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Sirius and Saturn

Lynn E. Rose

Delivered at the SIS Silver Jubilee Conference, Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September 1999


A more careful reading of the Canopus Decree enables us to retrocalculate Sothic dates much more precisely than ever before. Middle Kingdom lunar documents fail to fit in the second millennium. But they do fit in the fourth century, with the IIII prt 16 heliacal rising of Sirius in -394.

My “modified-Philolaos” model (1979) remains viable today: Earth once orbited Saturn, always keeping the same face toward Saturn, which thus appeared stationary. Other so-called “Saturn theories” sometimes suffer from “northernism”, from an overcrowding of divinities, from too much myth, and from the lack of any descriptive name (how about “god-kebob”?).

Lynn E. Rose, “Variations on a Theme of Philolaos”, Kronos V:1 (Fall 1979), pages 12-46.

Prof. Lynn E. Rose is the author of: Sun, Moon, and Sothis: A Study of Calendars and Calendar Reforms in Ancient Egypt

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