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SIS Review Vol. VIII, 1986 Special Tenth Anniversary Tour Issue


Brian Moore:
Preface i

David Rohl:
The SIS Tenth Anniversary Tour of Egypt- Report 2

Dr John Bimson:
Hatshepsut and the Queen of Sheba: 12

A Critique of Velikovsky’s Identification and an Alternative View.


SIS Tenth Anniversary Tour 27, 57

Michael Jones:
Shoshenq I and the Traditions of New Kingdom Kingship in Egypt 31

David Rohl:
The Bubastite Portal: 34

Evidence Against Velikovsky’s Placement of Ramesses II in the Late 7th Century.


Dr John Bimson:
Shoshenq and Shishak: 36

A Case of Mistaken Identity


David Rohl:
El-Hiba Revisited 47

Letters from the Participants of the SIS Egyptian Tour 53

Cover Photograph – Profile of the southernmost colossus at Abu Simbel

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