacts and the Ice Ages; Rapid Climate Change; Rapid Field Reversal; Rapid Polarity Reversals; New Thinking in Tectonics; Earthquake Electrics? 'Planet is a Comet'; Meteorites from the Moon; Big Bang Moribund; Mudflows on Mars; Voyager Reaches Neptune; Aurora Generator; Incredible Star Turn; Comet Orbits Calculated; British Cometary Dark Ages; Chaos Reigns; Interpretations at Fault; Hidden Eruptions; Tidal Earthquakes; Cretaceous Catastrophe?; Warmer Antarctica?;  Dinosaurs Leave Their Mark; Life From Comets; Unusual Auroras; Unpredictable Climate Models; Himalayan 'Piltdown'; Thera Theories; Iraqi Finds; Exodus Redating Debate; New Bronze Age Civilisation; New Kingdom Discovery at Saqqara; Rameses Found?; Hebron Tradition; Very Ancient Peru; Radiocarbon Errors; Capital Find; 'Catastrophism Gone Wild'; More Giant Leaves; Future Mars Catastrophe
  • Reviews: Catastrophism and the Old Testament - the Earth-Mars Conflicts;  'The Jerusalem Chronology of the Israelite Monarchies'; Josephus
  • Letters: A. Beal, B. Aaronson, D. Rohl, D. Vorhees, R. M. Porter, T. Palmer, D. Salkeld, D. Shelley-Pearce; P. van der Veen, P. Clapham, H. Friedrich, J. Abery

C&C Workshop 1989:1 (May 1989)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Planetary Identities II - The Mythology of Homer, by Dwardu Cardona 
    • The Ramesside Star Tables and Reade's Venus Tablet Reconstruction, John D. Weir 
    • The Hebrew Patriarchs in Greek Tradition (Part I), by Anthony Rees 
    • Punctuated Darwinism, by Jill Abery
  • Forum: On the dating of the El-Amarna period.  With questions from Derek Shelley-Pearce, Anthony Chavasse and Anthony Rees and answers from Bernard Newgrosh & David Rohl;  On Eric Crew's core ejection hypothesis - with comments from C. Leroy Ellenberger and response from Eric Crew
  • Focus: On the Eocene Climate Puzzle 
  • Monitor: Blow for Milankovitch Theory; Volcanic Mass Extinction; Polar Region Dinosaurs; C14 Dating Disarray; New Bone Dating Method; Diamond Dating Anomalies; Modern Maize by Mutation; Asteroid Phaethon an Extinct Comet?; C-T Impact Evidence; Chaotic Solar System; Cretaceous Catastrophe; Venus Oceans; New Venus Heat Problem; Incredible Star Turn; Evolutionary Rethink?; Catastrophism Reappraised; Stable Solar System; Lunar Magnetism; Tectonic Trouble; Coelacanth Phenomenon?; Rapid Field Reversals; Brave New Heresies
  • Book Reviews: The Dinosaur Heresies; The Nemesis Affair; The Pattern of the Past
  • Briefing: Death Knell for Sothic Dating
  • Letters: H. Tresman, A. Beal, C. Leroy Ellenberger, E. W. Crew, D. Rohl, T. Lawrence, A. Chavasse, G. Heinsohn, D. Shelley-Pearce

C&C Workshop 1988:2 (January 1989)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Planetary Identities, Part I - The Concept of Deity, by Dwardu Cardona 
    • The Israelites and the 18th Dynasty, by Anthony Rees 
    • Abraham and Phallicism, by George Harvey 
    • Before the Greeks: Professor Davis's Cretan Decipherments, by Dr. Alan Dilnot 
    • Ancient Calendars (a criticism of the Rene Gallant talk extract in C&C Workshop 1987:1), by Dick Atkinson
  • Forum: C. Leroy Ellenberger and David Salkeld on tippe-tops, the Earth's dynamo, etc.
  • Monitor: Catastrophic faunal assemblage; Model supernovae won't explode; Surprised astronomers view cometary tail; More C-T evidence; Climate flips; The fce on Mars; Unstable Solar System; Mathematics and the Unexpected; Fortean meterology;; Catastrophicnear-extinction; Eocene climate puzzle; Oceans of cometary origin?; On deaf ears; Magnetic reversals and sea level; 'Frost Rings' queried; Human origins in Asia?; Unreliable C14 date; Problematic coal mine fossils; Adaptive mutation?; Simply amazing! Planetary hydrocarbons; Galactic wind or electricity?; New ideas in astronomy; Volcanism at the C-T boundary; Misunderstood genius; Exodus redating debate; More acid rains; Science fact or science fiction?; What did they know? Unique Uranus; Hairy Amber Evidence; Thera - bigger yet!; Defenders of the Faith; Black Gold; Crater hunting; Gravity violates Newton's laws; Of mice and ancient men; Ice age mysteries; Electricity in astronomy; The moons of Uranus; Advanced ancient technologies; Pluto's atmosphere; Revisionist dinosaurs; Ebabbara evidence; Pore power; Comet, meteor catastrophes
  • Book Reviews: Aeon - A Symposium on Myth and Science; Dolmens for the Dead - Megalith building throughout the world; The Stonehenge People; Life and Earth through Time; Extinction; Stranger in the Valley of the Kings; The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic
  • Letters: M. A. Cook, D. Shelley-Pearce, J. D. Weir, C. H. Sietz, D. Cardona, E. W. Crew, P. Clapham, W. Thornhill, L. J. Mitcham, D. A. Slade

C&C Workshop 1988:1 (May 1988)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • The Molecular Revolution, by Dr. Trevor Palmer
    • Support for Heinsohn's Chronology is Misplaced, by Lester Mitcham
    • Earth-Venus Contacts in the Late 3rd Millennium BC?, by Dr. Bernard Newgrosh 
  • Forum: On the Merits of the Revised Chronologies (Brad Aaronson, David Rohl);  Energetics of Tippe-Top Inversions (Michael Reade, David Salkeld); On the Foundations of the Assyro-Babylonian Chronology (Anthony Chavasse, Carl O. Jonsson)
  • Monitor: Creative Cosmos; Neutrino Puzzle; Mammal Rethink; Oceans of Cometary Origin?; Low, Middle or High?; Eocene Climate Puzzle; Tectonic Upsets; Earthquake Electrics; Thera Theories; The Habitable Zone?; Cretaceous Catastrophe?
  • Book Reviews: Origins: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth;  A Guide to Velikovsky's Sources; Bronze to Age Age Chronology in the Old World: Time for a Reassessment? (SAC Vol. I); Prehistory and Earth Models
  • Letters: Michael G. Reade; A. H. Rees; C. L. Ellenberger; P. Warlow; M. M. Mandelkehr; T. Lawrence; A. Chavasse; D. Slade, Eric Crew, J. Abery, M. Sieff

C&C Workshop 1987:2 (January 1988)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • A Critical Re-Appraisal of the Book of Genesis (Part II), by Damien Mackey, Frank Calneggia & Paul Money
    • The Late Pleistocene Extinctions - No Evidence for Plato's Atlantis, by Dr. Trevor Palmer
    • Thera - Chronology at a Crossroads, by Dr. Bernard Newgrosh
  • Book Reviews: The Making of a Continent;  Sumerians and Akkadians Never Existed - from the Ghost Empires of the Textbooks to the Reconstruction of Real Historiography in the 'Cradle of Civilisation', Southern Mesopotamia ; Aquatic Ape - update; YHWH
  • Monitor: Tin Source Discovered; Meteoritic Stone Hills!; New Angle on Human Evolution; Catastrophe Point in Climatology; And Another Catastrophic Find; Another New Date for Exodus; Frog in Amber; Underwater Impact Crater; Sudden End for Hadrosaurs; Ugarit - any Developments?; Catastrophic Geology Yet?; Novel Mountain Building Theory; Ice Core Errors;  Imagination in Physics; Long Hibernation; Search for Homer's Ithaca; Pot Magnetism Record; Cosmic Electricity - Still Neglected; Another Dinosaur 'Nemesis' Theory; Halley's Nucleus; Cratering by Comets; Oxygen Enrichment of Atmosphere; Earth's Heat Problem; Meteorites from Mars; Gold on Petroleum; From Gold to Velikovsky; Arp Affair
  • Letters: David Salkeld, Peter McIlmoyle, Jill Abery, Ragnar Forshufvud, Anthony Chavasse, Hugh Crosthwaite, Michael G. Reade, Derek Shelley-Pearce, David Rohl, Kenneth S. Birch
  • Workshop Extra: Venus Before Exodus. Transcript of Bernard Newgrosh's Talk at SIS Spring Meeting 1980, with update and references

C&C Workshop 1987:1 (September 1987)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Tektites, Wildfires and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs, by Dr Trevor Palmer
    • Earthquakes in the Early Irish Tradition, by Emmet Sweeney
    • Problems with the Morning Star, by Jill Abery
    • A Critical Re-Appraisal of the Book of Genesis (Part I), by Damien Mackey, Frank Calneggia & Paul Money
    • The Parting of the Waters of the Red Sea, by Ragnar Forshufvud 
  • Monitor: Electromagnetism-Gravity Link?; Mountain of God?; Mummified Forest?; Ice Age not so Cold!; Deluge Ice Ages?; VLBI Confirms Drift; Oceans of Cometary Origin?; Dark Warmth on Uranus?; Bombarded Earth; Double Dawn Explained; Cretaceous Catastrophe (3); Revised Dating; Asteroid Site; Tumbling Moons, Unstable Asteroids; Sand Blows; Antarctic Surprises; Sirius - No Mystery; Sedimentary Evidence All at Sea; Rivers on Mars; Lunar Genesis; Life from Comets?
  • Talk Transcript: Rene Gallant's Talk given at the SIS Spring Meteing, 24.3.84.
  • Letters: Birgit Liesching, Hugh Crosthwaite, Lester Mitcham, David Rohl, Kenneth S. Birch, Dwardu Cardona

C&C Workshop 1986:2 (February 1987)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Abraham in Egypt, by Emmet Sweeney
    • The Land(s) of Punt, by Prof. Daniel Kline
    • Rehabilitation of Censorinus, by G. W. van Oosterhout
    • Computed Planetary Orbits and the Babylonian Observations of Venus, by Eric Crew
  • Monitor: Venus Volcanism?; Santorini and Darkness over Egypt; Halley, Another Surprise; Tilts at Uranus; Unstable Antarctica; Saturn's Recent Rings; 'Badly Misdated'; Missing Tectonic Heat?; Magnetic Flipping?; Earthquake Electrics?; Ammonite King Rediscovered; Shell Slipping and Polar Wandering; Gold on Petroleum; Indomitable Maverick; A Catastrophe, 1000 BC?; Mammoth Extinction
  • Bookshelf: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind;  Het Ontstaan van Israel: De Geschiedens van het Oude Testament
  • Horizons: Notes on CSIS Seminar
  • Letters: E. J. Sweeney; R. Forshufvud; H. Crosthwaite; G. R. Harvey; L. J. Mitcham; M. Mandelkehr; B. Liesching; J. Abery

C&C Workshop 1986:1 (July 1986)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Ekron and Gath - The Location of the Interior Cities of the Philistines Reconsidered, by Terry Lawrence
    • The Waters that Never Really Parted, by Roger Ashton
    • Requirements for the Convection Cell, by David Slade
    • Ninsianna and Ramesside Star Observations, by Michael Reade
  • Forum: Questions and Answers on the Chronology of Rohl & James
  • Monitor: Another 'Living Fossil'; Asteroid Extinction; Sedimentary Evidence All at Sea; Sirius Mystery; Dendrochronology Reaffirmed; Venus Tablets Controversy; Cretaceous Catastrophe; Oceans of Cometary Origin?; Redating the Exodus?; Mysterious Miranda; Episodic Tectonic Uplifts?; 'Polar Wandering on Mars'; 'Falsifying Velikovsky'; Life from Space?; Forrest's Resources  
  • Horizons: ISIS Update;  Canadian SIS
  • BookshelfThe Aquatic Ape; Famines in the Early History of Egypt and Syro-Palestine; The Journal of Classical Physics I:1; The Secret of Crete 
  • Letters: Wal Thornhill, Dwardu Cardona; Chris Boyles; Michael Sanders; D. Shelley-Pearce; B. Newgrosh 

(From 1986 onward, SIS Workshop became Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop.  Subscription year 1985 - to bring publication dates into line with subscription years, no publications were tied to the subscription year 1985)

SIS Workshop 6:3 - 'Members' Newsletter' (February 1986 - subscription year 1984)

  • Society News
  • Articles and papers:
    • Megaliths, Moon Cycles, and Movements of the Earth, by Jill Abery 
    • Some Notes on Catastrophism in the Classics - Hugh Crosthwaite 
    • Shiloh, by Terry Lawrence 
    • Planetary Worship, by Dwardu Cardona
  • Forum: Questions and Answers n the Chronology of Rohl & James
  • Monitor: Gold on Petroleum; Mutation and Evolution; Provenance of Sheba; Abandoned Megaliths; Cretaceous Catastrophe; Lunar Genesis?; Forrest's Sauces; Origin of Tektites?; Vermin from Space - A Likely Story; Retrograde Asteroids; Neutral Molecular Evolution; Sahara Rains on England; Tin War?; Ancient Fires even in Rain Forests!; New Angle on Ai; Manna from Heaven; Neanderthal Extends his Range; 2300 BC Cultural Change; Geomagnetism and Climate; Saharan Lake; Polar Wandering
  • Reviews: The Worship of Augustus Caesar; Catastrophes in the Earth's History
  • Letters: Which Premise?;  Antarctic Ice and the Dead Sea Reprised; Mars' Missing Atmosphere; Milton, Psalm 136 and Catastrophism; Mesopotamian History Revised

SIS Workshop 6:2 (August 1985 - subscription year 1984)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Volcanism and Catastrophic Mythology, by Jill Abery 
    • Pentecost, by James E. Strickling 
    • Cosmic Catastrophe in Paradise Lost, by 'A. W'
  • Views in Brief: C. Leroy Ellenberger (criticism of Sagan re: 'manna'); J. Abery (Khazars of the Caucasus and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel ); W. G. Shannon (C. L. Ellenberger and Ice Cores in Workshop 5:4); K. A. LeFlem (Venus a twin?);
  • Monitor: Thera Theories; Demise of Nemesis?; Another Iridium Extinction; Slow Death for Dinosaurs; Life on Mars?; Volte Face by Gould; Reverse Plate Tectonics?; Oldest Shipwreck; Geological Uncoformities; Erosion of Another Geological Dogma; Continental Drfit Measured; Frozen Evidence Rocks Kenyan Cradle; New Evidence from Stonehenge; Hapgood Supported; Comet Records; Recent Mammoth Extinction?; Mysterious Mummies; Respectability Does Not Earn Credit; Knock for Natural Selection; Arctic Warmth? 
  • Letters: George R. Harvey; Derek Shelley-Pearce; C. Leroy Ellenberger; Walter Warshawsky; W. G. Shannon; Edgar A. Ostrander

SIS Workshop 6:1 - 'Members' Newsletter'  (May 1985 - subscription year 1984)

  • Society News
  • Focus:
  • Articles:
    • The Search for Sethos, by Dr. John Bimson 
    • Velikovsky's Mythology - Accepting the Premise, by Chris Boyles 
    • Ice Cores and Catastrophism, by Dr. Bernard Newgrosh
  • Forum: Questions and Answers on the Chronology of Rohl & James
  • Monitor:  Venus's Embarrassing Heat; Dating Thera Eruption; Magnetism in Cosmos; Saturn's Thin Rings; Collective Amnesia, 1950's Style; Sheldrake Supported; Dry Bones that should have been wet; Weeping Goddess; Evidence for Asteroid Impact?; Catastrophic Geology Today; Flight - A Double Miracle?; Lunar Moons and Magnetism; Strange Life; 2300 BC Axis Tilt; Environmentally Induced Variation; Forrest's Sauces; Silver Trade in Amarna Period; End of Ugarit; Tunguska Event; Origins of Oil; How Much Did They Know?; No Variation in G; Triton - A very Odd Moon; Decay of Earth's Magnetic Field?; Pyramid Theories; Planet/Comet Encounter; Terminal Eocene Event? Nonscience; Venusian Volcanoes
  • Letters: D. A. Parry, Derek Douglass; Alan J. Barron; R. Forshufvud; Michael G. Reade, Jill Abery, Charles Ginenthal

SIS Workshop 5:4 - 'Members' Newsletter' (1983 - subscription year 1982/3)

  • Editorial
  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • The New Orthodoxy's Respect for Fact, by Jim Clarke 
    • It Ain't Necessarily So, by Dr John Bimson 
    • Corneile a l'Orange and Other Canards, by C. Leroy Ellenberger
  • Forum:  Questions snd Answers on the Revised Chronology of Rohl & James
  • Book Reviews: When the Snakes Awake (Animals and Earthquake Prediction)
  • Monitor:  Ahhiyawa Problem Reconsidered; Radiation Death for Dinosaurs; New Discipline Breaks New Ground and Old Ideas; Magnetic Storms Related to Planets; Banded Rock Production; Another Exodus Theory; 'Lignin + Clay = Coal'; Earthquake Electrics?; Venus Ruled Lives of Maya; Iguanodon - Masterpiece of Mastication; Imaginary Cataclysyms; Catastrophist Geology?; Saturn Electrostatic Discharges; Magnetic Brakes on Stars; Difficulties with Dynamo Theory; Comet Swift-Tuttle; Old Testament Chronology
  • Letters: Unfairly Accused?; The Tunguska Event; Reply to Walsingham; On Titan; Calendars - A Reply to Hennegin; Weighty Speculations; Manna Not from Heaven?; More Mutilated Terms? 

SIS Workshop 5:3 - 'Members' Newsletter' (September 1983 - subscription year 1982/3)

  • Society News
  • Forum: Concerning the Rohl-James Chronology outlined in Workshop 5:2
  • Articles and papers:
    • Josephus and Velikovsky, by George Harvey 
    • The Pleiades in Aboriginal Mythology, by John Aitchison 
    • A Few Comments Upon Reading Worlds in Collision - Paul W. Standring
  • Bookshelf: The Cult of the Expert;  Bronze Age America;  The Great Extinction
  • Monitor: Saturn's Recent Rings;  Comet Catastrophes;  Venus as a Comet?;  Fossil Dating in Action;  A New Model for Crustal Deformation; 'Cosmic Catastrophes'; New Astronomy: West=South!; Philistine Pick; Unexplained Glass Layer; Terminal Eocene Event?;  Problems in Glacial Chronology; Fundamentally the Same; Death Knell of Natural Selection?; Earthquake Electrics; Bermuda - a Volcanic Ark?; No Continental Drift? Clues to Our Past?; Venera Data Update; 'Velikovsky on Trial'; Cetacean Link - Still Missing; Venus - Embarrassingly Hot; Solid Core Comet; Cretaceous Catastrophe?; Non-cosmological Red Shifts;Scientific Newspeak; Tunguska Event Update; Meteorite from Mars ... and Moon!
  • Letters: Gordon Turner; D. A. Slade; Ragnar Forshufvud; Derek Shelley-Pearce; W. G. Shannon

SIS Workshop 5:2 - 'Members' Newsletter' (April 1983 - subscription year 1982/3)

  • Society News
  • Articles:
    • Probable Visibilities of Venus at the Time of the Supposed Spin Rate Acceleration of the Earth, by Michael Reade 
    • Mercury and the Tower of Babel, by Hugh Eggleton 
    • An Alternative to the Velikovskian Chronology of Ancient Egypt, by David Rohl & Peter James
  • Bookshelf: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind;  The Great Evolution Mystery;  Frontiers of Science (publication ceased)
  • Monitor:Glacial and Oil Deposition; 'The Phantom of the Rings'; Palaeontological Problems on Ice; Are the Seven Sisters Pregnant?; Larkspurred on to Evolutionary Jumps; Mankind in Amnesia, Continents in Collision; Saturn Electrosttic Dishcarges; Legends Confirmed; Meteorites from Mars ... and Moon!; Naturally-selected Illogicalities; Natural Selection Faced with Competition of Catastrophic Import; A Sideways Look at Scientific Method; Tunguska Comet?; Towards Nukespeak?; Rare Fossil Octopus; Earthquake Electrics; Fossils v. Magnetism; Instantaneous Action-at-a-distance?; Oceanic Rings of Truth? 
  • Letters: Calendars and Time; Contra Douglass; Catastrophic Origin for Salt Domes?; Non-scientific Side of Science; Before Sheldrake; Enough Nit-picking?; On Titan ...

SIS Workshop 5:1 - 'Members' Newsletter' (1982)

  • Society News
  • Focus: Darwin's Centenary - A New Scientist Affirmation
  • Articles and papers:
    • Saturn's Flare-ups, by Dwardu Cardona 
    • Analogous Mountain Building, by David Slade 
    • Amenophis, Osarsiph and Arzu: More on the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt - Keith LeFlem (with comments from David Rohl)
    • Sethosis - the Seti II from the Kinglists?, by Peter van der Veen
  • Monitor: Balaam's Vision of Catastrophe; Thera and the Sea Peoples; Velikovsky Reconsidered; Conformity Compulsion in Science; Pole Shifts Dismissed; Birds Don't Toe the Evolutionary Line; Earth-crossing Asteroids; Venera Data; Rivers on Mars?; Fallible Scientists; No Plate Tectonics on Venus?; Still Grsping at Straws; Another Missing Link Bites the Dust; Mammals Had a False Start; Terminal Eocene Event; Variation in G; Venus, Our Puzzling Twin; Nature's Inconvenient Fossils; Earthquake Electricity; Bronze Age in Far North; Seeking the Bronze Age Mines; 'Trees Remember the Weather'; Comet Catastrophes; Once a Binary System; Sea Floor Spreads in Jerks - and Ends up on Mountains!; History of Astronomy, a Jaundiced View; Tunguska Event Caused by Comet; Oceanic Meteorite Impacts?; Man's Origins Outside Africa; 'Kamikaze' Comets; Megalithic 'Earth Energy'; Earth Magnetism
  • Bookshelf: The Cosmic Serpent; The Neck of the Giraffe; The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe
  • Views in Brief: Hugh Eggleton (alternative to Velikovsky's 'Birth of Venus'; C. Leroy Ellenberger (criticism of Clube and Napier's The Cosmic Serpent; J. Eric Aitchison (re: identification of Pi-ha-khiroth), David Slade (on no mention of John Dayton's work in BBC 'Science' programme of June 6th, 1982); Eric Crew (objection to 'Could A-bombs give life to Venus?', New Scientist, 7.10.1982).  Jill Abery (similarity of great fire in Michigan of 1882 to biblical phenomena of 'pillar of smoke and fire' at time of Exodus) 
  • Letters:  Venus, Vanir and the Benu Bird; Electrical Catastrophe Effects; Worlds in Near-collision?; Christianity and Catastrophism; Child of Saturn

SIS Workshop 4:4 - 'Members' Newsletter' (March 1982)

  • Focus: The Evolutionist-Creationist Battle: A Threat to Catastrophist Evolution
  • Articles and papers:
    • A Date Correction for Ramses II, by Lester Mitcham 
    • Thoughts on the Cave of Kamares - by Jill Abery
    • The Exodus in the Pyramid Texts?, by Walter Warshawsky 
    • More on Apollo - Keith LeFlem
  • Monitor: More Evolutionary Problems; Problems in Chronology; The Hittites in Israel; Yet Another Catastrophe Theory; Great American Interchange; Volcanic Origin of Maize?; 'Super Lightning on Saturn'; 'This Wayward Genius'; Variations in G; Phoebe - Another Odd Satellite; A Book for Burning?; Variable Sunshine? Venus Ruled Lives of Maya; Birth of Planets; Radiocarbon Anomalies; Dante's Inferno?; Meteorites from Mars?; Almost a Catastrophist; Astronomy's Follies; The Origins of Pluto and Charon; Cretaceous Catastrophe; No Plate Tectonics on Venus; Saturn's Dynamic Rings; Bombarded Earth; Biology Goes Electromagnetic
  • Society News
  • Reviews: Mankind in Amnesia; 'Death of the Dinosaurs' - Horizon,  BBC, 16.11.1981; Sagan's 'Cosmos' TV Special;
  • Bookshelf: Mankind in Amnesia; The Reversing Earth; Chaos and Creation; Megalithic Science; The Unexplained: Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time; Interdisciplinary Bible Scholar
  • Letters: The Martian Epochal Interface; Re: 'Limited Fusion' and 'Anode Stars'; Pole Flipping; Bulge-bilge, Inertia and Torque;  Answer to Slabinski;  Before Sheldrake;  Imagine ...;  Evidence against Clapham;  Revision Questioned?; Kentish Catastrophes - a reply to MacKinnon;  Mutilated Terms? (with a reply from Jill Abery);  Pots and kettles

SIS Workshop 4:3 - 'Member's Newsletter' (December 1981)

  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • A Solution for the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt, by Phillip Clapham 
    • 'Limited Fusion' and 'Anode Stars', by Martin Sieff
    • Did Saturn Explode Twice?, by Hugh Eggleton 
    • Phoebus Apollo: Aspect of Venus, by Elizabeth Gaudry
  • Focus: A New Science of Life
  • Monitor:  'Fridge' Power on Saturn; Troubled Torques; Space Pebbles at Sea; The Sladek Horror; Microbes in the Sky; Comet Hits Sun; Comfort for Catastrophists; Hickey Rides Again; Anoxic Atlantic; The Making of Mankind's History; 'Silent' DNA - Genetic Aerials?; Evolutionary Problems; Subconscious Cooling; Catasclysm on Titan; Volcanic Origin of Maize; 'View' from Voyager
  • Society News
  • Reviews: Radio 4, 1.11.1981 repeat on 'Are the Reports of Darwin's Death Exagerrated?'; Article from Fate, Oct. 1981 - 'Earth's Pole's Don't Shift'; 'The Creationist Cotroversy' - BBC1 'Everyman', 29.11.1981;
  • Letters: Eric Crew and the Tippe-Top;  Dating the Tyrian Letters; More on Kentish Catastrophes; Re: Lifecloud' (by Sir Fred Hoyle and N. C. Wickramasinghe')

SIS Workshop 4:2  - 'Members' Newsletter' (September 1981)

  • Editorial
  • Articles and papers:
    • Kentish Catastrophes, by Jill Abery 
    • Assyria and the End of the Late Bronze Age, by Martin Sieff 
    • The Beaker Folk, Survivors of Catastrophe?, by W. L. Goodman 
    • Some Religious Themes in the Light of Velikovsky et Alia, by Hugh Eggleton
  • Focus: Last Words on the New Scientist and Velikovsky
  • Monitor: Life on Uninhabitable Islands; 'The Tektite Controversy'; Symposium on Dating Methods; Meteorites Contain Crystals; Kadesh-Barnea?; Refereeing Decisions; Jupiter's Long Magnetic Tail; Brick Magnetism -a New Tool?; Megalithic Astronomy Debate; Rapid Continental Drift?; Uniformitarianism in Varves?; Frosty Report for Hoyle Theory; Meteorites from Mars?; Cretaceous Catastrophe; The Atmosphere of Venus; Hominid Evolution - Excercise in Futility; Variations in G; Mountains Come from Sea Bed?; More Support for Pole Shift; Paleolithic Conjuring
  • Society News
  • Reviews: Intimations of Immortality;  Sagan's Cosmos TV Special; 
  • Letters: Sequel to 'Noah and the Raven'; Please Explain; 'The Boojums Allowed'; Earth-flipping Catastrophe?; Theological IOmplications of Catastrophism - Some Replies; Various Skeletons in the Cupboard?; Hidden Meaning of the Oera Linda Book; Dragons .... 

SIS Workshop 4:1  - 'Members' Newsletter' (July 1981)

  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • Falls of Blood from Venus, by Dr. Bernard Newgrosh 
    • Assuruballit in His Time, by Lester Mitcham 
    • Weinert's Hypothesis, by Frederick B. Jeuneman 
    • The Hittites in Israel, by Martin Sieff
  • Focus: Lamarck, the Glowing Embers
  • Monitor: Bronze Age Metallurgy & Chronology; Bimson Reviewed; Wilson's Pyramidology Built on Sand; Saturn's Braided 'F-ring'; Is Rb-Sr Dating Valid?; Still Plugging the Greenhouse Effect; Magnetic Power for Sun and Stars; Variations in G; Mammoth Prejudice; Another Exodus Theory; Comets and Meteorites Association; Jupiter, Failed Star ... with Weather!; Comets smashed Saturn's Moons 
  • Society News
  • Matters Arising: Who was Apollo?
  • Book Review: Splendid Isolation
  • Letters: The Great Red Spot on Jupiter; Some Theological Implications of Catastrophism

SIS Workshop 3:4 - 'Members' Newsletter' (April 1981)

  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • The Thermal Equations of Venus, by Eric Crew 
    • Did Venus as a Protoplanet Ever Look Like a Comet?, by Christoph Marx 
    • The Dragon in Myth and Folklore, by Martin Sieff
  • Focus: Evolution - fact or theory?
  • Monitor: 'The drowned forest of Bray'; Alvarez theory gains support; Non-gravitational rings of Saturn?; A cataclysmic extinction; Europa is a bit cracked; Appeasing the Gods?; 'Apparent thickness of Saturn's rings'; Chance in evolution; 'Geomagnetism and climate'; 'Lamarck lives - in the immune system'; The pot calls the kettle black ...; Died with a full stomach?; 'Stones, pits and Stonehenge'; Evolution in jumps; Hoax carvings?; Another radiocarbon dating anomaly; Iceland marks the spot!; 'Sheba loses her title'; Sagan's radio revelation
  • Contact
  • Society News
  • Letters: Slippng shell- an adjustment; 'The steeds of Mars'; Informed speculation: a reply to Dr Danelius; Strained relationship; The Oera Linda Book - some help from the Netherlands; Noah and the Raven; The neglected maiden; No sea route to Syria

SIS Workshop 3:3 - 'Members' Newsletter' (January 1981)

  • Editorial
  • Articles and papers:
    • Voyager: Questions and Answers - Martin Sieff 
    • A Chronological Chart of Religious Movements, by Kirk L. Thompson
    • Confirmation of Dr Velikovsky's Theories Regarding Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Forces in Celestial Mechanics - by Ian C. Johnson 
    • Some Notes on the Revised Chronology (Part II) - Lester Mitcham
  • Monitor: Fragmentation and Avoidance of Chronology;  Catastrophist Evolution, A Marxist Philosophy; The Evolution Debate; Still No Fair Hearing;  Practical Electronics Debate; An Earthly Ring?; Ebla Affair?; Sodom and Gomorrah Found!; The Martian Steeds; 'A Double Planet?'; Santorini Volcano Theory; Evolutionary Fluxes?; Secular Humanist Declaration; Terminal Eocene Catastrophe; Terminal Cretaceous Catastrophe; Jupiter's Electromagnetism; TL and Isotope Dating; Terminal Eocene Event; 'Saturn's Moons Hold The Ring'; Venus - Embarrassingly Hot!; 'Saturn's Rings Defy Nature's Laws'; Ice Core Record of Volcanism; 'Saturn's Secrets Revealed'
  • Society News
  • Book Reviews: Stonehenge and Its Mysteries; Realms of the Human Unconscious; Zodiacs Old and New; Life ON Earth
  • Letters: NASA and the Collective Subconscious; Black Madonnas - Modern Images of the Morning Star?; On Myth and Logos; Egyptian-Israelite Detente and The Deliverance of Lot; Further Comments on Shell-Slipping 

SIS Workshop 3:2 - 'Members' Newsletter' (October 1980)

  • Editorial
  • Articles and papers:
    • Running Rings Round the Giants - R. M. Lowery 
    • Some Notes on the Revised Chronology, Part I, by Lester Mitcham 
    • East is East - Brian Moore  
    • Ankylosis in the Chronology of Reconstructed History?, by Christoph Marx 
    • The Father of the Gods? (Some notes on the history of the solar system) - Martin Sieff
  • Monitor: The Surface of Venus;  Venus - No Magnetic Field;  Chronological Chaos;  The Iridium Connnection;  Primordial Dragon;  Moon, Mercury and Comets;  Nature Views;  Not Scientific?;  Bahamian Atlantis Reconsidered;  Lizard in Amber;  Intellectual Censorship;  Jupiter's X-Rays;  Relativity Rules O.K.?
  • Society News
  • Focus: The New Scientist and Velikovsky
  • Contact
  • Letters: On Circe and Atlantis;  On Myth and Logos;  More Thoughts on Velikovsky's Reconstruction;  Sea Route to Syria;  Sagan ...Clutching at Straws; Slipping Shell and Tippe-Tops 

SIS Workshop 3:1 - 'Members' Newsletter' (July 1980)

  • Editorial
  • Society News
  • Contact
  • Articles:
    • Io, Europa and Venus, by Roy MacKinnon 
    • David, Detente and Pharaoh's Daughter, by Clark Whelton
  • Focus: On New Scientist of 10.5.1980, p. 102-3; Article in the Australian of 8.3.1980
  • Monitor: Eclipse Neurosis?;  Did a Flaming Comet Part the Red Sea?;  Pioneer Saturn; New Angle on Io;  Venus Revealed;  Meteorites from Mars?  Tektite Falls and Genozoic Extinctions;  Iridium and Osmium;  Cyanide Comet?;  Variable Sunshine?;  A Nasty Turn? 
  • Letters: R. M. Lowery; Nel Kluitman; Elizabeth Gaudry; Jill Abery; W. Shannon; J. H. J. Peet; Arthur W. Perrin; Geoffrey Leake; B. O'Gheoghan

SIS Workshop 2:4 - 'Members' Newsletter' (April 1980)

  • Editorial
  • Society News
  • Article:
    • Sodom & Gomorrah, by James E. Strickling
  • Monitor: Catastrophism Revived?; Death of the Dnosaurs?; Ocean Spill Caused Mass Extinction; Earth Shrinkage; Rapid Comet Ice Age; Io and its Volcanism; New Light on Venus; Problem of Lunar Magnetism; Saturn - Lord of the Rings?; Velikovsky Affairs?
  • Letters: Parthogenia and Plagues; Who was Apollo?;  Catastrophic Evolution;  Velikovsky and Avebury; Sitchin's Spacemen; The Stela of Tuthmose I; Eclipse Neurosis?
  • Kronos Seminar
  • Bookcase: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings;  Subdue the Earth;  Doomsday: The Science of Catastrophe Ramses II and His Time

SIS Workshop 2:3 - 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 2, issue 3 - January 1980)

  • Editorial
  • Article:
    • A Look at the Future - Ragnar Forshufvud

Focus: Worlds in Collision; Specula

  • Society News
  • Book Review: The Twelfth Planet (a continuation of the review of this book by Peter James)
  • Letters:  Peter McIlmoyle; Brian Moore; Michael G. Reade; Derek Douglass; Tom Chetwynd; George Hollaseter; T. H. Graf;  Mike Rowland; M. Bekker 

SIS Workshop 2:2- 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 2, issue 2 = 'issue 7' - November 1979)

  • Editorial
  • Article:
    • The Antiquity of the Egyptian Decans, by Michael Reade
  • Society News
  • Science News
  • Letters: S. C. Williamson;  Penn Laird
  • Book Review: The Twelfth Planet (reviewed by Peter James)

SIS Workshop 2:1 - 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 2, issue 1 = 'issue 6' - June 1979)

  • Editorial
  • Letter and paper:  Some Interdisciplinary Speculations - R. M. Langdon (with note from Roy MacKinnon)
  • Letters: D. Shelley-Pearce; Geoffrey Gammon; Nel Kluitman; D. Newman; George Hollaseter; Derek Douglass

SIS Workshop 1:5 -'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 1, 'issue 5' - April 1979)

  • Editorial
  • Articles and papers
    • Geological Reflections - R. M. Langdon
    • A Point of View - C Leroy Ellenberger
    • Holocaust for Lucifer, by Christoph Marx
    • Exodus & Phaeton. by Michael Reade 
    • A Later Date for the Phaeton Event -Brendan O'Gheoghan
  • Book Reviews: The Twelfth Planet (reviewed by P. McIlmoyle);  The Lambton Worm and Other Northumbrian Legends
  • Meeting News: Meeting in London 19th November 1978 - 'The Lamps of Atlantis'. Address by Professor Archie Roy
  • Letters: B. O'Gheoghan;  M. N. Mather (More Data for the Menkheperre Thutmose File); F. N. Hartington; Bob Kalber; Nel Kluitman

SIS Workshop 1:4 - 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 1, 'issue 4' - February 1979)

  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • Chronological Questions and Question Marks , by Vera Kerkhof
    • Menkheperre Thutmose, A.K.A. Shishak Melech Mitzraim - Montgomery Hennegin and Malcom Lowery
    • Angels & Catastrophism, part II, by Derek Douglass
  • Society News
  • Book Review: Origins
  • Letters: M. L. Owen; Sheila Kor (on prehistoric art and early religions); Michael Moakler

SIS Workshop 1:3 - 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 1, 'issue 3' - November 1978)

  • Editorial
  • Articles and papers:
    • King Solomon's Mines, by Nel Kluitman 
    • Angels & Catastrophism, part I, by Derek Douglass 
    • A Response to Rowland on 'The Beginning of Religious Belief' - Dr John Bimson 
    • A Computer Study - Derek Shelley-Pearce 
    • Further Thoughts on Time - Mike Rowland
  • Society News
  • Focus
  • Book Reviews: Grave and Urgent Warnings from Heaven; Colony Earth; Catastrophist Geology
  • Letters: Sir Fred Hoyle's appearance on 'The Sky at Night - R. M. Lowery; M. G. Reade;  D. I. Newman

SIS Workshop 1:2 - 'Members' Newsletter' (vol. 1, 'issue 2' - July, 1978)

  • Editorial
  • Focus: Ancient Skills and Wisdom Review; Stonehenge Viewpoint
  • Articles and papers:
    • Lessons in Humility - Malcom Lowery
    • Origins of the Zodiac and some Horological Problem, by Michael Reade 
    • The Beginning of Religious Belief , by Mike Rowland
    • Cosmic Imagery from the Time of Joseph, by Brendan O'Gheoghan 
    • The Catastrophic Substructure of the Samson and Delilah Myth, by Derek Shelley-Pearce
  • Book Reviews: The Sirius Mystery;  Snakes and Catastrophism;  Atlantis and the Giants
  • Society News
  • Scandanavian Report - from Ragnar Forshufvud
  • Foreign Press
  • Letters: The Flying Dragon; Disagreement on the XVIII Dynasty;  Moon History;  An Appreciation

SIS Workshop 1:1 - 'Members' Bulletin' (vol. 1, 'issue 1' - March 1978)

  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • The Bible Through a King James Filter, by Martin Sieff 
    • The Background to Ramses II and His Time, by Geoffrey Gammon 
    • Midsummer Madness, by Mike Rowland
  • Book Review: Peoples of the Sea
  • Letter: The Ptolemy Fraud 
  • News in Brief
  • Foreign Press