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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2006


Bias in the Writing of History, by Irving Wolfe 2
Velikovksian Catastrophism: Science of Pseudoscience, by Paul Sukys 6
The Feasts and the Crescents, by Lynn E. Rose 16

Can the Persian Chronology by Revised? — Part I by Carl Olof Jonsson 25

Recent Developments In Near Eastern Archaeology by Robert M. Porter 41

Of the Seminar on Alfred de Grazia’s model of ‘Solaria Binaria’, reviewed by Professor Vladimir Damagov 43

Book Reviews 60
The Measure of Albion, by Robin Heath and John Michel, reviewed by Phillip Clapham 46
The Reversing Earth, by Peter Warlow, reviewed by Phillip Clapham 47
Glyphbreakers, by Steven Roger Fischer, reviewed by David Fairbairn 50
From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea; Studies on the History of Assyria and Babylonia in Honour of A.K. Grayson, reviewed by Laurence Dixon 51
Eden in the East; the drowned continent of SE Asia, by Stephen Oppenheimer, reviewed by Phillip Clapham 51
Thunderbolts of the Gods, by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, reviewed by Laurence Dixon 54
Prehistory of Australia, by John Mulvaney and Johan Kummings, reviewed by Phillip Clapham 55

Editorial Address:
Highsted Valley,
Kent, ME9 0AD, UK.

Editorial team:
Jill Abery, Eric Aitchison, Phillip Clapham, Laurence Dixon, Val Pearce, Emmet Sweeney and David Roth

J. Bernard Delair – Geology
Laurence Dixon – Mathematics
Lewis M Greenberg – History of Art
Carl O. Jonsson – Biblical Studies & Late Assyrian/Babylonian history
Trevor Palmer – Biology
Robert M Porter – Egyptology
Michael G Reade – Observational Astronomy
Wal Thornhill – Physics/Astronomy
Peter Warlow – Physics
Irving Wolfe – Psychology of Catastrophe

Val Pearce

Membership & Enquiries:
10 Witley Green,
Darley Heights,
Bedfordshire, LU2 8TR, UK.


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