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Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop 1986 Number 2



Abraham in Egypt by E.J.Sweeney 3

The Land(s) of Punt by Daniel Kline 7

Rehabilitation of Censorinus by G.W. Oosterhout 11

Computed Planetary Orbits and the Babylonian Observations of Venus by Eric W.Crew 14

* Venus Volcanism? * Santorini and Darkness over Egypt * Halley, Another Surprise * Tilts at Uranus * Unstable Antarctica * Saturn’s Recent Rings * “Badly Misdated” * Missing Tectonic Heat? * Magnetic Flipping? * Earthquake Electrics? * Meteorites from Mars * Iridium Connection * Ammonite King Rediscovered * Shell Slipping and Polar Wandering * Gold on Petroleum * Indomitable Maverick * A Catastrophe, 10,000 BC? * Mammoth Extinction 21

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
* Het Ontstaan van Israel: De Geschiedenis van het Oude Testament 26
HORIZONS: * notes on CSIS Seminar 34

from, E.J. Sweeney, R. Forshufvud, H. Crosthwaite, G.R. Harvey, L.J. Mitcham, M. Mandelkehr, B. Liesching and J.Abery 38

Copyright (C) February 1987 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

EDITOR: Bernard Newgrosh
EDITORIAL TEAM: Jill Abery, Ragnar Forshufvud, David & Ditas Rohl and Derek Shelley-Pearce
EDITORIAL ADDRESS: DEREK SHELLEY-PEARCE, 29 Cuttam Lane North, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BX

CHRONOLOGY & CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP is intended to provide a forum for the ongoing debate in the related subjects of revised chronologies, Biblical studies, mythology, astronomy, catastrophist geology and evolution.

In its aim of increasing the possibilities for the exchange of ideas and information within the Society’s membership, CHRONOLOGY & CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP can be of great value for relaying snippets of information, members opinions, reviews of relevant news and articles, and in general for keeping members informed of anything which is going on and likely to be of interest in fields of chronology and catastrophism.

The Editor relies on regular feedback by way of contributions for publication.

The views expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of the Society; nor can the Society vouch for the accuracy of statements of fact (outside the immediate sphere of Society business) or of interpretations contained herein.

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