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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1991 Issue (Volume XIII)


Prof Melvin A. Cook:
Earth Tectonics Viewed from Rock Mechanics 2

According to Carey’s Rheid theory, which underpins modern Continental Drift theory, even granite will flow like a liquid given enough time. Prof Cook offers his alternative based on the science of rock mechanics, a rapid split of the primordial super-continent.


Bob Porter:
The Archaeology of Shiloh and Pottery Chronology 21

Bob Porter examines the excavation reports for Shiloh, noting some chronological anomalies. In resolving these he produces a radically new interpretation of pottery chronology for the MB/LB/Iron ages.


Horizons: 1991 ISIS Fellowship Lecture
given by Prof Manfred Bietak 28

Jesse Lasken:
Should the European Oak Dendrochronologies be Re-examined? 30

In the first of three articles reviewing dendrochronology and calibrated radiocarbon dates, Jesse Lasken questions the soundness of the Irish and German oak chronologies and their independence, both from one another and from the bristlecone pine chronology in the USA.


Bernard Newgrosh: Calibrated Radiocarbon and ‘the Methodological Fault-Line’ 35

Examines the difficulties caused even for conventional historians by the application of calibrated radiocarbon dates.


Alasdair Beal: A Bit Creaky? – Tree-Rings, Radiocarbon and Ancient History 38

In another critical examination of the statistics and methodology of the dendrochronologists, Alasdair Beal argues for an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of absolute dating.


Forum 1: The SIS Evolution Debate Continued 43

Forum 2: Some ‘New Chronology’ Issues 49


Review: The Cosmic Winter reviewed by Dick Atkinson 51

Two of the world’s leading neo-catastrophists, Victor Clube and Bill Napier have written a stimulating book, The Cosmic Winter, which argues that History is littered with catastrophe events. The super-comet which began the modern sequence may still be around [see p. 59].


Bernard Newgrosh: Chiron: Giant Comet, Agent of Catastrophe? 59

Review: Life Itself: Accident or Design? – a review by Prof Trevor Palmer 63

In reviewing 4 modern books on the origin of life on Earth Prof Palmer discovers gaps in our knowledge which are still unbridgeable.

Bernard Newgrosh
107, Higher Lane,
Manchester M25 7EY

Jill Abery, Alasdair Beal

Editorial Consultants:
Dr John J. Bimson (Biblical Archaeology)
Peter van der Veen (Israelite Monarchy)
Geoffrey Gammon (Egyptology)
Alasdair Beal,
Moe M. Mandelkehr,
C. Leroy Ellenberger,
Wal Thornhill (Physical Sciences)
Prof Trevor Palmer (Life Sciences)
Dr Richard Huggett (Earth Sciences)
Dwardu Cardona (Mythology and Cosmogony)
Michael G. Reade (Observational Astronomy)
Carl O. Jonsson (neo-Babylonian History)

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Cover photograph:
Marble Canyon tensile rift (Melvin A. Cook), Figure 15h from his article.

Contents (c) The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, September 1991

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