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SIS Review Vol. VII Part A (1985)

Note that there is no Part B.


Dr Trevor Palmer: Catastrophism and Evolution 99

An authority in the field of mutational change reviews the growing weight of evidence from many disciplines for patterns of catastrophic evolution.

Professor Robert Jastrow: Velikovsky: Hero or Heretic? 21

An eminent astronomer and geologist assess Velikovsky’s contribution to science in the light of evidence from the geological and climatological records.



Comets, Meteorites and Earth History: S.I.S. Spring Meeting 1984 2

In Defence of Sir Fred Hoyle by Dr Michael Shallis 5

Causal Relationships: Freud, Stekel and Velikovsky 7

Showers of Glass 8


Dr Earl Milton: Celestial Dynamics and “Worlds in Collision” 24

Leroy Ellenberger: Wild Motions, Angular Momentum and Other Problems 26

Dr Eva Danelius: An Appendix to my Articles on Hatshepsut and Thutmose III 29

Dr John Bimson: On Dayton and Dating – with a reply by John Dayton 31

Jill Abery: The Domestication of Cattle: Interdisciplinary Evidence for Catastrophism – with a comment from Dr Bernard Newgrosh 33


René Gallant: A Pioneer of Modern Catastrophism 3

Iridium and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs 17

Velikovsky and Egyptology 30

Back Issues: Full Listings back cover

Back cover

Brian Moore reviews The Cosmic Heretics by Alfred de Grazia 35

from Eric Crew, Professor Archie Roy and Dr William Stiebing 36

This issue is dedicated to the memory of René Gallant (see pp. 2-3)

Cover illustration – Imaginative depiction of an awesome sword-shaped comet seen in 1527: 16th-century English woodcut.

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Dr John Milsom (Geophysics)
Dr Earl Milton (Physics)
Dr Trevor Palmer (Life Sciences)
Michael Reade, D.S.C. (Observational Astronomy)
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