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Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop 2005:1

Society News AGM and nominations to Council for 2005. Afternoon Speaker Meeting – with Wal Thornhill and Anthony Peratt 1
Letters Trevor Palmer * Peter Fairlie-Clarke * Phillip Clapham * Jill Abery 2
Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent Developments – Steve Mitchell 4
David Salkeld Old Testament Tales: Part VI: Samuel, and Part VII: Samuel and Saul 6
Michael G. Reade Rectification of the Assyrian and Babylonian King Lists – A Velikovskian Approach 8
Phillip Clapham Crustal Distortion in the Holocene 9
Sjef van Asten Additional Data for the Combined Velikovsky, Glasgow and Heinsohn Scenario 14
Monitor Archaelology * Anthropology * Catastrophe * Electromagnetism * Biology * Geology * Evolution * Dating * Astronomy 16
Bookshelf 22
News From the Internet 23

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