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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1994 Issue (Volume XVI)

Irving Wolfe:
A Catastrophist Reading of Religious Systems 2

Robert M. Porter:
Shishak – Ramesses II or Ramesses III? 11

Daphne Garbett:
The Reliability of Synchronisms in Reconstructing an Historical Chronology from Rehoboam to Hezekiah’ 14

Antony H. Rees:
Artificially Structured Biblical Chronologies 24


Part 1: Natural Selection and Evolution
a challenge set by David Salkeld and a response from Trevor Palmer 36

Part 2: The Cambridge Conference A Flop?
a challenge set by Benny Peiser with responses from Alasdair Beal and Bernard Newgrosh 36


Trevor Palmer on the Continuing Evolution of Evolution 47

Damien MacKey on Rose’s Middle Kingdom Lunar Dates 50

Alasdair Beal on the sequel to Prehistory and Earth Models 52

Bernard Newgrosh on Myth and History in the Bible? 54

from Robert M. Porter, Lester J. Mitcham, John D. Weir and Michael G. Reade 59


Editor: Bernard Newgrosh

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The Editor regrets the much delayed production of this issue of the Review, for which he takes full responsibility. The views expressed in this journal are those of the contributors but are not necessarily shared by the Editor or Editorial Consultants.

Cover photograph: King Solomon conducting the daughter of Pharaoh to his palace, an illustration from a 19th century family bible (with thanks to R. M. Porter).

Contents copyright of The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, October 1995.

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