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C&C Review 2019:1 (60 pp. March 2019)


  • An Examination of Chronological Aspects of ‘The 5th Century Invasions According to Tóth Gyula’, by Trevor Palmer
  • The History of the Latter Divided Monarchy: A Review, by J. Eric Aitchison
  • From Alalakh, in Search of Mitanni, by Barry Curnock
  • The Uluburun Shipwreck – Evidence for a Late Bronze Age Arms Trade?, by Bob Johnson
  • Ophir and Punt, by Donald Keith Mills
  • Reflections on the Writings of Euan MacKie regarding Catastrophism, by Phillip Clapham
  • Homer’s Arktos – ‘Bearly’ Polar, by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
  • Reflections on Possible Findings of the Black Mat in the UK, by Phillip Clapham


  • Peter Fairlie-Clarke (2)

C&C Review 2018:3 (64 pp, November 2018)


  • Why the ELECRIC UNIVERSE isn’t the same as the Plasma Universe and why it matters, by Robert J. Johnson
  • The 5th century Invasions According to Tóth Gyula, by Patrick S. Giles
  • Ages Still in Chaos Revisited, Part I, by Trevor Palmer
  • The Placement of Dynasty XXII, by Eric Aitchison
  • The Hyksos: A Response to Donald Keith Mills, by Lewis M. Greenberg
  • Reflections on ‘The Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century AD’, by Phillip Clapham

Book Review

  • Arthur and the Kings of Britain, reviewed by Phillip Clapham


  • Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Marinus van der Sluijs, Donald Keith Mills and J. Eric Aitchison

C&C Review 2018:2 (64 pp. August 2018)


  • In Memoriam: Anthony Charles Rendell Haynes
  • Perilous Planet Earth Revisited, by Trevor Palmer
  • A Linguistic Note on the “Land of Punt”, by Ralph E. Juergens and Lewis M. Greenberg
  • Velikovsky and the Maruts, by Donald Keith Mills
  • Saint Alban and St Albans Part III, by Phillip Clapham
  • Quo Vadis?: All the Way to Shur, by Barry Curnock, a reply to Donald Keith Mills’ article, ‘All the Way to Where?’
  • On the Coligny Calendar and the Neolithic Calendar in Plato’s Critias, by Paul Dunbavin
  • Is Schrödinger’s Cat Alive or Dead?, by Robert J. Johnson

Book Review:

  • Auroras, Petroglyphs, and Pagans, reviewed by Trevor Palmer


  • Petra Ossowski-Larsson and Åke Larsson, Donald Keith Mills, Rens van der Sluijs, Peter Fairlie-Clarke

C&C Review 2018:1 (64 pp, March 2018)


  • The Electric Sun and Claimed Anomalies of the Standard Solar Model Reviewed; the Plasmoid Sun Model Revisited, by Robert J. Johnson
  • Towards an Alternative Reconciliation of the Old Testament with History and Archaeology: Exodus at end of Old Kingdom and Conquest at end of Early Bronze III, Part III: Mesopotamia, by Robert M. Porter
  • The “Land of Punt” Redux, by Lewis M. Greenberg
  • The Love Affair of Mars and Venus, by Ev Cochrane
  • All the Way to Where? – A Response to Barry Curnock’s ‘All the Way to Shur’, by Donald Keith Mills
  • Reflections on Solomon and Shishak Part I, by Phillip Clapham


  • John Hunton, Trevor Palmer, Barry Curnock

C&C Review 2017:3 (64 pp, December 2017)


  • In Memoriam: William C. Mullen
  • Mobile Plate Tectonics: A Confrontation, by Peter M. James
  • Dendrochronology and Archaeoastronomy, by Karl-Heinz Lewin
  • An Inverted Earth, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • FORUM 1, The Battle of Kadesh: The Debate Continues
  • Saint Alban and St Albans, Part II, by Phillip Clapham
  • FORUM 2 “Malakhei-Roim – King Shepherda”
  • Fifteen Years on from Atlantis of the West, by Paul Dunbavin

Book Review:

  • The Calendars of Megalithic Malta: Resolving their Functions and Anomalies, reviewed by Phillip Clapham
  • The Galileo of Palomar: Essays in Memory of Halton Arp, reviews by Phillip Clapham


  • Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Laurence Dixon, Marinus van der Sluijs


C&C Review 2017:2 (56 pp, August 2017)


  • The Assyrian King List: An Apocryphal Chronology, by Henry Zemel
  • Saint Alban and St Albans, Part I, by Phillip Clapham
  • Towards an Alternative Reconciliation of the Old Testament with History and Archaeology: Exodus at end of Old Kingdom and Conquest at end of Early Bronze III, Part II: Canaan, by Robert M. Porter
  • The Glory of Venus, by Ev Cochrane
  • “Malakhei-Roim – King Shepherds”, by Donald Keith Mills
  • Ships, Chieftains, or Legions?, by Eric Aitchison and Donald Keith Mills
  • Astronomical Dating of Proto-Historical Remains Gives Contradictory Results, by Uwe Topper

Book Review:

  • Pushing the Limits: Disaster Archaeology, Archaeodisasters and Humans, reviewed by Trevor Palmer


  • Barry Curnock, Eric Aitchison & Donald Keith Mills, Walter Peters, Laurence Dixon


C&C Review 2017:1 (64 pp, March 2017)


  • In Memoriam: Han Kloosterman
  • A Geomagnetic Approach to Traditions of Axes Mundi, Part III, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • The Writings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology if the First Millennium AD, Part IIIb, by Trevor Palmer
  • Cataclysms & Renewals in Climate History: Four Cataclysms since the last Glacial Maximum, by Rupert Holms
  • All the Way to Shur (continued), by Barry Curnock
  • Towards an Alternative Reconciliation of the Old Testament with History and Archaeology: Exodus at end of Old Kingdom and Conquest at end of Early Bronze III, Part I, by Robert M. Porter
  • Shalmaiati, Maiati, by Eric Aitchison and Donald Keith Mills

Book Review

  • Deformation of the Earth’s Crust: Cause and Effect, reviewed by Phillip Clapham


  • Eric Aitchison; Barry Curnock, Laurence Dixon, Colin Harris


C&C Review 2016:3 (64 pp, November 2016)


  • In Memorium: Dwardu Cardona
  • Acceleration of the Solar Wind, by Robert J. Johnson
  • A Geomagnetic Approach to Traditions of Axes Mundi, Part II, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • The Writings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology if the First Millennium AD, Part IIIa, by Trevor Palmer
  • Sabbath Years and Jubilees in Stenring’s Enclosed Garden, by Daphne Chappell
  • Is Aziru really Hazael? By Eric Aitchison and Donald Keith Mills
  • All the Way to Shur, by Barry Curnock
  • Venus, Mars and a Date for the Death of Nebuchadnezzar, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflections on the News

Book Review

  • Let My People Go!, reviewed by Barry Curnock


  • Revisiting Velikovsky: an Audit of an Innovative revisionist Attempt
  • Pushing the Limits: Disaster Archaeology, Archaeodisasters and Humans
  • Cataclysms and Renewals: The Astro-Mythology of the Star-Core


  • Peter Fairlie-Clarke; Eric Aitchison; Trevor Palmer; Robert M. Porter


C&C Review 2016:2 (60 pp, August 2016)

  • Society News


  • Anomalies in Ancient Descriptions of the Sun-God, by Ev Cochrane
  • A Geomagnetic Approach to Traditions of Axes Mundi, Part I, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • The Wrings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology of the First Millennium AD, Part IIb, by Trevor Palmer
  • Alalakh and Chronology, by Barry Curnock
  • A Note on Plasmoids on the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Winston H. Bostick, by Robert J. Johnson and Marinus van der Sluijs
  • Forum: The Battle of Kadesh
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflections on the News

Book Review

  • Extraterrestrial Sand, reviewed by Laurence Dixon


  • Walter Peters; Peter Fairlie-Clarke


C&C Review 2016:1 (48pp, 2016)

  • Society News
  • Study Group Report


  • Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance by Wal Thornhill
  • MBA City Possibly Destroyed by a Cosmic Airburst by William I. Thompson III
  • The Writings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology of the First Millennium AD, Part IIa by Trevor Palmer
  • Ramses II, Nectanebo I, and the So-Called Demotic Chronicle by Donald Keith Mills
  • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by Robert M. Porter
  • The Venus Cycle by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • The 364-Day Calendar (Year of Weeks) by Henry Zemel

Book reviews

  • Magicians of the Gods, reviewed by Laurence Dixon
  • From the Deep Ocean Above, reviewed by Trevor Palmer


  • The Destruction of Sodom: What We Have learned from Tall el-Hammam and its Neighbors


  • Barry Curnock

Study Group Report

C&C Review 2015:3 (52 pp, November 2015)

  • Society News
  • Study Group Reports


  • The Usselo Layer, the Global Conflagration and the Vanishing Act, by Han Kloosterman
  • Amalek in Arabia and Egypt, Part II: Amalek in Egypt, by Don Mills
  • The Writings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology of the First Millennium AD, Part I, by Trevor Palmer
  • The Mourning Goddess Unveiled, by Ev Cochrane
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflection on the News: The Origin of Loess

Book Review

  • Meet Me in Atlantis, reviewed by Trevor Palmer


  • Daphne Chappell; Phillip Clapham


C&C Review 2015:2 (52 pp, August 2015)

  • Society News
  • Study Group Report


  • Origins of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies: a Personal Memoir, by Brian Moore
  • In Memoriam: Dale Murphie
  • The Aphrodite Debate – Forty Years Later, by Dwardu Cardona
  • The Secrets of Biblical Dating, by Daphne Chappell
  • The Light-Bringer, by Ev Cochrane
  • Chronology in the Works of Claudius Ptolemy, by Henry Zemel

Book Review

  • A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age, reviewed by Trevor Palmer


  • Solomon and Shishak: Current Perspectives from Archaeology, Epigraphy, History and Chronology


  • Laurence Dixon; Eric Aitchison


C&C Review 2015:1  (48pp, 2015)

  • Society News
  • Study Group Report


  • Recent Egyptian Carbon Dating Projects and Dendrochronology by Robert M. Porter
  • Amalek in Arabia and Egypt Part I: Amalek in Arabia by Don Mills
  • Han Kloosterman and the Catastrophic End of the Allerød Interstadial by Trevor Palmer
  • The Timing of Sodom’s Destruction: A Preliminary Estimate by Phillip J Silvia
  • Mysteries of Saqqara by Laurence Dixon
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflections on the News

Book reviews:

  • The Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages reviewed by Phillip Clapham


  • Peter Fairlie-Clarke, Phillip Clapham

Society News:

  • Council Annual Report 2014
  • AGM, including election of Council members and Afternoon Spring Meeting, April 25th
    Speakers ‒ Bob Johnson: The variability of the Sun and the effects on Earth
    Piers Corbyn: Where is the weather going? What does and does not cause climate change?
  • Study Group Report
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflections on the News

C&C Review 2014 (68pp, July 2014)

  • In Memoriam: Alfred de Grazia
  • Sovereignty as Hag: A Case Study in Mythological Analysis by Ev Cochrane
  • Then Came Amalek by Don Mills
  • The Writings of the Ancients and their Relevance to Chronology up to 332 BC by Trevor Palmer
  • Tell Beth Shean Stratigraphy – Does it Demonstrate Velikovsky’s Theory? by Alan Montgomery
  • The Last Hyksos King by Daphne Chappell
  • Dendro/Carbon Dating of an Egyptian Funerary Boat by Robert M Porter
  • BOOK REVIEWS – Afterglow of Empire: Egypt from the Fall of the New Kingdom to the Saite Renaissance; Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future.


C&C Review 2013 (84pp, July 2013)

  • Dark Earth: A Challenge to the Chronology of Britain in the First Millennium AD, by Steve Mitchell
  • Through The Looking Glass, Darkly, by Frederic B. Jueneman
  • A Review of Palestinian Stratigraphy in Relation to the Velikovsky Chronology, by Barry Curnock
  • Radiocarbon Dating and Chronology, by David Barker
  • The Writings of the Ancients and their Relevance to Chronology up to 332 BC, by Trevor Palmer
  • A Response to Cardona's Objections, by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
  • A Reappraisal of Deep Time in a Nova Scotia Coalfield, by Milton B. Zysman
  • The Literary Velikovsky: An Essay-Review on the Socio-Political Dimension of James P. Hogan's The Anguished Dawn, by Paul Sukys

​Extra - Radiocarbon, Thera, Tell ed-Daba and Official Recognition of a Problem, by Bob Porter

Book Reviews - The Psuedo-Scientific Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe, by Michael Gordin (reviewed by Ev Cochrane, with an Introduction);  Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon's Motion (1691-1757), by John M. Steele (reviewed by Laurence Dixon).


C&C Review 2012 (54pp, July 2012)

  • Tree-ring Dating and Bible Chronology, by David M. Barker
  • Aboriginal Recollections, by Dwardu Cardona
  • Horizon - David Salkeld Memorial Meeting
  • When and Why they Changed the Calendar - From Tiberius to Bede, by Laurence Dixon
  • A Critique of  David Rohl's 'New Chronology' and the Unwarranted Rejection of Relevant Data Supporting Velikovsky's 'Revised Chronology',by Emmet J. Sweeney
  • Fitting Lunar Dates and Misfits: A Reply to Rose and Ginenthal,by Daphne Chappell
  • Putting a Spike into Global Warming. Letters from the Late Peter Warlow
  • Discovering the Electric Sun - Part 1, by David Talbott

Book Reviews

  • The Tunguska Mystery by Vladimir Rubtsov, reviewed by Trevor Palmer
  • Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited - The History of a Controversy by Emmet Sweeney, reviewed by Laurence Dixon
  • Pillars of the Past, Vol. III: Egypt and Palestine (Volume VIII, Nos.1-4 of The Velikovskian, by Charles Ginenthal), reviewed by Emmet Sweeney
  • The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scanton, reviewed by Laurence Dixon
  • The Light from Vedas - Ancient History Revealed by Ravindra Godbole, reviewed by Jill Abery

Society News and Letters


C&C Review 2011 (48pp, July 2011)
In Memoriam: David Salkeld 1928-2011

  • Calendar Reforms of Caesar and Gregory XIII, by Herbert Illig
  • Archaeological Evidence of an Ancient Pole Shift and the Geological Implications, by F. Slade Barker
  • The Dating of Alalakh, by Barry Curnock
  • Retrocalculation and the Delta T Function, by Laurence Dixon
  • Can the Neo-Babylonian Chronology be Lowered?  (an assessment of some of the work of Charles Ginenthal and Lynn E. Rose), by Carl Olof Jonsson
Book Reviews
  • Journey to the Mythological Inferno -- America's Discovery by the Ancient Greeks, by Enrico Mattievich
  • Atlantis: The Evidence of Science, by Emmet Sweeney
  • On Fossil Gods and Forgotten Worlds, by Ev Cochrane
  • The 2300 BC Event, by Moe Mandelkehr

Society News & Letters


 C&C Review 2010 (80pp, Aug. 2010)
In Memoriam - Leonard Saunders
  • Plasma Cosmology: A Research Programme, by Rens van de Sluijs
  • The Literary Velikovsky: Mythohistory and The Cradle of Saturn, by Paul Sukys
  • The Papyrus Ebers Calendar: Civil or Lunar?, by Daphne Chappell
  • The Latin Goddess Venus, by Ev Cochrane
  • Why Change a Calendar? - Which Year did Bede Think he Lived In?, by Laurence Dixon
  • Lamarck, the Man, the Myth and the Legacy, by Trevor Palmer
  • On the SIS Autumn Lecture Meeting with David Rohl, 19th September 2009, Redhill, Surrey
  • On the talk given on 9th August 2009 by Wal Thornhill, on the occasion of his visit to London 
Book Reviews: The Velikovsky Inheritance: An Essay in the History of Ideas, by David Marriott. Reviewed by Brian Moore;  Pillars of the Past, Vol.II: Mesopotamian, Anatolian, Mycenaean, Minoan and Harrapan Chronology (The Velikovskian, Vol.VII Nos.2-4) by Charles Ginenthal. Reviewed by Jill Abery
C&C Review 2009 (74pp, Aug 2009)
  • Intelligent Design? by David Salkeld
  • Velikovskian Catastrophism: Science or Pseudoscience? Part III - Thomas Kuhn and the Myth of 'Mob Psychology' by Paul Sukys
  • Studies in Persian Chronology - A Response to Jonsson, by Rolf J. Furuli
  • The 'Great Star' of Antiquity, by Ev Cochrane
  • Catastrophic Black Sea Floods and the Story of Noah, by Trevor Palmer
  • Dendrochronology - Data from Anatolia and the Dating of Thera, by Barry Curnock
EXTRA -   'An Aristotelian Hangover' - Rens van der Sluijs
Recent Developments in Near-Eastern Archaeology, by Robert M. Porter
Book Reviews: Trevor Palmer reviews Bernard Newgrosh's Chronology at the Crossroads: the Late Bronze Age in Western Asia  *  Jill Abery reviews: Dwardu Cardona's Flare Star

C&C Review 2008  (The Proceedings of the SIS Conference held at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 31st August to 2nd September 2007. 112 pp - with 46+ pages in colour.  'Cosmic Catastrophes - Asteroids, Comets and Planets: Possibilities and Probabilities in the Light of New Findings and the Testimony of Ancient Man') 


  • Non-Member prices: UK £13.90; Surface/Europe by air £16.85 (US$ 29.50); Airmail elsewhere £20.25 (US$ 35.40)
    • Welcome Address - SIS Chairman, Laurence Dixon
    • Presentations:
      • Introduction and Overview of the various cosmic scenarios for catastrophe affecting Earth, by Frank Wallace
      • Poster Presentation - Peter Fairllie-Clarke
      • The Effects and Outcome of Cosmic Catastrophes on Human Societies ('The Goddess in Religion in Response to Catastrophe'), by Irving Wolfe
      • The Geological Evidence for Cosmic Catastrophes: Their Possible Causes and Long-Term Significance, by J. Bernard Delair
      • Reversals of the Earth - Cause and Effect, by Peter Warlow
      • The Celestial Mechanics of Worlds in Collision Revisted (and Subsequent New Findings from Space),  by Laurence Dixon
      • Ancient Traditions: What Can They Tell Us About the History of the Earth?, by Rens van der Sluijs
      • Past History of the Planets: The Polar Configuration (Past and Present Research), by David Talbott
      • Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?, by Wallace Thornhill
    • Panel Discussion; Open Forum; Summary; Closing Address; The Speakers; The Delegates

    C&C Review 2007 70pp (July 2007)

    • Articles:
      • Fitting Lunar Dates, by Daphne Chappell
      • (Inc. a "Reply to Chappell" from Lynn E. Rose)
      • Waters, Mountains and Serpents Surrounding the Earth, by Moe Mandelkehr
      • Velikovskian Catastrophism: Science or Pseudoscience?, Part II: Thagard, Feyerabend, and Hempel, by Paul Sukys
      • On Epicycles and Ellipses, by Laurence Dixon
      • Open-Mindedness and Ancient Chronology, by Rolf Furuli (An initial response to Part I of Carl Olof Jonsson's "Can the Persian Chronology Be Revised?")
    • Essay-Review: Can the Persian Chronology by Revised? - Part II, by Carl Olof Jonsson 
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology - Robert M. Porter
    • Book Reviews: The Long Summer, by Brian Fagan - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Genesis of the Pharaohs, by Toby Wilkinson - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; The Electric Sky, by Don Scott - reviewed by Laurence Dixon; Troy - The World Deceived: Homer's Guide to Pergamum, by John Lascelles - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Ancient Egyptian Chronology, by E. Hornung et al, - reviewed by Robert Porter; The Temple: Meeting Place of Heaven and Earth, by John Lundquist - reviewed by Phillip Clapham

    C&C Review 2006 58pp (July 2006) 

    • Articles:
      • Bias in the Writing of History, by Irving Wolfe
      • Velikovskian Catastrophism: Science or Pseudoscience?, by Paul Sukys
      • The Feasts and the Crescents, by Lynn E. Rose 
    • Essay-Review: Can the Persian Chronology by Revised? -- Part I, by Carl Olof Jonsson
    • A Review-Report of the Seminar on Alfred de Grazia's model of 'Solaria Binaria' - Professor Vladimir Damagov 
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology - Robert M. Porter
    • Book Reviews: The Measure of Albion, by Robin Heath and John Michel - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; The Reversing Earth, by Peter Warlow - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Glyphbreakers, by Steven Roger Fischer - reviewed by David Fairbairn; From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea: Studies on the History of Assyria and Babylonia in Honour of A.K. Grayson - reviewed by Laurence Dixon; Eden in the East; the drowned continent of SE Asia, by Stephen Oppenheimer -reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Thunderbolts of the Gods, by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill - reviewed by Laurence Dixon; Prehistory of Australia, by John Mulvaney and Johan Kummings - reviewed by Phillip Clapham

     C&C Review 2005 70pp (September 2005) 

    • Articles:
      • An Unexplained Arctic Catastrophe - Part II: Some Unanswered Questions, by Derek S. Allan
      • Catastrophes and the History of Life on Earth, by Trevor Palmer
      • When the Sea Flooded Britain: A Catastrophic Late Holocene Isostatic Interlude along the Eastern Seaboard of England and Scotland, by Steve Mitchell
      • A Reply to Palmer's 'In Search of Alter Egos', by Emmet J. Sweeney
      • The Stream Surrounding the Earth, by Moe Mandelkehr
      • Some Implications of Saunders' Lunar Hypothesis, by David Salkeld
    • Recent Developments in Near-Eastern Archaeology - Robert M Porter
    • Focus: Independent Confirmation of a Catastrophic Event - A Confirmation of Professor R. N. Iyengar's 'Profile of a Natural Disaster in Ancient Sanskrit Literature' - Moe Mandelkehr
    • Book Reviews: Pillars of the Past, by Charles Ginenthal - reviewed by Irving Wolfe; The Stones of Time; Calendars, Sundials, and the Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland, by Martin Brennan - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Perilous Planet Earth - Catastrophes and Catastrophism Through the Ages, by Trevor Palmer - reviewed by Alfred de Grazia; Stukeley Illustrated, by Neal Mortimer - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Resurrecting Genesis: Displacing the Failed Theory of Naturalistic Evolution, by John R. Hadd - reviewed by David Salkeld; Mysterious Ancient America, by Paul Devereux - reviewed by Phillip Clapham

    C&C Review 2004:3, incorporating C&C Workshop 2004:4. (64 pp, Nov 2004) 

    • Society News
    • Articles:
      • Lifting 'Bickerman's veil' by Steve Mitchell
      • In Search of Alter Egos, by Trevor Palmer
    • The Dark Age Gap: An Open Letter to John Bimson, Peter James and David Rohl, from Emmet Sweeney
    • Book Reviews: The Future of the Past: Archaeology in the 21st Century (Transl. by S Dunlop of geo-archaeologist Eberhard Zangger's 1998 book), and Atlas of Ancient History, by Colin McEvedy - both books reviewed by P Standring; The Atlantis Researches, by Paul Dunbavin and Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and the Cosmos, by John North - both reviewed by P Clapham; Caananites, Chronologies and Connections, by Susan Cohen and Perilous Planet Earth: Catastrophes and Catastrophism Through the Ages, by Trevor Palmer - both reviewed by Laurence Dixon
    • In Passing
    • Recent Developments in Near-Eastern Archaeology - Robert M Porter

    C&C Review 2004:2, incorporating C&C Workshop 2004:3.  (52 pp, Aug 2004)

    • Society News
    • Article:
      • Megalithic Circles and Star Charts, by Moe Mandelkehr
    • Recent Developments in near Eastern-Archaeology - Robert M Porter 
    • Book ReviewsAvebury: The Biography of a Landscape, by Joshua Pollard and Andrew Reynolds; The Miracles of the Exodus by Colin Humphries; The Moses Legacy, by Graham Phillips.
    • Pot Pourri - Paul Standring
    • In Passing: Health Hazards to Egyptologists: Radon Gas, by Nesta Caiger

    C&C Review 2004:1, incorporating C&C Workshop 2004:2. (56 pp, May 2004)

    • Society News  
    • Articles:
      • Has Science got it Wrong? - Remarks on the Arctic Evidence of the Great Pleistocene Extinction, by Derek S. Allan
      • Neo-Assyrians and Achaemenids - A Test of Beards, by Trevor Palmer
      • Response to Bimson, from Emmet Sweeney
    • Book Reviews: Monuments of the Neolithic, reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Solving the Exodus Mystery, reviewed by Laurence Dixon; Wer Herrschte Im Industal (Who Reigned in the Indus Valley?), reviewed by Emmet Sweeney; The History of Britain Revealed, reviewed by Jill Abery 

    C&C Review 2003 (62pp, Nov 2003). The Proceedings of the SIS Conference: 'Ages Still in Chaos - Progress in revising ancient history since 1952 and possible ways forward'. Royal National Hotel, London, 14th & 15th September 2002

    • Presentations:
      • Introduction - Ages in Chaos?. Trevor Palmer reviews developments in ancient chronology since Velikovsky.
      • Scientific Dating Problems - The Radioactive Dating of Earth's Rocks. A comprehensive review by David Salkeld.
      • Evidence for Shortening Egyptian History. Robert M. Porter reviews the Third Intermediate Period.
      • Ages Still In Chaos: Defending The Indefensible. J. Eric Aitchison analyses the El Amarna Letters.
      • A Testing Time. David Rohl reviews progress in developing the New Chronology.
      • The Lion Gate at Mycenae Revisited. Lewis M. Greenberg re-examines the basis of its chronological placement.
      • Ramesses II and Greek Archaic Sculpture. Lewis M. Greenberg reviews the consequences of redating.
      • Climatology and Agronomy. Charles Ginenthal asks how farming was sustained over centuries in the ancient middle-east.
      • Finding the Limits of Chronological Revision.  John J. Bimson reviews what has been learned since the 'Glasgow Chronology'.
      • Velikovsky, Glasgow & Heinsohn Combined. Emmet J. Sweeney argues that at least 2,000 years needs to be removed from ancient history.
      • AD Ages in Chaos: a Russian Point of View. Eugen Gabowitsch presents the case for major revisions of AD history.
      • Implications for Chronology if Certain 'Historical' Characters are Mythological. Ev Cochrane suggests that some major biblical figures are mythological.
      • Saint Cuthbert. Gunnar Heinsohn investigates an anomaly in AD history.
    • Open Forum
    • Possible Ways Forward (an eclectic look at the possibilities, from David Fairbairn)
    • Summary and Closing Address. Trevor Palmer sums up the conference.

    C&C Review 2002:2 70 pp (Feb 2003)

    • News
    • Articles:
      • Commemoration of the 2300 BC Event, by Moe Mandelkehr
      • Did Artaxerxes III Despoil the Temple in Jerusalem?, by Emmet Sweeney 
      • Velikovsky and the El-Amarna Period, by Sjef van Asten
      • Possible Repercussions of 'The Bible Unearthed', by Phillip Clapham 
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology, by Robert M Porter
    • Forum:  Jewish History 500-1099AD, The Gaonic Period in Israel/Palestine, Illig and Niemitz. Benny J. Peiser, Gunnar Heinsohn and Birgit Liesching debate the history of the Middle Ages.
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Pot Pourri - Paul Standring
    • Bookshelf  - Jill Abery
    • Book ReviewsUnderworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age by G. Hancock - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein & N.A. Silberman - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Arthur and Stonehenge by Emmet J. Sweeney, and Arthur - the Dragon King by Howard Reid - reviewed by Jill Abery; Seahenge by Francis Pryor - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; The Invisible College by Robert Lomas - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow - reviewed by Jill Abery 
    • Society News
    • Letters: Jill Abery, Tony Rees, Eric Aitchison, Felice Vinci, Michael Reade (2), Margaret Grant, Phillip Clapham

    C&C Review 2002:1 62 pp  (July 2002) 

    • News
    • Articles:
      • Natural Catastrophes in the 9th Century AD, by James T. Palmer and Trevor Palmer
      • The Case for Retaining a Dark Age at the end of the Late Bronze Age, by Phillip Clapham
      • Genesis and The Origin of Species, by David Salkeld
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter
    • Thera Date Debate
    • Forum: Did the Early Middle Ages Exist Only as a Sacred Cow? - Heribert Illig debates with Trevor Palmer and Steve Mitchell; In Defence of the Saturn Theory - Ev Cochrane responds to Peter James's critique; The 900-700 BC Era: A Conundrum - Michael G. Reade, Peter James and Bernard Newgrosh
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Pot Pourri by Paul Standring
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: The Tutankhamun Deception by Gerald O'Farrell - reviewed by Paul Standring; The Atlantis Secret by Alan F. Alford - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; Homer in The Baltic by Felice Vinci - reviewed by Emmet Sweeney; The Extinction of the Mammoth by Charles Ginenthal - reviews by Jill Abery & J. B. Delair; The Many Faces of Venus by Ev Cochrane - reviewed by Jill Abery; Firmament and Chaos by John Ackerman - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; Making Sense of Astronomy & Geology by Dirk Bontes - reviewed by David Salkeld; Genes, Peoples and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Sky Dragons and Celestial Serpents by Alistair McBeath - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Planet of the Greeks by Meres J. Weche - reviewed by David Roth
    • Meetings with Shulamit Kogan in Israel by John Crowe
    • Society News
    • Letters: Celestial Images, by Jill Abery; The Year of Confusion, by Steve Mitchell; The Fomenko/Illig/Niemitz fallacy, by Michael G. Reade; Ages in Chaos versus the 'New Chronologies' of Rohl and James by Phillip Clapham; Electrics and dynamics by Eric Crew;Sacred Cow by Margaret Grant; The River Gihon by Margaret Grant; Velikovskian orbits by Michael G. Reade; 260-day Calendar of early Mesoamerican Civilisations by Eric Aitchison; Merino Sheep by Margaret Grant

    C&C Review 2001:2 68 pp (Jan 2002) 

    • News
    • Articles
      • Arctic Anomalies, by Derek Allan
      • The Ring About The Earth At 2300 BC, by Moe Mandelkehr 
      • The Valley of Colours, by Nesta Caiger
      • Apocalyptic Imagery In Modern Political Spectacle, by Irving Wolfe 
      • The Role Of The Nile In Egyptian Chronology, by Lynn E Rose
      • Biblical 40-Years Periods, by John Crowe   
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology - by Robert M Porter (L'énigme de la Structure Elliptique;  Other News)
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Pot Pourri - Paul Standring
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book ReviewsAlfred De Grazia's discography - reviewed by Brian Moore; Kronos, by Robert de Telder - reviewed by Emmet J. Sweeney; When The Gods Came Down, by Alan F. Alford - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; The Tutankhamun Prophecies & The Lost Tomb of Viracocha, by Maurice Cotterell - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; Ramessides, Medes & Persians, by Emmet Sweeney - reviewed by M G Reade & J  E Aitchison; Predicting the Past, by Roger Williams Wescott - reviewed by Jill Abery; Cattigara - Legend and History, by Stan Hall - reviewed by Jill Abery; The Time Detectives, by Brian Fagan - reviewed by Phillip Clapham
    • Society News
    • Obituaries: David Slade; Derek Scott Allan; Melvin Cook; Rt Rev. Dr Jules C.E. Riotte
    • Letters: Twists of Time,  by Bob Porter; Jonsson's Gentile Times, by John Crowe; Sweeney responds to Crowe, by Emmet Sweeney; Ages in Chaos versus the 'New Chronologies' of Rohl and James, by Phillip Clapham; The Fomenko/Illig/Niemitz fallacy, by Michael G Reade; Oedipus Questions, by Phillip Clapham; Necho = Ramesses II?, by Michael G. Reade; Clarification Requested, by Paul Standring

    C&C Review 2001:1 74pp (April 2001) 

    • News
    • Articles
      • Geomagnetic Effects of an Earthwide Event in 2300BC, by Moe Mandelkehr 
      • On Velikovsky's Orbits, by Laurence C W Dixon 
      • An Investigation into the Reality of the Early Medieval Dark Age, by Trevor Palmer  
      • The Dark Ages Hiatus: a response to Clark Whelton, by Steve Mitchell 
      • The sacred 260 day calendar of early Mesoamerican civilisations, by Bob Johnson
      • More Problems with Sothic Dating, by Jesse Lasken 
      • Thiele's Assyrian Reliance, by J. Eric Aitchison 
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology, by R.M. Porter (Carbon Dating and the Aegean; Ash From Thera in Turkish Lake Sediments;Shortening Egyptian Reigns; Mazar and Finkelstein; Ekron; New Evidence for a 688 BC Siege of Jerusalem)
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf -  Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: Controversy: Catastrophism and Evolution, by T. Palmer - reviewed by Richard Huggett; Mount St. Helens, by Dr Steve Austin - reviewed by Laurence Dixon; The Crystal Sun, by Robert Temple - reviewed by Brian Moore; The Followers of Horus. Vol 1, Ed. D. Rohl - reviewed by Steve Mitchell; The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion & Cosmology, by Charles Ginenthal - reviewed by Eric Crew; Forgotten Gems: Tuning in to Nature, by Philip S. Callahan - reviewed by Jill Abery; Cradle of Saturn, by James P Hogan - reviewed by Bob Johnson; Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual by Aubrey Burl - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; The Pyramid Age, by Emmet J Sweeney - reviewed by John Crowe; King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend, by R. Castleden - reviewed by P. Clapham; Hapgood's Ancient Maps - reviewed by Michael G. Reade; Uriel's Machine, by C. Knight & R. Lomas - reviewed by Derel Briarley
    • Society News
    • Letters: Saturn and the Primordial Light, by Paul Standring; Comalcalco and Olmec Heads, by David Eccott; Hatshepsut, the Queen of Sheba and Solomon, by Bert Fiddelaers; Mars, by John Ackerman; Millennial Madness, by Derel Briarley; Oera Linda again, by Phillip Clapham; Year counts in the Divided Monarchy, by Michael G. Reade; A Twist of Time, by G.K. Barnard; Earth Catastrophism and 1054 AD Event, by William P. Bourne.

    C&C Review 2000 60pp (Sep 2000). The Proceedings of 'The SIS Silver Jubilee Event' - Incorporating a Conference on Chronology & Catastrophism. Easthampstead Park, Berkshire, Friday 17th - Sunday 19th September 1999 

      • Foreword (with photographs)
      • Friday Evening Discussion
      • Papers:
        • Introduction. Harold Tresman reflects on the formation of the SIS - and its future
        • Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years - a Perspective. John Crowe provides a summary and review of revisions of ancient history and their authors. (An expanded version of this paper can be read here)
        • A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology. John J. Bimson catalogues archaeological problems throughout the Iron Age in Palestine which provide consistent evidence in favour of lower dates.
        • Evidence from the Moon, Newgrange and Stonehenge Indicates Lunar Disturbance. Leonard Saunders presents a new analysis of ancient stone carvings.
        • The Importance of Outsiders in Science. Bernard Newgrosh presents a roll-call of the scientific outsiders responsible for some of the most important discoveries in science.
        • Archetypes Showing the Presence of Anomalous Electromagnetic Activity. Charles Raspil presents evidence of unusual plasmic activity in the atmosphere.
        • Sirius and Saturn. Lynn Rose argues that Earth once orbited Saturn, always keeping one face towards it.
        • The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration Theory. Dwardu Cardona analyses the demands of the Saturn Configuration theory.
        • The Electric Universe. Wal Thornhill presents the case for a radical new model of cosmology.
        • The Saturn Theory. Ev Cochrane outlines evidence that a colossal configuration of planets dominated the ancient celestial landscape, leaving an indelible mark on primary belief systems of ancient man.
        • The Saturn Problem. Peter J. James offers a simple alternative mechanism to account for many of the characteristics attributed to Saturn deities.
        • Catastrophes: The Diluvial Evidence. Trevor Palmer reviews the evidence for large-scale catastrophic floods in the Earth's history.

     C&C Review 1999:2 60pp (Feb 2000) 

    • News
    • Articles
      • Moderating the Middle Ages, Derel Briarley   
      • Fomenko and English History, by James & Trevor Palmer 
      • Fomenko is Right, by Allan Beggs 
      • Benoît De Maillet (1656-1738): A Forerunner of the Theory of the Desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea, by Cándido Manuel García Cruz   
      • Sothic Dating: The Shameless Enterprise, by Jess E. Lasken 
      • Assyria: Is The Conventional Profile Believable?, by J. Eric Aitchison  .
      • The Sword in the Stone, by Emmett Sweeney 
      • Up-date of year counts in the time of the Divided Monarchy - A supplement to Michael G. Reade’s earlier article on Shishak and the Kings of Judah.
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology.  Bob Porter reports on: Carbon Dating and East Mediterranean Upwelling; Carbon Dating the Pyramids; Hittites; Other Points in Brief
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book ReviewsAncient Mysteries, by Peter James & Nick Thorpe - reviewed by Trevor Palmer; Sun, Moon and Sothis, by Lynn E. Rose - reviewed by Michael G. Reade; The Great Wave, by David Hacket Fischer - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Gods of the New Millennium,  by Alan F. Alford - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; The Electric Universe CD ROM, by Wal Thornhill - reviewed by Alasdair Beal; Catastrophism CD - reviewed by Alasdair Beal
    • Society News
    • Letters:  Geological Transients in 2300 BC, John D. Weir; Merlin's 'Round Table', Lynn E. Rose; Comalcalco, Bob Porter; The Riddle of the Olmec Heads, Montgomery Hennegin; The Year 8 Inscription of Ramesses II in context, John Crowe; Mackey, Solomon & Sheba, Phillip Clapham; The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain, Derel Briarley; Ramesses II Year 8, Bob Porter

    C&C Review 1999:1 - 60pp 
    • The Causal Source for the Climatic Changes at 2300 BC, by Moe Mandelkehr 
    • The Causal Source for the Geological Transients at 2300BC, by Moe Mandelkehr 
    • Merlin and the Round Temple, by Emmet J. Sweeney
    • Comalcalco: A Case for Early Pre-Columbian Contact and Influence?, by David J. Eccott 
    • Another Velikovsky Affray - The Histories, by Dale Murphie
    • Saul, David and Solomon, by J. Eric Aitchison 
    • Rethinking Hatshepsut, by David K. Down 
    • Venus Years - an explanatory note, by Michael G. Reade
    • The Mammoths' Demise, by Gordon P. Williams
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology - Bob Porter reports on: Centuries Of Darkness Update; Finkelstein Debate and Hagens' New Article; David and Hezekiah; Radiocarbon Calibration
    • Forum: The Oera Linda Book: contributions from John Bimson, Derel Briarley and Eric Cooley
    • Bookshelf by Jill Abery
    • Book ReviewsA Bronze Age Disaster: Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic encounters with comets by M.G.L. Baillie - reviewed by Peter James; Beginnings of the Use of Metals & Alloys, ed. Robert Maddin; The Birth of Europe, by Michael Andrews - reviewed by Phillip Clapham; Act of God, by Graham Phillips - reviewed by John Crowe; New Insights into Antiquity, by R. Petersen - reviewed by Jill Abery; The Gentile Times Reconsidered, by Carl Olof Jonsson - reviewed by Lynn Rose
    • Society News
    • Letters: Worlds in Collision after Ellenberger, Bernard Newgrosh;  Shishak, Necho and the Kings of Judah, Michael G. Reade;  The Queen of Sheba, Phillip Clapham; Conventional Chronologists: Sothic or So Thick? - John Crowe

    C&C Review 1998:2 - 60pp

    • News
    • Articles
      • In Defence of Higher Chronologies, by Prof. Lynn E. Rose 
      • New Physics Supports Planetary Catastrophism, by Wallace Thornhill 
      • Venus, Mars ... and Saturn, by Ev Cochrane
      • Snapshots of The Gods?, by Charles Raspil 
      • A Tale of Two Mountains: Ararat and Sinai, by Damien F. Mackey
      • Experiments With Time II: Synchronisms and Stratigraphies, Part II, by Geoffrey Barnard
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology - Bob Porter. ( Inscriptions from Israel; Another Lower Than Low Chronology For Mesopotamia; Carbon Dating the 'Nebuchadnezzar’ Destruction Horizon)
    • Forum:  Michael Reade and John Bimson on a further synchronism between Palestine and Egypt
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion by Ev Cochrane - reviewed by Jill Abery; Escape from Einstein by Ronald R. Hatch - Reviewed by Alasdair Beal;  The Gold of Exodus by Howard Blum - Reviewed by David Roth 
    • Society News
    • Letters: Sennacherib and Solomon, Gunnar Heinsohn;  Ninsianna observations: a correction, Lynn E. Rose;  Configuratively speaking, Jill Abery;  Worlds in Collision after Heinsohn, C. Leroy Ellenberger;  Alternative chronologies, Major A. J. James

    C&C Review 1998:1 - 60pp

    • News
    • Articles
      • It's Time To Get Serious About Manetho, by Dale F. Murphie
      • Tunguska-Type Impacts over the Pacific Basin around the Year 1178 AD, by Emilio Spedicato
      • A Theory Of Lunar Disturbance, by Len Saunders
      • Experiments with Time - Part I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies', by Geoffrey Barnard
      • The Oera Linda book, by Derel Briarley
      • Dating the Hammurabi Dynasty Using the Venus Tablets, by John D. Weir
      • Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole', by Eric Aitchison
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology: Thera Special - Bob Porter reports on the demise of the 'Scientific' date for Thera.
    • Forum: 'Solomon and Sheba' by Damien Mackey (in C&CR 1997:1, pp. 4-15). Comments from Birgit Liesching, Dick Atkinson, Michael Reade and Eric Aitchison
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion (by Ev Cochrane) - reviewed by Jill Abery;  MAGI, The Quest for a Secret Tradition (by Adrian Gilbert) - reviewed by David Roth;  The Relativity Question (by Ian McCausland) - by Colin Harris
    • Society News
    • Report of ISIS meeting: 'In Defence of the New Chronology'
    • Letters: Big Bang, John Crowe;  The spin of the earth - is it driven or inertial?, Michael G. Reade;  ORIGINS - Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth, James E. Strickling;  Mayan Calendar of 365 Days, J. Eric Aitchison ; Dead Sea 'Pyramids': a reply, Laurence Dixon;  Mars and the Asteroid Belt, Peter Ballinger; Antarctic Surveys, Phillip Clapham;  Worlds in Collision after Heinsohn, Michael G. Reade;  Gervase's 1178 'Lunar Impact' Has Problems, Brad Schaefer;  Dead Sea 'pyramids', Mike Sanders

    C&C Review 1997:2 - 60pp

    • News
    • Articles
      • Planet in Crisis, by Bernard Delair
      • Worlds in Collision after Heinsohn, by William Mullen
      • O-Kee-Pa: Catastrophe Myths and Rituals of the North American Mandan Indians, by Benny Josef Peiser
      • Shishak, the kings of Judah and some synchronisms, by Michael Reade
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf - Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: Origins: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth, by J. E. Strickling - reviewed by Trevor Palmer;  Mythic Ireland, by M. Dames - reviewed by Phillip Clapham;  The Sacred Mythological Centres of Ireland, by J. Roberts - reviewed by Phillip Clapham;  Aba: The Glory and the Torment; The life of Dr Immanuel Velikovsky, by Dr R. V. Sharon - reviewed by Brian Moore; IMPACT! The Threat of Comets and Asteroids, by G. Verschuur - reviewed by Benny J. Peiser; The Avebury Cycle, by Dames - reviewed by Phillip Clapham
    • Society News
    • Letters: Dead Sea 'Pyramids', John Bimson & David Ellis; The Machrie Moor Stone Circles, Dick Atkinson;  Cat and mouse game, Geoffrey K Barnard;  Egyptian C14 Dates, J. Eric Aitchison; 'Tidal' Wave and Ocean Surge - the Difference, G.P. Williams;  Who was the Queen of Sheba?, Adam Green.

    C&C Review 1997:1 - 60pp

    • News
    • Articles
      • Solomon and Sheba, by Damien Mackey
      • Habiru and Hebrew, by Dick Atkinson 
      • Shamir, by David Salkeld 
      • Chronological Placements of the Dynasties of Manetho, by Jesse E. Lasken
      • Critique of David Rohl's A Test of Time, by Dale F. Murphie (abridged extract)
      • Exodus, by Phillip Clapham
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology.  R. M. Porter
    • Relativity Corner.  A. N. Beal
    • Notes And Queries: Testing Juergens' 'Electric sun' theory - David Davis and Wal Thornhill; Nelson Mandela and the collapsing sky, Phillip Clapham
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Book Reviews: Forbidden Archaeology, by M. A. Cremo & R. L. Thompson; and The Hidden History of the Human Race (same authors) - both reviewed by Trevor Palmer;  The Holy Grail: Source of the Ancient Science and Spirituality of the Circling Cosmos, by Lee Perry - reviewed by Jill Abery; The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes (eds. I. and P. Opie) - reviewed by J. Abery;  Pyramids of Tucume, The quest for Peru's forgotten city, by Heyerdahl, Sandweiss and Narvaez - reviewed by Jill Abery
    • Society News
    • Letters: The Orion Mystery, Jill Abery;  Astronomical retro-calculations, Michael G. Reade;  Who were the Hyksos?, Emilio Spedicato;  Shamir, David Salkeld;  A Slice Through Time, Phillip Clapham;  A 30 day month in the Venus Tablets?, Michael G. Reade;  Astronomical Dating of the Pyramids, John D. Weir;  Tidal Wave?, Eric H Cooley;  Light on Venus, Eric W. Crew;  Stone Circles and other Random Thoughts, J. Eric Aitchison;  Wood fragments below basalt flows, Daniel Spatz

    C&C Review 1996:2 - 59pp

    • News: On Velikovsky Books; Maps; Special relativity; SIS Study Group; The Second SIS Cambridge Conference
    • Articles
      • Towards an astronomical dating of the pyramids, by Michael G. Reade
      • Relation Between the Perpetual Calendar Based on the 128 Years Cycle and the Central American Calendar, by Flavio Barbiero
      • Planetary Observations of the Tang Dynasty, by Charles B Raspil
      • The Genesis of Israel and Egypt, by Emmet J Sweeney
    • Features:  The Wabar Meteorite Crater in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, by Gerrit L. Verschuur ; Mythological/Historical Evidence for Earth Tilting?, by David Salkeld; The strange history of Gerrards Cross by Phillip Clapham; William Comyns Beaumont: Britain's most eccentric and least-known cosmic heretic. Benny J Peiser
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology.  R.M. Porter
    • Notes and Queries: Ancient Egyptian Stoneworking Techniques (a question by Alasdair Beal with an answer from John Dayton) 
    • Forum: Catastrophes in the 5th - 14th centuries AD.  Phillip Clapham replies to Dick Atkinson.
    • Monitor - compiled by Jill Abery
    • Bookshelf: Fire on Earth: In Search of the Doomsday AsteroidThe Last Great Impact on Earth: Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets; Black Athena revisited
    • Reviews:  A Slice Through Time , by M. G. L. Baillie - reviewed by Bernard Newgrosh; Keeper of Genesis, by (Bauval and Hancock - reviewed by Trevor Palmer
    • Society News
    • Personal Report on, and Irreverent Look at, the 1997 World Conference 'Planetary Violence in Human History', Portland, Oregon, Jan. 3-5, 1997. By Birgit C. Leisching.
    • Letters: The Ninsianna Tablets - John D. Weir; Dead Sea Pyramids? - Laurence Dixon;  Third Intermediate Period, a New Proposal - Robert M. Porter;  Biblical Synchronisms - Daphne Garbett;  Did the Mayans have a 'neat’ 365 day year? - Michael G. Reade;  Egyptian C14 dates - Major A. J. James;  What’s in a name? (The Mythological Astronomy, in Three Parts) - Dick Atkinson;  Egyptian rock carving techniques - Michael Rowland ; Far Eastern Celts - Kim Salkeld

    C&C Review 1996:1 - 61pp

    • News:  SIS Cambridge Conference July 1997;  April 1996, Lecture: 'The Fall and Rise of Catastrophism'; Remembering the End of the World, video; International Symposium, 3-5 Jan 1997; Catastrophism Archive Project report; A Test of Time - The London Debate on 27th January 1996; In Memoriam - Mrs Clarice Morgan.
    • Articles:
      • Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism and Evolution, by Trevor Palmer
      • The Homeric Question, by Benny J. Peiser
      • Hazor and the anachronisms in the chronology of the Ancient Near East, by Gunnar Heinsohn
      • Shamir, by Phillip Clapham
      • Einstein and Relativity, by Alasdair N. Beal
    • Notes and Queries: Tutankhamun radiocarbon dates
    • Recent Developments in Near Eastern Achraeology - Robert Porter
    • Forum
    • Monitor
    • Bookshelf: Breaking the Maya Code, by Michael D. Coe; The Mayan Prophecies,  by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell; The Environment of Violence Series: Environment of Violence, by C. Warren Hunt; Expanding Geospheres, by C. Warren Hunt; Hydridic Earth, The New Geology of our Primordially Hydrogen-Rich Planet, by Vladimir N. Larin; The Tectonics of Geoid Changes Major Deformation and Failure of the Earth's Crust: An Alternative to Plate Tectonics, by Peter James 
    • Book Reviews: A Test of Time: Volume I, The Bible - from Myth to History, by David M. Rohl - reviewed by Geoffrey Gammon; When the Sky Fell, by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath - reviewed by Trevor Palmer; The Sunken Kingdom, by Peter James - reviewed by Trevor Palmer; Red Earth White Lies, Native Americans and the myth of scientific fact, by Vine Deloria, Jr - reviewed by Jill Abery; Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock - reviewed by David Roth; Catastrophism and the Old Testament: The Mars-Earth Conflicts, by Donald Wesley Patten - reviewed by David Salkeld.
    • Society News:  Velikovsky’s 100th birthday Memorial Meeting 30th Sept./1st Nov. 1995; The 1996 SIS Annual General Meeting;  Report on SIS Study Group 24th Feb. 1996.
    • Letters:  Comets or configuration? - Jill Abery; Greek Gifts - Bob Porter;  Aaronson more accurate than Garbett? - C. Lindsay Prasher; Orion and the Mystery of the Pyramids - David Slade; The Ninsianna Tablets - Michael Reade; Reply to Baillie - Bob Porter; Another Olmec/Ancient Egyptian Link? - Eric H. Cooley; Garbett’s Bibilical Chronology - Lisa Aaronson; The Orion Mystery - Jill Abery

    C&C Review Vol. XVII (1995) Proceedings of The 1995 Braziers College Conference - 'Cosmic Catastrophes', The Velikovsky 100th Birthday Memorial weekend meeting, 30th Sept. - 1st Nov. at Brazier's College, Oxford.  60pp.

    • David Salkeld: The New York Velikovsky Centenary Conference
    • Clark Whelton: Velikovsky’s legacy
    • Eric Aitchison: Evidence for a Neat Year of 365 Days
    • John E. Dayton: Ice Cores and Chronology
    • Gunnar Heinsohn: Imaginary and Expected Catastrophes - Apocalyptic Desire and Scientific Prognosis
    • Benny Josef Peiser: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Ballgame of the Sky Gods in Mesoamerican Mythology
    • Heribert Illig: Cosmic Catastrophes and the Origin of Megalithic Cultures
    • D S Allan and J B Delair: Scientific Evidence For A Major World Catastrophe About 11,500 Years Ago
    • Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods - do ancient relics point to an advanced civilisation 15,000 years ago?

    C&C Review Vol. XVI (1994) - 61pp

    • Articles
      • A Catastrophist Reading of Religous Systems, by Irving Wolfe
      • Shishak - Ramesses II or Ramesses III?, by Robert M. Porter
      • The Reliability of Synchronisms in Reconstructing an Historic Chronology from Rehoboam to Hezekiah, by Daphe Garbett
      • Artificially Structured Biblical Chronologies, by Anthony H. Rees
    • Forum: Part 1: Natural Selection and Evolution; a challenge set by David Salkeld, and a response from Trevor Palmer * Part 2: The Cambridge Conference A Flop?; a challenge set by Benny Peiser, with responses from Alasdair Beal and Bernard Newgrosh.
    • Book Reviews:  The Book of Life, edited by S. J. Gould; The Natural History of Evolution, by P. Whitfield; Evolution, by M. Ridley; The Origins of Order, by S. A. Kauffman; Complexity, by R. Lewin - all five books reviewed by Trevor Palmer;  The Astronomical Evidence for Dating the End of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt to the Early Second Millenium, by Lynn E. Rose - reviewed by Damien F Mackey;  Scientific Prehistory by Melvin A. Cook - reviewed by Alasdair N. Beal;  The Unauthorised Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible, by Robin Lane Fox; Secrets of the Times: Myth and History in Biblical Chronology, by Jeremy Hughes - both books reviewed by Bernard Newgrosh.
    • Letters: Egypt and Canaan during the Late Bronze Age * Shoshenk V in the New Chronology * The Great Pyramid * More on the Ninsianna Tablets
    • Boxed Items: Inadmissible Evidence (on a review of Centuries of Darkness) * Redating the Jerusalem Terraces * Labayu at Beth-Shean

    C&CR Review Special Edition: Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference- 136pp. 'Evidence that the Earth has Suffered Catrastrophes of Cosmic Origin in Historical Times'

    • Harold Tresman: The SIS, Its History and Achievments: A Personal Perspective
    • Steven Robinson: On the Disproportion Between Geological and Historical Time
      • Part One: The Human Perspective
      • Part Two: Earth, Fire and Water
    • Dr John Bimson: The Nature of an Exodus Catastrophe Re-assessed.
    • Prof. Irving Wolfe: A Catastrophic Reading of Religious Systems
    • Prof. Irving Wolfe: A Catastrophic Interpretation of Western Cosmologies
    • Prof. Victor Clube: Revalation and Catastrophe during the Christian Era: a Basis for Historical Interpolation and Future Extrapolation
    • Wal Thornhill: Evidence for the Extreme Youth of Venus
    • David Slade: Could an Explosive Volcanic Eruption be Induced by the Nearby Passage of a Cosmic Body?
    • Dr Bernard Newgrosh: Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna
    • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus, Part I
    • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus, Part II
    • Dr Benny Peiser: Catastrophism and Anthropolgy

     C&C Review Vol. XV (1993) - 48pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • The Ninsianna tablets, a preliminary reconstruction, by Michael G. Reade
      • Anomalous Occurrence of Crocodilia in Eocene Polar Forests, Part 2, by Ian C. Johnson
      • The Origins of the Latin God Mars, by Ev Cochrane
      • The habiru as the 'ibrim of I Samuel and the implications for the 'new chronology', by Peter van der Veen
    • Book Review: Centuries of Darkness: a challenge to the conventional chronology of Old World Archaeology - a review by Geoffrey Gammon;
    • The published reviews of Centuries of Darkness - reviewed by Bernard Newgrosh
    • Forum: continuing the discussion on cosmology, catastrophism and chronology: David Salkeld, Ev Cochrane, Dick Atkinson, Michael Reade and John Bimson.

     C&C Review Vol. XIV (1992) - 61pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • The Venus Tablets and Climate, by John D Weir
      • Anomalous Occurrence of Crocodilia in Eocene Polar Forests, by Ian C Johnson
      • Misusing Radiocarbon: A Case Study, by Jesse Lasken
      • On the Length of Reigns of the Sumerian Kings, by Hildegard Wiencke-Lotz
      • Velikovsky & Catastrophism: A Hidden Agenda?, by Irving Wolfe
    • Forum: A discussion of the issues in mythology and cosmology: Velikovsky vs. Clube & Napier  *  A series of presentations on 'when did the Exodus and Conquest occur?'
    • Book Review: Out of the Desert
    • Letters: Aziru and the Bar-Hadad Inscription; Fluctuating Rates of C14 Formation;  Radiocarbon and tree rings;  Ramoth in the Habiru revolt movement;  No Late Bronze I remains at Jerusalem?

     C&C Review Vol. XIII (1991) - 68pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • Earth Tectonics Viewed from Rock Mechanics, by Prof Melvin Cook
      • The Archaeology of Shiloh and Pottery Chronology, by Bob Porter
      • Should the European Oak Dendrochronologies be Re-Examined?, by Jesse Lasken
      • Calibrated Radiocarbon and 'the Methodological Fault-Line', by B Newgrosh
      • A Bit Creaky? - Tree Rings, Radiocarbon and Ancient History, by Alasdair Beal
    • Forum: The SIS Evolution Debate Continued;  Some 'New Chronology' Issues
    • Book Reviews: The Cosmic Winter  - reviewed by Dick Atkinson;  Seven Clues to the Origin of Life, by A. G. Cairns-Smith; The Cosmic Blueprint, by P. Davies; Blueprints, by M. A. Edey and D. C. Johanson; and Origins, by R. Shapiro - 4 books reviewed by Trevor Palmer (under 'Life Itself: Accident or Design?')
    • Horizons: 1991 ISIS Fellowship Lecture
    • Boxed Item:  Chiron: Giant Comet, Agent of Catastrophe? - B Newgrosh

    C&C Review Vol. XII (1990) - 56pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • Homeric Troy and the Greek Dark Age, by Dwardu Cardona
      • The Greek Colonisation Movement - When and Why?, by D Rohl
      • The Erratic Descent of Man, by T Palmer
      • Interdisciplinary Indiscipline, by Dick Atkinson
      • Early 21st Dynasty Genealogy and the Consequence of Redating the Installation of HPA Pinudjem I to ca. Year 1 of Psusennes I (at odds with the 'New Chronology') - by Jeremy Goldberg
    • Letters: Continuing the exchange of views begun in C&C Review vol. XI, T William Field and D Salkeld debate the mechanics of inversion of the tippe-top (as it relates to the an Earth inversion in the Warlow hypothesis); R Driscoll presents some recent Soviet evidence as compatible with an eruptive origin for Venus; and B Newgrosh relays further feedback on the El-Amarna/Early Israelite Monarchy synchronism presented in C&C Review vol. X

    C&C Review Vol. XI (1989) - 48pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • Shoshenq's Palestinian Campaign: A reply to Shea, by Dr J Bimson
      • Towards a New Evolutionary Synthesis, by T Palmer
      • Drayson's Hypothesis: The Earth's Tilt Cycle, by Dr Richard Huggett
      • Some Thoughts on Inversion Calculations, by Terry Field
      • Objections Overruled - a Reappraisal of Earth Inversion Dynamics, by David Salkeld
      • The River of Ocean, by Dwardu Cardona
      • The Historicity of the Homeric Poems and Traditions, by D Rohl (first of three essays on Ancient Greece in the light of the 'New Chronology')

    C&C Review Vol. X (1988) - 65pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • The Military Strategy of Sheshonq/Shishak in Palestine, by Dr William Shea
      • An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC: Part III, the Geological Evidence, by M Mandelkehr
      • The El-Amarna Letters and the New Chronology, by /David Rohl and Bernard Newgrosh
      • Erratic Events in the Solar System/E Crew * Formation of Chondritic Meteorites and the Solar System, by Wal Thornhill
      • Nemesis for Gradual Evolution, by T Palmer
    • Excursus: Additional notes on the Amarna/Early Israelite Monarchy synchronism (from Rohl, Newgrosh and van der Veen)

     C&C Review Vol. IX (1987) - 48pp

    • Articles & papers:
      • Return to the Tippe Top, Part I, by P Warlow
      • The Foundations of the Assyro-Babylonian Chronology, by C O Jonsson
      • Physics, Astronomy and Chronology, Part I: Radiometric Chronometries, by Earl Milton
      • An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC, Part II: Climatology, by M Mandelkehr
      • The Cautious Revolutionary, by T Palmer (portrait of Stephen J Gould as a catastrophist at heart)

    C&C Review Vol. VIII (1986) - Special SIS Tenth Anniversary Tour of Egypt issue - 56pp with many illustrations and photographs. Centrefold in colour

    • Report - on the SIS Tenth Anniversary Tour of Egypt
    • Articles & papers:
      • Hatshepsut and the Queen of Sheba: A Critique of Velikovsky's Identification and an Alternative View, by J Bimson
      • Shoshenq I and the Traditions of New Kingdom Kingship in Egypt, by Michael Jones
      • The Bubastite Portal: Evidence Against Velikovsky's Placement of Ramesses II in the Late 7th Century, by David Rohl
      • Shoshenk and Shishak: A Case of Mistaken Identity, by J Bimson
      • El-Hiba Revisited, by D Rohl
    • Reflections: Letters from participants of the SIS Egyptian Tour

    SIS Review Vol. VII, issue A (VII:A), 1985 - 36pp.  A single issue - no further parts to vol. VII were published.

    • Focus: Comets, Meteorites and Earth History: SIS Spring Meeting 1984 * In Defence of Sir Fred Hoyle * Causal Relationships: Freud, Stekel and Velikovsky * Showers of Glass
    • Forum: Celestial Dynamics and Worlds in Collision - Earl Milton;  Wild Motions, Angular Momentum and Other Problems - C L Ellenberger; An Appendix to my Articles on Hatshepsut and Thutmose III - E Danelius;  On Dayton and Dating - John Bimson (with a reply by John Dayton); The Domestication of Cattle: Interdisciplinary Evidence for Catastrophism - Jill Abery (with a comment from Dr Bernard Newgrosh)
    • Briefings: Rene Gallant: A Pioneer of Modern Catastrophism * Iridium and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs * Velikovsky * Egyptology * Listings of back issues to date (back inside cover)
    • Bookshelf: Cosmic Heretics
    • Letters: Glasgow Still Proceeds (feedback from publication of proceedings of Glasgow Conference and further praise of SISR VI:1-3)
    • Articles:
      • Catastrophism and Evolution, by Dr Trevor Palmer
      • Velikovsky: Hero or Heretic?, by Prof Robert Jastrow

    SIS Review Vol. VI, issue 4 (VI:4) - 32pp (pp. 85-116), publ. 1984. 

    • Focus: SIS Spring Meeting, 1983 * SIS 10th Anniversary Tour, 1984 * Global Catastrophes: New Evidence from Astronomy, Biology and Archaeology * The Continuing Ica Mystery
    • In Passing: Darwinian Diary, Part I - Trevor Palmer
    • Letters: Come Again? (on the name 'The Newcomer' for Venus) * Glasgow Proceeds (in praise of SISR VI:1/2/3 covering the Conference at Glasgow)
    • Briefings: Devil's Advocates * Archaeology and the Location of Ai * Obituary: Jim Clarke
    • Articles:
      • Velikovsky and the Apparatus of Scholarship, by Prof R Hewsen
      • Skara Brae: A Time Capsule of Catastrophism?, by B Moore & P James
      • 'Papyrus Ipuwer' and Worlds in Collision, by B Forrest
      • A Response to Forrest, by M Lowery

    SIS Review Vol. VI, issues 1-3 (VI:1-3) - 'Ages in Chaos?: How Valid Are Velikovsky's Views on Ancient Hitory?' (with papers on the Astronomy) Proceedings of the Residential Weekend Conference, Glasgow, 7th-9th April 1978. 84 pp (pp. 1-84). Publ. 1982. 

    • Introduction - Brian Moore
    • Dr Immanuel Velikovsky, Some Additional Evidence from the Period from the Exodus to the End of the Eighteenth Dynasty (paper read in absentia)
    • Geoffrey Gammon, The Nature of the Historical Record
    • Dr John Bimson, Can There Be a Revised Chronology Without a Revised Stratigraphy? (with postscript)
    • Michael Jones, Some Detailed Evidence from Egypt Against Velikovsky's Revised Chronology (with some clarifying comments by G Gammon on Jones' apparent misunderstanding of some of the arguments put forward by Velikovsky in Peoples of the Sea)
    • Peter James, Chronological Problems in the Archaeology of the Hittites (with postscript and discussion session following)
    • Prof Archie E Roy, The Astronomical Basis of Egyptian Chronology
    • Dr Euan MacKie, Radiocarbon Dating and Egyptian Chronology
    • (Factors affecting radiocarbon dates, The nature of Radiocarbon dates, The tree-ring calibration - followed by discussion session and reading of letter to the editor from Michael Start on 'Blind Dating')
    • Prof Archie E Roy, The Stability of the Solar System
    • Dr Robert W Bass, The Celestial Dynamics of Worlds in Collision (followed by reading of letter to the editor from Ralph Juergens and discussion session
    • Dr Immanuel Velikovsky, The Tomb of Ahiram (summary by G Gammon)
    • ENVOI (Dr Euan MacKie)
    • Postcript (SIS Chairman - Harold Tresman)

    SIS Review Vol. V, issue 4 (V:4), 1980/81 - 28pp (pp. 101-128), publ. 1984

    • In Passing: Life off Earth - T Palmer
    • Briefings: Evidence for a Recent Super-comet * Ankylosis in the Chronology of Reconstructed History (letter from C Marx) * Ramesside Star Tables, errata
    • Bookshelf: Mankind in Amnesia * Astronomical Dating of Babylon I and Ur III * Bombarded Earth * Pole Shift
    • Articles:
      • Cometary Catastrophes and the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky, by V Clube
      • Velikovsky & His Heroes, by M Sieff
      • The Years 763 and 687 BC, by J Bimson

    SIS Review Vol. V, issue 3 (V:3) 1980/81 - 32pp (pp. 69-100), publ. 1983 

    • Focus: Dr Claude Schaeffer-Forrer, 1898-1982: An Appreciation;  Physics, Astronomy and Chronology;  Velikovsky's History and Cosmology
    • In Passing: Leakey Hypotheses - J Abery
    • Letters: Cosmic Deliverance;  Sea Level and Earth's Spin Rate;  Where are the Egyptian 8th-century Disasters?;  Catastrophic Spelling
    • Briefings: Myths, Megaliths and the end of the Third Millenium BC;  Slabinski Addenda
    • Articles:
      • An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC, Part I: The Archaeological Evidence, by M Mandelkehr
      • An Earth-Inversion Model, by M Reade

    SIS Review Vol. V, issue 2 (V:2) - 35pp (pp. 34-68), 1980/81.

    • Focus: Catastrophism Old and New
    • Obituary: Zvi Rix
    • In Passing: Ebla Reconsidered - J Bimson
    • Bookshelf: Space Travellers ;  The Origin of Life;  The Bible and Recent Archaeology;  The Rebel Lands
    • Letters: Clouded Thinking (problem in disproving Venus 'greenhouse effect' assertions);  Down to Earth (congratulations on contents of SISR IV: 2/3);  New Year Resolution (Mayan Sacred Year and Mayan calendar)
    • Briefings: More Hot Air on Venus;  Anticipated findings (magnetic inclination in Egyptian Old and Middle Kingdom pottery/Geomagnetic field in Egypt has varied);  V. Axel Firsoff - The Other Gadfly;  Volatile Venus
    • Articles:
      • Science & Novelty, by B de Finetti
      • What's in a Name? - Venus 'The Newcomer', by M Lowery
      • An Introduction to the Evidence of the Panchasiddhantika, by M Reade
      • A Dynamical Objection to Warlow's Inversion of the Earth, by V Slabinski
      • The Anomalous Condition of Venus and the Origin of the Solar System, by V Axel Firsoff

    SIS Review Vol. V, issue 1 (V:1) - 32pp (pp. 1-32), 1980/81.

    • Focus: New directions in Ancient History * AGM 1980 * Princeton prospects
    • Horizons: Review in brief of other journals
    • Briefings: Cosmos without gravitation
    • Articles & papers:
      • Electric Stars in a Gravityless Electrified Cosmos, by Earl Milton
      • Dating the Wars of Seti I, by J Bimson
      • Problems of Continental Drift, by Drs I Velikovsky and P Smith

    SIS Review Vol. IV, issue 4 (IV:4) - 41pp (pp. 73-113), Spring 1980

    • Tributes: To Dr Immanuel Velikovsky
    • Focus: Aspects of Catastrophism * The Gordon Atwater Affair * Broken Reeds (high chronology of Mellaart meets with cool reception)
    • Forum (Letters): Catastrophic Cores * The Oracle Decoded? (tippe-top and the 'insane finale' of the Sibylline Oracles) * Isotope Decay Constant? * Core Hypotheses * Martian Motion * Cores and Effects * Indian Orbits * A Synchronous Stratigraphy?
    • Bookshelf: The Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophes * Lifecloud * Diseases From Space * An Extraterrestrial Event at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary * Terrestrial Catastrophe Caused by Cometary Impact at the End of Cretaceous * Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends: Oceania and Australia, The Americas
    • Horizons: Fortean Times * Kronos
    • Briefings: The Deluge, After Asimov * Stranger Than Fiction (Lowery on Patrick Moore, the 'Sky at Night' programmes, etc.)
    • Articles & papers:
      • An Interim Report, by W. Thornhill
      • The Queen of Sheba and the Song of Songs, by H. Maccoby
      • A Possible Reference to King David in Ugaritic Literature, by Tom Chetwynd
      • Bronze Age Destructions in the Near East, by G. Gammon
    • Extra:  Electrical Origin of the Outbursts on Io - T .Gold * The Magnetic Field of Jupiter and the Volcanism and Rotation of the Galilean Satellites - E M Drobyshevsky (latter two covered by main heading: Jupiter's Magnetic Field and Io's Volcanoes)

    SIS Review Vol. IV, issue 2/3 (IV:2/3) - 44pp (pp. 29-72), Winter 1979/80


    • Articles & papers:
      • Genesis of the Jerusalem Scripta, by I. Velikovsky
      • The Ramesside Star Tables, by M. Reade
      • 'Extra-Scientific' Dimensions of Science, by R .McAulay
      • Colloquium - An 8th-Century Date for Merenptah?, by Dr John Day, Dr J. Bimson and P. James
      • Colloquium - Reversals of the Earth?, by C. Leroy Ellenberger, Eric Crew and Peter Warlow
    • Forum (Letters): Dr Lynn Rose on the 'Glasgow Chronology' - with reply by P. James
    • Bookshelf: Carl Sagan's Broca's Brain - reviewed by B. Moore
    • Focus: Dr John Fermor on Velikovsky's 360-day year
    • Extra: Dr Harold G Coffin (evidence for the Marine Deposition of Coal)
    • Briefings: Concerning Immanuel Velikovsky * Velikovsky & Weizmann * A Core of Truth? (NASA asks if Earth could have been formed in the middle of a giant protoplanet - something like Jupiter!)
    • Horizons: Fortean Times * Kronos * Zetetic Scholar

    SIS Review Vol. IV, issue 1 (IV:1) - 28pp (pp. 1-28), Autumn 1979

    • Obituary: IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY 1895-1979
    • In Passing: Anchor's Aweigh (re: astronomical date of 1786 BC for end of Dyn. XII)
    • Briefings: Ill wind (re: Fred Hoyle and dust from a comet as cause of catastrophic onset of ice ages) * Extinguishing Marks (unexpected amount of iridium found in sedimentary rock marking the boundary of the Cretaceous period thought to be extra-terrestrial) * Unlicensed attacks (re: reception given Velikovky's ideas)
    • Bookshelf: Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History
    • Forum (Letters): Pot Plant? (reign of Horemheb) * Space Probity (excessive argon 36 in Venus' atmosphere and not enough in that of Mars) * War Stars (archangels in Sodom and Gomorrah event)
    • Horizons: Catastrophist Geology * Fortean Times * Zetetic Scholar
    • Articles & papers:
      • The Birth of Planets, by P. Warlow
      • A Chronology for the Middle Kingdom and Israel's Egyptian Bondage - II, Israel In Egypt, by J. Bimson
      • Notes on the 'Assuruballit Problem', by P. James
    • Extra: Venus Hothouse - The Other Theory.  Frederic B. Jueneman
    • Science Frontiers: A redshift undermines the dogma of an expanding universe * Asteroids with moons? * Nine-tenths of the universe is unseen * Petrol channels on Mars? * Cometary appearance of Venus * Venus has an uncertain pedigree * Unearthly life on Mars * Supermasses that come and go * Has the Universe's missing mass been found? 70th anniversary of the Tunguska event * Positive ion emissions before earthquakes may affect animals

    SIS Review Vol. III, issue 4 (III:4) - 32pp (pp. 81-112), Spring 1979

    • In Passing: Metallurgy & Chronology
    • Briefings: Auspicious Dates - P. W. Lapp and Carbon 14);  Sacred Bull (an illustration of way scientific process really works); Exploded Myths (re: asteroids being debris of a planet formerly orbiting between Mars and Jupiter)
    • Forum (Letters): Horemheb's Place;  Reign Proof? (Vel.'s identification of Manetho's 26th and 30th dynasties with those of 19th and 20th);  Off limits (whether or not Venus expelled from Jupiter and testing multiple hypotheses)
    • Bookshelf: The Cycles of Heaven;  The Geomagnetic Field and Life Geomagnetbiology;  Tuning in to Nature;  The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
    • Articles & papers:
      •  The Dresden Codex and Velikovsky's Catastrophe Dates, by N. K. Owen
      •  Nebuchadrezzar and Neriglissar (A Critique of the Revision of the Neo-Babylonian Succession), by C. O. Jonsonn
      •  Radiocarbon Dates and Cultural Change, by E. MacKie
    • Extra: Geomagnetic Reversals? - P. Warlow, 1978, The Institute of Physics (concerns the required mechanism for an inversion of the Earth and 'reversal' of its rotation - without stopping and starting it)

    SIS Review Vol. III, issue 3 (III:3) - 20pp (pp. 61-80), Winter 1978/79

    • Focus: Lest we forget (re: Velikovsky's theory of cultural amnesia induced by past catastrophic events) * The American Scene (of publications relating to Velikovsky)
    • Horizons: Zetetic Scholar
    • Forum (Letters): Top Marks (from Eva Danelius);  Poor Marx (Martin Sieff takes up his challenge)
    • Articles & papers:
      • A Chronology for the Middle Kingdom and Israel's Egyptian Bondage, by J. Bimson
      • Kima and Kesil, by Immanuel Velikovsky
      • Worlds in Collision and the Prince of Denmark: II (Hamlet and Meso-American Myth, by I. Wolfe

    SIS Review Vol. III, issue 2 (III:2) - 32pp (pp. 29-60), Autumn 1978

    • Focus: A Point of View - C. L. Ellenberger
    • In Passing: The Sybil & Dr Stecchini - M. Lowery
    • Forum (Letters): Disciplinary Considerations, C. Marx - with replies from P. James and G. Gammon and response by Marx;  Conditional Discharge, R,  Forshufvud * Notes on a Possible Pre-Deluge Catastrophe, B. O'Gheoghan
    • Horizons: Technology Review
    • Bookshelf: The Velikovsky Affair;  Orbital Motion;  Redating The Exodus and Conquest;  A Dictionary of Common Fallacies;  Scientists Confront Velikovsky;  Ebla;   The Mahabharata;  Lifecloud;  The Sumerian Ural-Altaic, Magyar Relationship
    • Retrospect: Immanuel Velikovsky and the AAAS Symposium of 1974
    • Articles & papers:
      • A Simple Investigation of the Thesis of Isotope Decay Constancy, by N. G. J. Sykes
      • An Alternative to the Ejection of Venus from Jupiter, by C. Keister & A. Hamilton
      • A Critique of Ramses II and His Time, by P.James
      • The Place of Horemheb in Egyptian History, by G. Gammon
      • An Eight-Century Date for Merenptah, by J. Bimson

    SIS Review Vol. III, issue 1 (III:1) - 28pp (Summer 1978)

    • Focus: Glasgow Conference Report
    • Forum (Letters): Gathering Goodwill (from the Chairman) * Blind Dating * Thutmose III * The Temple in Jerusalem * Chronic Ailments * That Ankh * Mutwa, Moses and Myth * Mythology & Repression (a response by R. Wescott to the dialogue between P. James & H. Kloosterman in SISR I:2, pp 3-7) * Failure of a Concept? * Walk, don't run (reply to foregoing) * Where's the Discipline?
    • Bookshelf: The Dragons of Eden * The Sea Peoples: Warriors of the Ancient Mediterranean * Ramses II and His Time * The Velikovsky Affair * World Atlas of Mysteries
    • Articles & papers:
      • The Arrival of the Philistines and the Revised Chronology, by J. Bimson
      • 'Proofs' of the Stability of the Solar System, by R. W. Bass
      • A Philosophy for Inter-disciplinary Studies, by H. Meynell
    • Horizons: Recollections of a Fallen Sky (plus books/groups/ journals mentioned previously under 'Forum' sections) * Zetetic Scholar
    • Contents: Of Kronos, (vol. I, issue 1 - vol. III, issue 4)

    SIS Review Vol. II, issue 4 (II:4) - 24pp (pp. 97-120). Spring 1978. 

    • Focus: Bell, Book and Cornell * Made in Germany (German edition of Worlds in Collision ) * Glasgow Conference * Truzzi Goodbye * Not Amused * Tail Piece (Hittite euphemism in 'A Close Shave' - 'Forum', SISR II:2) * Catastrophism and Ancient History * Phenomena (plus groups/journals/books mentioned previously under same section)
    • Bookshelf: Scientists Confront Velikovsky * Janus * Index to the Worksof Velikovsky * Babylonian Planetary Omens: Part One, The Venus Tablets of Ammisaduqa * A Dictionary of Hinduism * Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends * Mysteries of Modern Science
    • Forum (Letters): More Fall Out * Another Year * Again Exodus (with reply by H. Maccoby and Editor's note)
    • Articles & papers:
      • Worlds in Collision and the Prince of Denmark, Part I, by I. Wolfe
      • Isotopic Anomalies in Chronometric Science, by D. Robins
      • A Response to Dr Milsom, by T. Barnes
      • The Determinants of Scientific Behaviour, by B. Martin
      • How Much Did They Know?, by M. Start
    • Contact

    SIS Review Vol. II, issue 3 (II:3) - 44pp (pp. 53-96), 1977/78. Special Issue - 'From the Exodus to Akhenaten'.

    • Editorial
    • Articles & papers:
      • Dating The 'Admonitions': Advance Report, by M. Lowery
      • A Chart for the Conquest of Canaan, by J. Bimson
      • The Hyksos and the Archaeology of Palestine, by J. Bimson
      • Did Thutmose III Despoil the Temple in Jerusalem?, by E. Danelius
      • The Dating of the El-Amarna Letters, by P. James
      • The Two Jehorams, by M. Sieff
      • A Chronology for the Eighteenth Dynasty, by G. Gammon
      • Radiocarbon Dates for the Eighteenth Dynasty, by E. MacKie

    SIS Review Vol. II, issue 2 (II:2) - 24pp (pp. 29-52). Dec. 1977

    • Forum (Letters): Out of Egypt * A Close Shave * Physical difficulties * Constantly Variable (BBC TV 'Horizon'programme) * Strapazierte Sandalen * Bridge Problem
    • Focus: Weekend Conference 'Ages in Chaos?' * Catastrophist Geology* Fortean Times* Kriitinen Tutkimusryhmas (Critical Study Group) * Kronos* Podium Akadamische Freiheit * Research Communications Network
    • Bookshelf: Native American Astronomy* Effects of Solar Activity on the Earth's Atmosphere and Biosphere* The Rebel Lands * Cosmological Letters* Meteorite Craters * Orbital Motion * Handbook of Iron Meteorites: Their history, distribution, composition and structure * Historical Supernovae * Prehistoric Maritime Adaptations of the CircumpolarZone* Guide to the Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books * Pygmy Kitabu * The Worship of the Sky-God * Tortillas for the Gods
    • Articles & papers:
      • The Primordial Light?, by H Tresman and B O'Gheoghan
      • Senmut and Phaeton: Supplementary Notes, by M Reade
      • Recent Origin and Decay of the Earth's Magnetic Field, by T Barnes
      • A Commentary on Barnes' Magnetic Decay, by J Milsom
      • The Critics and Stellar Energy (comments from D Quilfoyle, E Crew and M Tobias on R Juergens' paper 'Galactic Space Charge and Stellar Energy' in SISR  I:4 - with reply from R Juergens)
    • Contact

    SIS Review Vol. II, issue 1 (II:1) - 28pp (pp. 1-28), Autumn 1977.

    • Focus: Spring Weekend Conference at Glasgow University
    • Forum (Letters): * Raamses Again * Unisex Sandal-straps * Harmonies of the Spheres * Childless Painbirth * Moses and Monotheism
    • Bookshelf: Mycenaean Greece, The Sea Peoples and Egypt (plus other books/journals/groups mentioned previously)
    • Articles & papers:
      •  Some Notes on Senmut's Ceiling, by M Lowery
      •  Senmut & Phaeton, by M Reade
      •  Worlds in Collision and the Birth of Monotheism, by H Maccoby
      •  Peoples of the Sea: An Art Historical Perspective, by L Greenberg
      •  Electricity in Astronomy (Part 4), by E Crew

    SIS Review Vol. I, issue 5 (I:5)- 25pp (Summer 1977)

    • Focus: 1st public meeting of the Society - Leeds University 19.3.77. (Dr Hugo Meynel, Dr Euan MacKie, P James, Dr J Bimson * Jerusalem - The Censors Censured * London - Capital Colloquy * Catastrophist Geology * Center for Velikovskian and Interdisciplinary Studies * Kriitinen Tutkimusryhma (Critical Study Group) * Kronos * Pensee * Podium Akademische Freiheit (PAF - Swiss Study Group) * Research Communications Network
    • Articles & papers:
      •  The Inexact Science of Radiometric Dating, by R MacKinnon
      •  A Further Note on Jericho, by J Bimson
      •  The Androgynous Comet, by Zvi Rix
    • Bookshelf: Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain * Megaliths, Myths and Men* The Stone Circle of the British Isles * Strange Universe * The Hittites: People of a Thousand Gods * Growth Rhythms and the History of the Earth's Rotation
    • Forum (Letters): Venus: Whose Baby? * A Further Answer to John Day * Memazzer-Love * Out of Orbit

    SIS Review Vol. I, issue 4 (I:4) - 32pp (Spring 1977)

    • Focus: Symposium on Catastrophes * Ebla - New Discoveries * London - A de Grazia 'off the cuff' * Irving Wolfe - informal discussion * Catastrophist Geology * Center for Velikovskian and Interdisciplinary Studies * Kronos* University of Lethbridge * Pensee
    • Articles & papers:
      •  Schools of Thought - A Reply, by H Meynell
      •  Rockenbach's ''De Cometis'' and the Identity of Typhon, by J Bimson
      •  The Cosmology of Job (Planets in the Bible: Part I), by M. Sieff 
    • Forum (Letters): Two Faces of Venus * Thunderstones & Lightning * Shishak, Asimov & Hercules
    • In Passing: Circularisation of Planetary Orbits - A Hamilton
    • Bookshelf: Peoples of the Sea* The Age of Velikovsky * The Nature of theStratigraphical Record * Isaac Newton: Historian
    • Review Extra: Galactic Space Charge and Stellar Energy (paper by R Juergens)

    SIS Review Vol. I, issue 3 (I:3) - 33pp (Summer 1976)

    • In Passing: The Walls of Jericho
    • Articles & papers:
      •  The Conquest of Canaan, by J Bimson
      •  Aphrodite - The Moon or Venus? (contd.), by Alfred de Grazia; with reply by Peter James
      •  Electricity in Astronomy (Part 3), by E Crew
    • Focus: Alfred de Grazia in London * Catastrophist Geology * Meeting address by Irving Wolfe * Velikovsky Reconsidered * American Graffiti
    • Forum (Letters): Communication * Revelation * Calibration * Unsocial Scientists * A Missed Opportunity
    • Bookshelf: Hindu Myths * The Past is Human* Velikovsky Reconsidered(reviews by Times Literary Supplement, New Society and New Scientist )
    • On Schools of Thought: What can we usefully learn from the 'Velikovsky Affair'? - R G A Dolby
    • Review Extra: Velikovsky Supported by Establishment - C J Ransom

    SIS Review Vol. I, issue 2 (I:2) - 25pp (Spring 1976)

    • Focus: Latest news on Peoples of the Sea * Ancient History Study Group Meeting * REVIEW
    • Forum (Letters): Cenomanian Sync. (comment on I Grant's article) * The Year Before (re: the debate on the merits of Velikovsky's ideas) * Did Moon Maul Mars? * The Jupiter Puzzle
    • Articles & papers:
      •  Megalithic Astronomy, by E MacKie
      •  Electricity in Astronomy, by E Crew
      •  Manna as Confection, by M Reade
      •  Diana at Ephesus, by P James & M Sieff
      •  In Defence of the Revised Chronology (answer to J Day, contd...), by M Sieff 
    • Bookshelf: Minerals, Metals, Glazing and Man * The Rotation of the Earth: a Geophysical Discussion * The Structure of Scientific Theories

    SIS Review Vol. I, issue 1 (I:1) - 21pp (Jan. 1976)

    • Focus: Inaugural Meeting of the Society, London, 9.11.75. * Open Forum (first meeting for discussion of Velikovky's theories and their implications) * First meeting of Ancient History Study Group 7.12.75.
    • Articles & papers:
      •  Aphrodite - The Moon or Venus, by P James
      •  Problems of Electricity in Astronomy, by E Crew
      •  Myth & Method, by I Grant
      •  In Defence of the Revised Chronology (answer to J Day's article Objections to the Revised Chronology - SIS Newsletter no. 2), by M Sieff 
    • In Passing: Black Holes
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