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ALL BACK ISSUES ABOVE AND BELOW ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT 50 pence a JOURNAL (COMPLETE). HOWEVER, POSTAGE  is  EXTRA (AND POSTAGE is the EXPENSIVE PART OF SENDING JOURNALS to RECIPIENTS. ESPECIALLY to REST OF THE WORLD). IF ANYONE WANTS ANY JOURNALS PLEASE CONTACT SIS BY THE CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS AND ASK FOR GUIDANCE ON POSTAGE. For those with deep pockets one can purchase a CD Rom with all articles up till 2006 as well as all articles published by Kronos, Pensee, Catastrophism and Ancient History etc, for the princely sum of £99. It includes a few books and other extras.

Note ... this does not apply to journals produced over the last five years.



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  • Non-members may also be interested in purchasing the 'Catastrophism' CD-Rom, which features all SIS back issues of Review and Workshop up to and including 2005, and the now discontinued SIS Internet Digest - as well as many other journals and several books.


  • UPDATE ... we have a limited number of back issues available. They are available at a nominal price but postage will have to be paid as it is steep to send to North America, Europe, and Australia/ New Zealand. Please go to email link and ask. If you  want a digital record and then the CD is the best option as it includes not just SIS publications but Kronos, Pensee, Aeon, Cat + Ancient History, and a number of books including Lockyer's famour tome. Ignore the prices below for individual issues. If you know what you  want  ask and get a quote on postage. Print-outs are still available for a fee.
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SIS Review and Chronology & Catastrophism Review
* Indicates out of print - a printout of the complete issue will be sent.
All issues, from SISR I:1 to C&CR 2005,
are also on the Catastrophism CD-Rom
Europe by air
(rest of world
by surface)
by airmail
SIS Review I:1*, I:2 , I:3*, I:4*, 1:5 *
Each issue
SISR II:1 & II:2
Each issue
Special Issue - 'Exodus to Akhnaton'
SISR III:1 and III:3
Each issue
SISR III:2 * and III:4*    
SISR IV:1* & IV:4*
Each issue
SISR IV:2/3    
SISR V:1, V:2, & V:3
Each issue


SISR V:4 *
SISR VI:1-3 - 'Ages in Chaos? How valid are Velikovsky’s views on Ancient History?’ (+ papers on the Astronomy). Proceedings of the 1978 residential SIS Glasgow Conference, Glasgow University, Jordanhill College.



SISR VII:A (no part ’B’ published)
SIS Review becomes Chronology & Catastrophism Review (C&CR) - 1 vol. per year
C&CR Vol. VIII (1986) - Special issue, commemorating the 1984 SIS 10th Anniversary Tour of Egypt (with coloured centrefold)


C&CR Vols. IX (1987); X (1988); XI (1989); XII (1990); XIII (1991); XIV (1992) & XV (1993) Each vol.    
C&CR special issue - 'Evidence that the Earth has Suffered Catastrophes of Cosmic Origin in Historical Times’. The Proceedings of the residential 1993 SIS Cambridge Conference, Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College.      
C&CR Vol. XVI (1994)    
C&CR Vol. XVII, (1995). 'Cosmic Catastrophism' - Velikovsky 100th Birthday Memorial Meeting. Proceedings of the residential 1995 SIS Conference held at Braziers College, Oxford.
1 issue vols. ceased 1995. 2 issues per year from 1996-2003 - 3 issues in 2004

C&CR issues 1996:1 & 1996:2; 1997:1 & 1997:2; 1998:1 & 1998:2; 1999:1 & 1999:2

Each issue

C&CR 2000 (misprinted '2001:1’). The Proceedings of the residential 1999 SIS 'Silver Jubilee Event’, held at Easthampstead Park, Berkshire (incorporating a conference on chronology & catastrophism)

C&CR 2001:1
C&CR 2001:2 *
C&CR 2002:1 & 2002:2 & 2002:2 & & C&CR      
C&CR 2003 (misprinted as '2003:1’) - 'Ages Still in Chaos: Progress in revising ancient history since 1952 and possible ways forward’. The Proceedings of the 2002 residential SIS Conference at The Royal National Hotel, London.      
C&CR 2004:1 (incorporating C&C Workshop 2004:2); C&CR 2004:2 (inc.C&CW 2004:3); & C&CR 2004:3 (inc. C&CW 2004:4).
Each issue
1 issue of C&C Review annually from 2005 (c. 60 pp unless indicated otherwise)
C&CR 2005, C&CR 2006 & C&CR 2007
Each issue

C&CR 2008 - The Proceedings of the SIS Conference held at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 31st Aug.-2nd Sept. - 'Asteroids, Comets and Planets: Possibilities and Probabilities in the Light of Today's Findings and the Testimony of Ancient Man' (108 pp inc. c. 40 pp in colour)

C&CR 2009
C&CR 2010
C&CR 2011 and 2012 Each issue
C&CR 2013








SIS Workshop and Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop. All issues, from SISW 1:1 to C&CW 2005:3, are also available on the Catastrophism CD-Rom

SISW 1:1*, 1:2*, 1:3*, 1:4*,& 1:5*
Each issue
SISW 2:1, 2:2, 2:3 & 2:4
Each issue
SISW 3:1, 3:2 & 3:4
Each issue
SISW 3:3 *      
SISW 4:1, 4:2, 4:3 & 4:4
Each issue
SISW 5:1, 5:2, 5:3 & 5:4
Each issue
SISW6:1* 6:1 6:1 *      
SISW 6:2 & 6:3 (there is no 6:4)
Each issue
SIS Workshop became Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop (C&CW). 2 issues per year, 1985-1995
C&CW 1985:1 and 1985:2
Each issue
C&CW 1986:1 and 1986:2
Each issue
C&CW 1987:1 and 1987:2
Each issue
C&CW 1988:1 and 1998:2
Each issue
C&CW 1989:1 and 1989:2
Each issue
C&CW 1990:1 and 1990:2
Each issue
C&CW 1991:1 and 1991:2
Each issue
C&CW 1992:1 and 1992:2
Each issue
C&CW 1993:1
C&CW 1993:2* 1993:2 *
C&CW 1994:1 and 1994:2
Each issue
C&CW 1995:1 and 1995:2
Each issue
C&C Workshop ceased publication from from 1996 (with many of its former items and columns being contained within C&C Review) until 2002/3.
C&CW 2004:4 (incorporated within C&CR 2004:3)
3 issues per year from 2005  
C&CW 2005:1, 2005:2 and 2005:3
Each issue
C&CW 2006:1, 2006:2 and 2006:3
Each issue
C&CW 2007:1, 2007:2 and 2007:3
Each issue
C&CW 2008:1, 2008:2 and 2008:3
Each issue
C&CW 2009:1, 2009:2 and 2009:3
Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop - 2 issues each year from 2010 (each issue containing more pages).
C&CW 2010:1 and 2010:2
Each issue
C&CW 2011:1 and 2011:2 Each issue
C&CW 2012:1 and 2012:2 Each issue

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