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Chile Earthquake

10 March 2010

www.physorg.com id187271371 March 8th … the earthquake that struck the west coast of Chile in February moved the entire city of Concepcion by at least ten feet – westward. It also shifted other parts of South America such as the Falkland Isles and Forteza in Brazil/ Beunost Aires moved by an inch while Santiago in Chile moved 11 inches WSW. The cities of Valparaiso and Mendoza in Argentina were also moved significantly – and how do they know. GPS satellite technology.

However, at www.physorg.com March 11th, there is an article titled, ‘Did the Chilean Quake Shift Earth’s Axis?’. According to NASA scientist it shifted earth’s figure axis by 3 inches, not exactly breathtaking (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). The figure axis defines not how earth is tilted – but rather how it is balanced. This is not unusual apparently as the figure axis moves 10cm a year in any case – as a result of Ice Age rebound. What the Chile earthquake did was move the figure axis in a matter of minutes what normally takes a whole year.

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