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Dark Comets

25 February 2010

See http://cosmictusk.com/nasa-mentions-dark-and-dead-comets-for-the-first-time-wise (or simply go to the menu on side bar of the web site) … George Howard wonders if NASAs WISE mission which is now underway is able to confirm or refute, in part or wholly, the widely dismissed notion and theory of Bill Napier and the British NEO catastrophists. In particular, that the solar system is host to dangerous dark cosmic bodies as well as the better known and more easily spotted bright comets and reflective asteroids. The New Scientist (see www.ewscientist.com/article/mg2012694.800-dark-comets-may-pose-threat-to-earth of February 11th) also reported that dark comets may pose a threat to the earth but Bill Napier himself was less optimistic about the WISE mission it would seem (but see Napier and Janaki Wickramasinghe, Extreme Albedo Comets and the Impact Hazard). New Scientist of 19th February 2008 had an article on this subject and Napier and Asher, in Astronomy and Geophysics in 2009. The WISE mission will spend much of this year, 2010, mapping the sky and the results will be analysed and published in 2011 (first batch) and in 2012 (the remaining data). It is thought that any unexpected discoveries will be subject to a NASA press release at any time they might occur.

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