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Dark Comets and WISE

28 March 2010

Dark Comets – NASA and the WISE mission are being somewhat frugal with the information they are giving out, says George Howard over at http://cosmictusk.com and he is clearly getting a trifle ruffled due to frustration by some of the inane twaddle released by NASA press reports. He suggests NASA is finding lots of stuff that could hit the earth and that has never been acknowledged previously. George thinks they are finding so many dark asteroids and dark comets it is upsetting the concensus view of what is out there in near space – and they are not sure how to announce what they are finding. He blames NASA bureaucracy for the muddle and misinformation – as for years the party line from NASA has been – we do not know how many NEOs are out there or where they are but we do with a level of confidence think they correspond with the frequency they impact with the earth. The frequency they think they impact with the earth means air bursts are not part of the equation – so what are NASA finding up there? George says NASA has already found dozens, possibly hundreds, of dark objects (never been seen before) and the concensus view is now out of date.

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