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Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2005

In Remembrance of Janek 2

An Unexplained Arctic Catastrophe, Part II, Derek S. Allan 3
Catastrophism and the History of Life on Earth, Trevor Palmer 7
When the Sea Flooded Britain, Steve Mitchell 19
Reply to ‘In Search of Alter Egos’, Emmet Sweeney 38
The Stream Surrounding the Earth, Moe Mandelkehr 41
Some implications of Saunders’ Lunar Hypothesis, David Salkeld 48

Recent Developments In Near Eastern Archaeology by Bob Porter 54

Independent Confirmation of a Catastrophic Event
A consideration by Moe Mandelkehr of Iyengar’s ‘Profile of a Natural Disaster in Ancient Sanskrit Literature’ 58

Book Reviews 60
Pillars of the Past, by Charles Ginenthal – reviewed by Irving Wolfe 60
The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials, and the Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland,
by M. Brennan – reviewed by Phillip Clapham 62
Perilous Planet Earth, by Trevor Palmer – reviewed by Alfred de Grazia 63
Stukeley Illustrated, by N. Mortimer – reviewed by Phillip Clapham 64
Resurrecting Genesis, by J. T. Hadd – reviewed by David Salkeld 64
Mysterious Ancient America, by P. Devereaux – reviewed by Phillip Clapham. 67

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Editorial team:
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Eric Aitchison
Laurence Dixon
Val Pearce
Emmet Sweeney
David Roth

Assisting with this Issue:
J. Bernard Delair

Val Pearce
Jill Abery
Lawrence Dixon
Trevor Palmer


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