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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1988 Issue (Volume X)


Dr William H. Shea:
The Military Strategy of Sheshonq/Shishak in Palestine 2

In response to Dr John Bimson’s critique of the Sheshonq = Shishak equation, Dr Shea has re-examined the evidence of the Bubastite Portal, which gives details of Sheshonq’s campaign in Palestine. His remarkable new interpretation confronts the revised chronologies.


Moe M. Mandelkehr:
An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC:
Part III, the Geological Evidence 11

In the third of his series of articles examining the evidence for a major disruption at or around 2300 BC, Moe Mandelkehr has amassed a wealth of geological data in support of his thesis. His impressive catalogue of data constitutes a challenge both to uniformitarians (who have to explain the disruptions) and to catastrophists (who have to indicate their source).


David Rohl & Bernard Newgrosh:
The El Amarna Letters and the New Chronology 23

A successful revised chronology for the ancient Near East must take into account the evidence of the El Amarna Letters. This paper re-examines their witness and compares it to the best source on Palestine – the Old Testament – finding dramatic parallels in the Early Monarchy period. Thus, the controversial ‘New Chronology’ receives major support.


Eric W. Crew: Erratic Events in the Solar System 43

The past history of the Solar System has been characterised by erratic events, contends Eric Crew. His computer simulations, previously described in Kronos, support this view. In this paper he briefly outlines his ideas and work, as presented in a Talk to the AGM of the Society in Spring 1988.


Wal Thornhill:
Formation of Chondritic Meteorites and the Solar System 49

Chondritic meteorites are an enigma to scientists – they have so many apparently inexplicable features. Adopting Eric Crew’s core expulsion theory, Wal Thornhill is able to account for all their peculiar properties and to explain their formation. This revolutionary thesis has far-reaching implications for the study of the history of the Solar System. (His Talk to the AGM of the Society in Spring 1988 was based on this paper).


Dr Trevor Palmer: Nemesis for Gradual Evolution? 57

Evolution – has it been gradual or episodic? Dr Palmer conducts a thorough examination of the literature and discovers that gradualism is steadily losing ground to its catastrophist rival: even the recently advocated ‘Nemesis’ theories do not seem to be able to stem the tide of catastrophism.


Rohl, Newgrosh, van der Veen: El Amarna Excursuses 65

Additional notes on the Amarna/Early Monarchy synchronism


Cover photograph: Depicts Amarna/Early Monarchy synchronism. Design by David Rohl and Jill Abery.

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