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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1989 Issue (Volume XI)


Dr John J. Bimson:
Shoshenq’s Palestinian Campaign: a reply to Shea 2

Disputing Dr Shea’s novel interpretation of Shoshenq’s list, Dr Bimson re-examines the place names and shows that problems remain for the identification of this pharaoh with the Biblical Shishak.


Dr Trevor Palmer: Towards a new Evolutionary Synthesis 4

What are the major ideas in evolution today, and where are they leading? Dr Palmer examines current evolutionary thinking, and its history, and finds a diversity of ideas in a synthesis which is as yet incomplete.


Dr Richard Huggett: Drayson’s hypothesis: the Earth’s tilt cycle 12

The tilt cycle hypothesis of Alfred W. Drayson, a 19th century catastrophist, is re-evaluated by Dr Huggett and found wanting. Drayson attracted quite a following, his works continuing to be cited even recently by authors who were probably not familiar with his writings. An article of interest to those who study the history of catastrophism, it also has important lessons for those who study scientific behaviour.


The Tippe Top: an Ongoing Debate 20

Terry Field: Some Thoughts on Inversion Calculations 21

The first of two articles in this issue continuing the debate between Peter Warlow and Victor Slabinski – can the Earth invert in the manner of a tippe top? Terry Field presents the case for calculations to be based, not on a rigid Earth model (as Slabinski), but on a more realistic fluid one: a 50-fold reduction in the mass of the passing cosmic body is possible.


David Salkeld:
Objections Overruled – a Reappraisal of Earth Inversion Dynamics 29

In the second of the two articles on the tippe top debate, David Salkeld criticises Slabinski’s critiques of Warlow. Whilst finding faults in Warlow’s original paper, he finds major errors in Slabinski’s dynamics and concludes that Slabinski has not demonstrated the impossibility of a tippe top Earth inversion under the gravitational influence of a passing cosmic body.


Dwardu Cardona: The River of Ocean 37

In the third of his series of articles on ‘planetary identities’, Dwardu Cardona concentrates on the celestial serpent and its relation to the ocean – the celestial ocean – and makes some intriguing tie-ins with the Saturn scenario.


David Rohl: The Historicity of the Homeric Poems and Traditions 43

This, the first of three essays on ancient Greece in the light of the ‘New Chronology’, argues for the abolition of the Dark Ages of Greece and for Homer’s reinstatement as a near-contemporary of the Trojan War.

Bernard Newgrosh

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Stone tablet of the Sun god of Nabu-apal-iadina (BM 91000), courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum. [see p. 39]

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