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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1996:1

News 2


Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism and Evolution 4
Trevor Palmer reconsiders Darwin, Lyell and the great Victorian catastrophists
The Homeric Question 14
When were Homer’s epics written? Benny Peiser looks at Greek history
Hazor and the anachronisms in the chronology of the Ancient Near East 21
Gunnar Heinsohn find strange anachronisms in the archaeology of Hazor.
Shamir 27
Phillip Clapham asks whether this legendary substance was really ‘something upstairs’?
Einstein and Relativity 27
Alasdair Beal looks at the strange world of relativity theory.

Notes and Queries 34
Tutankhamun radiocarbon dates

Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter 35

Forum by R.M. Porter 35
Phillip Clapham responds to Forum in C&C Review 1994 (Vol. XCVI)

Monitor by Jill Abery 40

Bookshelf by Jill Abery 48

Reviews 49

A Test of Time (David M. Rohl) – Reviewed by Geoffrey Gammon 49

When the Sky Fell (Flem-Ath) and The Sunken Kingdom (James) – Reviewed by Trevor Palmer 54

Red Earth White Lies (Vine Deloria, Jr.), – Reviewed by Jill Abery 52

Fingerprints of the Gods (Graham Hancock) – Reviewed by David Roth 56

Catastrophism and the Old Testament: The Mars-Earth Conflicts (Donald Patten) – Reviewed by David Salkeld 58

Society News 60

Jill Abery (2), Bob Porter (2), C. Lindsay Prasher, David Slade, Michael Reade, Eric Cooley, Lisa Aaronson 64

About C&C Review. How to join the SIS 68



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Front cover: The 19th century catastrophist, William Buckland, examined the lower jaw of Megalosaurus, the first dinosaur to be described and named. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Natural History Museum, London).

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