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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2001:1

News 2


Geomagnetic Effects of an Earthwide Event in 2300BC 4
Moe Mandelkehr develops his theory of a worldwide catastrophe in 2300BC.
On Velikovsky’s Orbits 11
Laurence C W Dixon takes a fresh look at the physics of Worlds in Collision
An Investigation into the Reality of the Early Medieval Dark Age 14
Trevor Palmer looks for Niemitz’s missing centuries.
The Dark Ages hiatus: a response to Clark Whelton 20
Steve Mitchell investigates what Pope Gregory really did to the calendar.
The sacred 260 day calendar of early Mesoamerican civilisations 22
Bob Johnson seeks an explanation for the Mayan calendar
More Problems with Sothic Dating 27
Jesse Lasken develops his case further from ‘Sothic Dating: the Shameless Enterprise’.
Thiele’s Assyrian Reliance 30
J. Eric Aitchison questions the ‘Bible’ of Assyrian history.

Black Sea Flood by Phillip Clapham 13
The Saint and the Miracle by Phillip Clapham 13

Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter 35
Monitor By Jill Abery 38
Bookshelf by Jill Abery 50

Reviews 50

Controversy: Catastrophism and Evolution by T. Palmer – reviewed by Richard Huggett 51

Mount St. Helens by Dr Steve Austin – reviewed by Laurence Dixon 53

The Crystal Sun by Robert Temple – reviewed by Brian Moore 54

The Followers of Horus. Vol 1, Ed. D. Rohl – reviewed by Steve Mitchell 55

The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion & Cosmology by Charles Ginenthal – reviewed by Eric Crew 56

Forgotten Gems: Tuning in to Nature by Philip S. Callahan – reviewed by Jill Abery 58

Cradle of Saturn, by James P Hogan – reviewed by Bob Johnson 58

Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual by Aubrey Burl – reviewed by Phillip Clapham 58

The Pyramid Age by Emmet J Sweeney – reviewed by John Crowe 59

King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend, by R. Castleden – reviewed by P. Clapham 61

Hapgood’s Ancient Maps – reviewed by Michael G. Reade 62

Uriel’s Machine by C. Knight & R. Lomas – reviewed by Derel Briarley 63

Society News  63
Talk by Bob Porter on Middle Assyrian History (Study Group) 64
SIS Study Group 17th June 2000 68

Paul Standring, David Eccott, Bert Fiddelaers, John Ackerman, Derel Briarley, Phillip Clapham, G.K. Barnard Michael G. Reade and William P. Bourne. 69

Predicting the Past: An Exploration of Myth, Science and Prehistory
Intersect 2001

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