A planetoid plows onto the primordial Earth. Credit: Don Davis/NASA.

Stonehenge: An astronomical calendar? Image credit

The Pyramids at Giza. But how old are they? Image credit

The Ant Nebula. Illustrative of the Plasma Universe. Image credit

Lightning over the Eruption of Galungung Volcano. Image credit.


SIS Autumn Meeting and Talks: Sat 7th Oct 2017 @ 11am

The Sun's Electrical Activity -Bob Johnson • The Star Core - Zeus - Rupert Holmes
The Stone of Scone - Adrian Gilbert • The Archaeology of the Exodus - Bob Porter
Watford Herts • Limited space for non-SIS Members • Click here for more details

Founded in 1974, The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) is the oldest and most up-to-date organisation researching and publishing articles on cosmic catastrophes and ancient chronology revision.

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Recent activities

Tall el Hammam
Tall el Hammam dig in Jordan


Was the Middle Bronze Age Civilization North of the Dead Sea Destroyed by Fire from the Sky?

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Spring 2017
Meeting at Watford

Adrian Gilbert

Adrian GThe Orion Mysteryilbert, “The Maya, Ancient Egypt, Stargates and the Electric Universe”
The talk will identify Mayan sites, explain their calendar, and show how they made use of the Sun and certain planets to prognosticate the future.

The astronomical determination of the Mayan end-date of 21/12/2012 will be described.

Co-author of The Orion Mystery


Bob Johnson, “The Anomalous Planetary Periods in the Panchasiddhantika Revisited”Bob Johnson
Velikovsky used ancient Hindu text as evidence for different orbits of Venus and Mars in the past.

Was he right?

What else can these ancient observations tell us?





"Magnetosphere rendition" by NASA - http://sec.gsfc.nasa.gov/popscise.jpg