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Volcanic Lightning, ice on the moon, and ice on Mars.

6 March 2010

www.dailygalaxy.com March 2nd … Daily Galaxy often have an ‘image of the day’ – on this post it is volcanic lightning (from a volcano that erupted in southern Chile in 2008). Electrical storms directly above erupting volcanoes are well documented phenomena but scientists can’t agree on what causes them. There are three images that can be downloaded to your computer – and the source of the phots is given as http://www.thunderbolts.info (2005)

www.physorg.com id186731500 … scientists have detected ice deposits near the Moon’s north pole. NASA had a radar gadget onboard India’s Chandrayam spacecraft which found 40 small craters with water ice – from one to nine miles in diameter (Geophysical Research Letters)

www.dailygalaxy.com March 2nd … the Chile earthquake is expected to trigger volcanoes in the southern Andes according to volcanologist David Pyle of Oxford University – citing historical examples of this happening.

www.jpl.nasa.gov March 2nd … radar imaging of the mid latitudes of northern Mars  shows thick masses of buried ice covered by rubble. The subsurface ice deposits extend for hundreds of miles – and it is thick. The hypothesis being bandied around is that during an Ice Age the whole area was covered by an ice sheet. When the climate dried out these deposits remained – but only where they were covered by a layer of debris.


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