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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1990 Issue (Volume XII)


Dwardu Cardona:
Homeric Troy and the Greek Dark Age 2

Should Homer’s Iliad be seen as an accurate historical account? Whilst agreeing with David Rohl on the need to abolish the non-existent Dark Age of Greece, Dwardu Cardona argues that the Iliad is nothing but a poetic saga and that Homer’s Troy has yet to be discovered.


David Rohl:
The Greek Colonisation Movement – When and Why? 9

In exploring the reasons why the ancient Greeks went overseas, founding colonies in the Aegean and Italy, David Rohl also asks the question when they did so. By removing the Dark Age and adopting a low chronology, he is able to solve many current problems and anomalies.


Dr Trevor Palmer: The Erratic Descent of Man 14

In studying the evolution of one species there are lessons to be learnt about evolution in general. Here, Dr Palmer concentrates on Man, discovering that although Man has been particularly extensively studied, surprisingly few firm conclusions can be drawn concerning his descent.


Dick Atkinson: Interdisciplinary Indiscipline 24

In this article Velikovsky’s early critics and detractors are scrutinised by a non-Velikovskian. Famous names in the scientific world are here associated with the infamous words written or uttered by them, with particular reference to Isaac Asimov and those who have cited him as an ‘authority’.


Jeremy Goldberg: Early 21st Dynasty Genealogy and the Consequences of Redating the Installation of HPA Pinudjem I to ca. Year 1 of Psusennes 1 31

In his detailed study of the complexities of the genealogy of the 21st Dynasty, Jeremy Goldberg argues for a radical revision of the currently accepted scheme of things. In so doing, he finds himself at odds with the ‘New Chronology’ even though the direction of his revision is also towards a lower chronology. Central to his argument is the relationship between the installation of HPA Pinudjem I and Year 1 of Psusennes 1; consequent upon it would be an overlap between dynasties 20 and 21 plus a revision of the currently accepted relationship between dynasties 21 and 22.


Letters 47

Continuing the exchange of views begun in Review vol. XI, T. William Field and David Salkeld debate the mechanics of inversion of the tippe-top (as relates to an Earth inversion in the Warlow hypothesis); Robert Driscoll presents some recent Soviet evidence as compatible with an eruptive origin for Venus; and Bernard Newgrosh relays some further feedback on the El Amarna/Early Monarchy synchronism presented in Review vol. X.

Bernard Newgrosh

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Peter van der Veen (Israelite Monarchy)
Wal Thornhill (Physical Sciences)
Eric W. Crew (Physical Sciences)
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Dwardu Cardona (Mythology and Cosmogony)
Michael G. Reade (Observational Astronomy)
Carl O. Jonsson (neo-Babylonian History)

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Cover photograph:
The colossal statue of Ramesses II at Karnak, usurped by king and HPA Pinudjem I of the early 21st Dynasty. The small figure at the feet of the king is Bint-Anath.

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