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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2004:1 Incorporating Workshop 2004:2

Society News 2

Chronology & Catastrophism Review


Has Science Got it Wrong? – Remarks on the Arctic 5
Derek S. Allan
Neo-Assyrians and Achaemenids – A Test of Beards 9
Trevor Palmer


Response to Bimson by Emmet Sweeney 20

Reviews 18
Monuments of the British Neolithic by Miles Russell
Reviewed by Phillip Clapham 22
Solving the Exodus Mystery by Ted T. Stewart
Reviewed by Laurence Dixon 23
Wer Herrschte Im Industal? (Who Reigned in the Indus Valley?) by Gunnar Heinsohn
Reviewed by Emmet Sweeney
The History of Britain Revealed by M. J. Harper
Reviewed by Jill Abery 24


Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop

From Michael G. Reade, Emmet Sweeney, Leonard Saunders, Jill Abery, S. Howlett, J. Eric Aitchison, and Margaret Grant 33

Articles 40
Old Testament Tales
by David Salkeld 29
Confusion Breeds on Assumptions
by G. P. Williams 30
Fire From Heaven
by Phillip Clapham 32

Monitor 33
Bookshelf by Jill Abery 39

Internet News 47


Production team:
Jill Abery, David Davis, Val Pearce and Ian Tresman.

Editorial team:
Jill Abery, Eric Aitchison, Laurence Dixon, Brian Moore, Val Pearce, David Roth, Emmet Sweeney. (Also assisting the editorial proces during the preparation of this issue: Lewis M. Greenberg.

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‘Innesfree’, Highsted Valley, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0AD, UK. E-mail Editorial Address:

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