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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2001:2

News 2


Arctic Anomalies 3
A review by Derek Allan of the strange geology of permafrost and the arctic regions.
The Ring About The Earth At 2300 BC 8
Moe Mandelkehr develops his theory of a 2300BC catastrophe with an explanation of its cause
The Valley of Colours 18
Nesta Caiger describes the discovery of a source of pigments used in Egyptian art.
Apocalyptic Imagery In Modern Political Spectacle 20
Irving Wolfe analyses the rituals of the Nazis and finds evidence of suppressed memories.
The Role Of The Nile In Egyptian Chronology 26
Lynn E. Rose takes on both David Rohl and Kenneth Kitchen
The Biblical 40-Years Periods 31
John Crowe considers whether 40 year periods in Biblical chronologies are fact or fiction.


Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter 36

L’Énigme de la Structure Elliptique


Charles Ginenthal, Wal Thornhill and Eric Crew debate the Electric Universe. 38

Leroy Ellenberger and Laurence Dixon on Velikovsky’s Orbits 40
Monitor By Jill Abery 42
Pot Pourri by Paul Standring 49
Bookshelf by Jill Abery 53


Reviews 54

Alfred De Grazia’s discography – reviewed by Brian Moore 54

Kronos by Robert de Telder – reviewed by Emmet J. Sweene 55

When The Gods Came Down by Alan F. Alford – reviewed by Alasdair Beal 56

The Tutankhamun Prophecies & The Lost Tomb of Viracocha by Maurice Cotterell
– reviewed by Alasdair Beal 56

Ramessides, Medes & Persians by Emmet Sweeney – reviews by M.G. Reade & J.E. Aitchison 57

Predicting the Past by Roger Williams Wescott – reviewed by Jill Abery 58

Cattigara – Legend and History by Stan Hall – reviewed by Jill Abery 58

The Time Detectives by Brian Fagan – reviewed by Phillip Clapham 58

Society News 60


David Slade 61

Derek Allan Scott 62

Melvin Cook 63

Rt. Rev. Dr Jules C.E. Riotte 63



Twist of Time, Bob Porter 64

Jonsson’s Gentile Times, John Crowe 64

Sweeney resonds to Crowe, Emmet Sweeney 65

Ages in Chaos versus the ‘New Chronologies’ of Rohl and James, Phillip Clapham 65

The Formenko/Illig/Niemitz fallacy, Michael Reade 66

Oedipus Questions, Paul Standring. 66

Clarification Requested, Paul Standring 67

Necho = Ramesses II?, Michael G. Reade 67


Boscawen-un 7

Revisions and Assyrians 7

Letopolis: city of the thunderbolt (Report) 7

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About C&C Review. How to join the SIS 68


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Cover: Searchlight display at Nazi Nuremberg Rally – see Irving Wolfe, pp. 20-25

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