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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2004:2 Incorporating Workshop 2004:3

Society News 2

Chronology & Catastrophism Review


Megalithic Circles and Star Charts 3
Moe Mandelkehr


Recent Developments In Near Eastern Archaeology by Bob Porter 10

Reviews 18
Avebury: The Biography of a Landscape
Reviewed by Phillip Clapham 13
The Miracles of the Exodus & The Moses Legacy
Reviewed by Phillip Clapham 14

Pot Pourri Paul Standring 17
In Passing: Health Hazards to Egyptologists: Radon Gas
by Nesta Caiger 22


Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop

From Clark Whelton, Damien Mackey, Paul Standring, Phillip Clapham and Gordon Williams,

Articles 40
Old Testament Tales II & III: Moses ‘B’
by David Salkeld 28
Horeb: The Mountain of God
by Emmet Sweeney 30
How Good A Navigator was Columbus?
by Peter Fairlie-Clarke 31
The Tang-I Var Inscription
by J. Eric Aitchison 32

Monitor 33
Bookshelf by Jill Abery 40

Internet News 41

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