Catastrophism news

Piora Oscillation

Wiki has a good piece on the Piora Oscillation, the official name for the period of global cooling that followed on from the 3200BC event. It lasted for 200, maybe 300 years in duration and divides the Pre-Dynastic phase from Dynasty One. In Sumeria it marks the end of the Uruk phase with a confused episode dividing it from the Early Dynastic Period. There is plenty of evidence to suggest horse mounted barbarians arrived from the steppe zone at this time - including the Royal Graves of Ur which mimic the kurgans that littered southern Russia and western Siberia in the 4th millennium BC.


At ... a new study in Science Reports (March 9th) brings the Younger Dryas Impact Theory back to life after a couple of articles in the journals criticising the analysis of samples (see for details of the various controversies in the background). The discovery of widespread platinum across continental USA is an interesting development. The opposition will come back with a dampener no doubt, but that is the nature of scientific agreement (I suppose).

Epic Wave

The epic wave is greater by far than the rogue wave (see yesterday), by many orders of magnitude. At the southern end of Madagascar (Malagasy) lie four enormous wedge shaped sediment deposits known as chevrons. They are composed of material dredged up from the ocean floor and each of them is twice the size of Manhattan island. The sediment is as deep as the Chrysler Building (in Manhattan) is tall. The chevrons contain deep ocean microfossils - and various metals that are thought to be associated with cosmic impacts.

Fossil Dinosaur Dinner

At ... a rare find of digested remains of food has been found inside the stomach of a dinosaur - fossilised. The find comes from Patagonia ...

Samuel Windsor

Sam Windsor has commented on the sudden increase in geomagnetism in the 8th century BC by saying that if heavenly fire was part of the destruction of Sennacherib's army (which he dates to 701BC) then it may have an origin in a passing celestial body (he favours Mars) one consequence of which would almost certainly be an increasing charge in both bodies. He also notes that Etruscan pottery in Italy displays a magnetic anomaly.

Dust and Mammoths

At ... sent in by Robert Farrar. Once again a Creationist web site goes where others fear to tread and the issues raised are interesting from a Catastrophist point of view. Some of the mammoths died as a result of asphyxiation we are informed. Of course, very few mammoths did survive in a nearly intact form and those that did must have been buried pretty quickly.

Landslide Corals

At ... and here we have another fake news media outlet, and surely so as they are leaders in exaggerating the effects of CAGW and actually publicly brag about it at the same time (or at least their former editor was proud of faking the news). Thankfully, in this story the fake news is not obvious as it concerns geology and a massive landslide that purportedly took place over 300,000 years ago.

Fake News Again

Also at the fake new Daily Mail we have another interesting story - go to ... which picks up on a story repeated at many places on the Internet. Research shows that the Great Dying mass extinction event 252 million years ago involved what they call shoaling - the turning over of the oceans, ripping up poisonous chemicals in the process from the sea floor.It was these potent gases that was responsible for the loss of 90 per cent of life on earth. Wow. That is sticking your neck out.

Loess in Scablands

At ... which is last year's story. An adaptation of the megaflood theory into a succession of floods as a result of the discovery of a number of water level rims in the lake that is supposed to have emptied across the scablands. The article begins with a description of the channelled scablands ...

Auroch with dots

  ... this is a piece of art from a rock shelter in the Pyrenees which is thought to date back to 38,000 years ago - about the time it was all going wrong for megafauna in Australia and Neanderthals and big mammals in Euroasia. You can just make out an auroch - a large bull with horns. What connection might worship, or portrayals of the bull in rock art have to do with the Taurids (the bull in the sky)?