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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 1998:1

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It’s Time To Get Serious About Manetho 4
Dale F. Murphie re-examines Manetho’s work and comes to some surprising conclusions.
Tunguska-Type Impacts over the Pacific Basin around the Year 1178 AD 8
Emilio Spedicato presents evidence that Earth passed through a meteor stream in 1178.
A Theory Of Lunar Disturbance 13
Len Saunders argues that the Moon has suffered impacts.
Experiments with Time – Part I: ‘Catastrophes and Chronologies’ 14
Geoffrey Barnard presents a new chronology for the ancient Middle East and reinvestigates questions such as the ‘Ashuruballit problem’ and Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period.
The Oera Linda book 21
Derel Briarley investigates the legends of the Frisians, which describe natural upheavals.
Dating the Hammurabi Dynasty Using the Venus Tablets 23
John D. Weir investigates astronomical datings for this period of Babylonian history.
Assyrian History: the ‘Black Hole’ 25
Eric Aitchison struggles with problems in Assyrian history.

Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology by R.M. Porter 27
Forum: Brigit Liesching, Michael Reade, Dick Atkinson and Eric Aitchison discuss Damien Mackey’s ‘Solomon & Sheba’ 30
Monitor by Jill Abery 37
Bookshelf by Jill Abery 44

Reviews 45

Martian Metamorphoses by Ev Cochrane – reviewed by Jill Abery 45

MAGI, The Quest for a Secret Tradition by Adrian Gilbert – reviewed by David Roth 47

The Relativity Question by Ian McCausland – reviewed by Colin Harris 47

Society News 49
Report of ISIS meeting: ‘In Defence of the New Chronology’ 53

John Crowe, Michael G. Reade (2), James Strickling, J. Eric Aitchison, Laurence Dixon, Peter Ballinger, Phillip Clapham, Brad Schaefer, Mike Sanders. 56

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