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Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop 1988 Number 2



Planetary Identities: I, The Concept of Deity by Dwardu Cardona 4

The Israelites and the 18th Dynasty by Anthony H. Rees 7

Abraham and Phallicism by George R. Harvey 10

Before the Greeks: Professor Davis’s Cretan Decipherments by Alan Dilnot 13

Ancient Calendars by Dick Atkinson 15

FORUM: C. Leroy Ellenberger and David Salkeld on tippe-tops, the Earth’s dynamo, etc 18


* Catastrophic faunal assemblage * Model supernovae won’t explode * Surprised astronomers view cometary tail * More C-T evidence * Climatic flips * The face on Mars * Unstable Solar System * Mathematics and the Unexpected * Fortean meteorology * Catastrophic near-extinction * Eocene climate puzzle * Oceans of cometary origin? * On deaf ears * Magnetic reversals and sea level * `Frost Rings’ queried * Human origins in Asia? * Unreliable 14C date * Problematic coal mine fossils * Adaptive mutation? * Simply amazing! * Planetary hydrocarbons * Galactic wind or electricity? * New ideas in astronomy * Volcanism at the C-T boundary * Misunderstood genius * Exodus redating debate * More acid rain * Science fact or science fiction? * What did they know? * Unique Uranus * Hairy Amber evidence * Thera – bigger yet! * Defenders of the Faith * Black gold * Crater hunting * Gravity violates Newton’s laws * Of mice and ancient men * Ice age mysteries * Electricity in astronomy * The moons of Uranus * Advanced ancient technologies * Pluto’s atmosphere * Revisionist dinosaurs * Ebabbara evidence * Pore power * Comet, meteor catastrophes 22


Aeon – A Symposium on Myth and Science  29

The Life and Death of Megaliths 30

All That Glisters is not Gould 32

Stranger in the Valley of the Kings 33

The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic 34

from M. A. Cook, D. P. Shelley-Pearce, J. D. Weir, C. H. Seitz, D. Cardona, E. W. Crew, P. Clapham,, W. Thornhill, L. J. Mitcham and D. A. Slade 35

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