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Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop 1990 Number 1



Solomon, The Exodus and Abraham Related to Egyptian Chronology by R. M. Porter 4

Celestial Mechanics of the Half-century Venus Interval by Robert B. Driscoll 10

On Dating the Trojan War by Steven Robinson 11


1. On Ecological Niches in Evolution (Salkeld/Palmer) 8

2. Three Views of Heinsohn’s Chronology:

A. Gunnar Heinsohn
B. Brad Aaronson
C. Emmet Sweeney 15

Horizons: History, proto-History and the Search for Synchronisms 22

* C-T impact site? * Neptune’s surprises * the variable Sun * demise of Big Bang? * earthquake cycles? * stable Solar System? * variations in G? * no greenhouse effect? * Tertiary climate change * earthquake electrics * solar activity and ice ages * geomagnetic field * Amazon mystery * mastodon extinction theory * modern mass dyings * wonderful life * prehistoric environmental degradation * climatic catastrophes * Flood catastrophe? * fire as geological process * meteor events * Solomon-Ramesside link? * earliest statue * Nimrud’s treasures * story of Jericho confirmed * chronology speculations * support for TIP revision * watch the birdie * Indo-European origins? * the art of deception * comet fertiliser * glacier transport * Mithraic mysteries * eureka for morphic resonance 23


Opening the Floodgates 28

Mysterious Circles 32

I Samuel and the Habiru Problem 33

The Domestication of the Human Species 34

from B. Aaronson, H. Friedrich, R. M. Langdon, M. G. Reade, J. Hare, G. Heinsohn, B. Newgrosh, J. Abery, J. D. Weir, M. Rowland, D. Roth, and C. L. Ellenberger 36

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EDITOR: Bernard Newgrosh
EDITORIAL TEAM: Jill Abery, Alasdair Beal, Derek Shelley-Pearce, David Rohl and David Roth
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CHRONOLOGY & CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP is intended to provide a forum for the ongoing debate in the related subjects of revised chronologies, Biblical studies, mythology, astronomy, catastrophist geology and evolution.

In its aim of increasing the possibilities for the exchange of ideas and information within the Society’s membership, CHRONOLOGY & CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP can be of great value for relaying snippets of information, members opinions, reviews of relevant news and articles, and in general for keeping members informed of anything which is going on and likely to be of interest in fields of chronology and catastrophism.

The Editor relies on regular feedback by way of contributions for publication.

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