A planetoid plows onto the primordial Earth. Credit: Don Davis/NASA.

Stonehenge: An astronomical calendar? Image credit

The Pyramids at Giza. But how old are they? Image credit

The Ant Nebula. Illustrative of the Plasma Universe. Image credit

Lightning over the Eruption of Galungung Volcano. Image credit.


Founded in 1974, The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) is the oldest and most up-to-date organisation researching and publishing articles on cosmic catastrophes and ancient chronology revision.

About the SIS

  • Publishes Chronology & Catastrophism Review (more)
  • Publishes Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop (more)
    (Both available in hard copy or as a PDF)
    From 2015, both will be combined into one large journal
  • Organises conferences, meetings, lectures and talks (more)
  • It also offers back issues of its journals (more)
  • Supports an online public forum (more)
  • Membership offers a number of entitlements (more)
  • Is UK-based with a worldwide membership (more)
  • Is a non-profit-making UK Charity No. 286264
  • Includes academics and lay people as members
  • Welcomes contributions from authors (more)
  • Publishes a free online news service (more)

More about the Society, its background, and activities can be found in the menus (left).


Recent activities

Spring Meeting 2016


                  April 23rd

AGM Meeting
Saturn Paradigms


Z-Pinch Particle Beam

    DVD videos can be purchased at this meeting



"Magnetosphere rendition" by NASA - http://sec.gsfc.nasa.gov/popscise.jpg