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SIS Workshop Volume 5 Number 2 (Sep 1983)



Probable Visibilities of Venus at the Time of the Supposed Spin Rate Acceleration of the Earth by Michael G. Reade 5

Mercury and the Tower of Babel by Hugh Eggleton 10

An Alternative to the Velikovskian Chronology of Ancient Egypt: A Preview of Some Recent Work in the Field of Ancient History by David Rohl & Peter James 12


Glaciation and Oil Deposition * “The Phantom of the Rings” * Palaeontological Problems on Ice * Are the Seven Sisters Pregnant? * Larkspurred on to Evolutionary Jumps * Mankind in Amnesia * Continents in Collision * Saturn Electrostatic Discharges * Legends Confirmed * Meteorites from Mars … and Moon! * Naturally-selected Illogicalities * Natural Selection Faced with Competition of Catastrophic Import * A Sideways Look at Scientific Method * Tunguska Comet? * Towards Nukespeak? * Rare Fossil Octopus * Earthquake Electrics * Fossils v. Magnetism * Instantaneous Action-at-a-distance? * Oceanic Rings of Truth? 23

from Montgomery Hennegin, Keith LeFlem, F. Gott, Joseph Warshawsky, Archimedes A. Concon, C. Leroy Ellenberger and J. B. Snelson 32

Copyright (C) April 1983 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

EDITOR: Bernard Newgrosh
EDITORIAL TEAM: Jill Abery, Ragnar Forshufvud, Rosemary Burnard, David Rohl and Derek Shelley-Pearce
EDITORIAL ADDRESS: DEREK SHELLEY-PEARCE, 29 Cuttam Lane North, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BX

WORKSHOP was launched to provide for informal publication of articles that, for a variety of reasons, do not qualify for immediate inclusion in the S.I.S. REVIEW.

This may be because the article is of a speculative nature, for which it has not been possible to provide detailed evidence or undertake thorough, research. It may however be of great interest to members and deserving of early circulation. In this way, WORKSHOP can provide scope for the germination of ideas as they become more focussed and clarified, may well provide material for later inclusion in the REVIEW.

In its aim of increasing the possibilities for the exchange of ideas and information within the Society’s membership, WORKSHOP can be of great value for the relaying of snippets of information, members’ opinions, reviews of relevant news and articles, and in general for keeping members informed of anything which is going on and likely to be of interest in relation to the work of Immanuel Velikovsky and other “taboo” subjects. The Editor relies on regular feedback by way of contributions for publication.

The views expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of the Society; nor can the Society vouch for the accuracy of statements of fact (outside the immediate sphere of Society business) or of interpretations contained herein.

Subscription year 1982/83

ISSN 0260-2806. Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

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